AMC Update Friday 12/26/08

All My Children Update Friday 12/26/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Amanda convinces JR to take a drink to feel better about losing “Little A’s” seashell and missing Babe. Amanda feels guilty after JR takes the drink.

Krystal is upset with David for spiking her drink so she puts him out and acts out by knocking things over; she knock down the Christmas tree, which start a fire. David writes a note before leaving Krystal’s home.

Ryan reads Greenlee’s note telling him that they must discontinue their relationship, than he rushes over to her house. Greenlee feels guilty after seeing a video of Ryan’s family prior year Christmas.

Aidan sneaks into Annie’s room and she recognizes him, but she is still acting like a child. Annie thinks that she is Emma.

David hears the fire alarm and call Krystal to come down stairs; he calls 911 as well. Krystal runs downstairs, but fall down and knocks herself out. David breaks the door down and carries Krystal to safety.

JR is really drinking now and offers Amanda a drink. He admires Amanda and makes a pass at her by calling her hot.

Ryan convinces Greenlee that they belong together. Greenlee feels guilty for leaving their spouses, Aidan and Annie.

Dr. Sinclair sees Aidan coming out of Annie’s room and she has him locked up in his room. She visits Annie and asks questions about Aidan. She wants to know what they talk about. Annie tells the doctor that she want to go home, because she is Emma. The doctor picks up the picture of Emma, and tries to explain that the photo is of Emma, not Annie. Annie becomes angry and wrestles with the doctor over the photo. The doctor falls and hit her head on the dresser. Annie tries to wake up the doctor, but she is unconscious.

David takes Krystal to his home after the fire is put out. Krystal checks on her kids. David brings the presents from under Krystal’s tree over to his house, and he brings Krystal a drink. Krystal cannot stop thinking about Babe. David and Krystal hear the church bell ring in Christmas. David gives Krystal a heart shaped necklace, which contains a photo of Babe. She hugs him.

JR finds "Little A’s" seashell in Amanda’s purse. He cries and blames himself for Babe’s death.

Aidan chokes a staff person then lets himself out of his room.

Annie arrives at Ryan’s house after stealing Dr. Sinclair’s clothes and exiting the hospital.

Greenlee and Ryan make love again at her house. Greenlee sees a vision of herself drowning in a tub of water.

JR gets drunk and fall asleep on the sofa. Amanda calls David with an update of JR’s drinking, but she is angry with David for making her trick JR.

Aidan enters Annie’s room and find Dr. Sinclair; he tries to awaken her.

Annie gets into Emma’s bed and falls asleep.

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