AMC Update Tuesday 12/23/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/23/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR asks Amanda how he is supposed to get through Christmas without Babe. Amanda says that she is there to help in any way she can. Amanda offers to watch Little Adam while JR composes himself.

Bianca and Reese spend time with the kids. Zach comes in and Bianca asks if there was any change with Kendall. Kendall says that there is and that she is right there.

Aidan gives Annie a present for Christmas and Annie says that Aidan is the best daddy in the world.

Greenlee tells Ryan that they belong together and that they can’t fight it anymore.

Amanda and JR play with Little Adam.

David reminds Krystal the girls are spending the night with Opal and Tad went to Africa. The phone rings and Krystal tells someone that Tad went away for Christmas without his family.

Kendall watches the boys, Zach and Bianca. Zach tells the boys about being naughty and being nice. Bianca writes a note for Santa. Zach tells the boys to give everyone kisses and they say goodnight.

Aidan tells Annie that he isn’t her daddy, he is her friend. Dr. Sinclair finds Aidan in Annie’s room.

David calls Amanda while JR is out of the room and reminds her of what she has to do. JR comes back out and says that it took forever to get Little Adam to sleep. JR tells Amanda about a vision he had when he and Babe got engaged. Amanda says that it has been nice hanging out with JR and Little Adam lately and JR invites her to stay. JR tells Amanda to make herself at home and that he is going to go get the presents he got for Little Adam.

Krystal realizes that David has been drugging her milk. Krystal tells David to get out of her house. Krystal says that David used Babe’s death to manipulate her.

JR and Amanda try to find the shell. JR tells Amanda the story behind the “magic” shell.

Reese opens her ring and Bianca proposes.

Ryan tells Greenlee what Annie’s doctors have told him. Oak Haven calls and says that Annie got her hands on a large quantity of pills.

David tells Krystal that he gave her a mild sedative and that it is perfectly safe. Krystal says that unless David an make Babe walk through the door, then he has nothing she wants. Krystal tells David to get out of her house, but changes her mind.

Reese and Bianca talk about being an old married couple. They talk with Zach about Kendall.

Amanda tries to get JR to have a drink to take the edge off.

David suggests that Krystal is in love with him, but Krystal tells David that she hates him.

Greenlee watches a home movie at Ryan’s.

Dr. Sinclair and Ryan talk about Annie’s treatment.

Bianca says that Zach should be at the hospital with Kendall and Zach says that Kendall is there with them.

JR says that he has been sober for 390 days and that maybe Babe would understand.

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