AMC Update Monday 12/22/08

All My Children Update Monday 12/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Emma tells Ryan that she is wrapping Annie’s present so they can take it to her.

Jake complains about being Santa. Greenlee says that Santa is an imposter.

Taylor tells Brot that she is going to get him out, but he says that she isn’t and she shouldn’t have come.

Little Adam gives Colby a present and she says that she will open it as soon as Krystal and the girls get there. JR says that after everyone is there, they will go to the lodge to wait for Santa. Adam says that JR and Little Adam belong with their family this Christmas, but Colby says that if it is something that JR needs to do, then they should let him do it. JR asks Colby to look after Krystal while he is away.

Krystal thanks Opal for taking the girls and asks if Opal minds taking them for another night. The doorbell rings and Krystal tells Opal Merry Christmas.

Zach talks to Kendall about Christmas and the boys.

Brot says that he doesn’t want Taylor’s help and that he broke the law by stealing another soldier’s identity. Taylor says that Brot can’t just rot in jail and Brot says that he is sure he will take up a hobby. Brot says that he is stepping up and accepting his punishment. Taylor says that Brot is using this to hide from her and to keep from taking responsibility for his life. Brot tells Taylor to accept it and leave her the hell alone.

Greenlee says that they picked the wrong person to play Santa. Jake says that he got his privileges suspended for trying to help keep Taylor’s fiance out of prison. Greenlee and Jake talk about Ryan.

Ryan tells Emma that Annie can’t have visitors right now. Emma says that Annie has to have her present and Ryan says that they will leave a note for Santa to have him take it to Annie.

Krystal tells David that she didn’t feel like talking and David says that she might have a concussion. David asks Krystal about any problems she has had since the accident. David asks when the last time Krystal ate was and she says that it doesn’t matter. Krystal says that she has to get going because JR asked her to go over to the Chandlers’ to exchange gifts because JR is taking Little Adam to the Chandler lodge for Christmas. Krystal says that she has to get going.

Adam gives JR a map of a trail up to the lodge for Christmas. JR says that he didn’t get anything for Adam and Adam says that JR moving back in was the best gift.

Emma asks when Annie is coming home. Greenlee tells Emma that Annie is always with her because she loves her. Jake says that he has to drop the suit off at Pediatrics. Jake runs into Taylor and asks about Brot. Taylor says that she isn’t going to dump on Jake. Taylor leaves and Greenlee asks Jake if he loves Taylor. Greenlee tells Jake to go talk to Taylor because she needs him and offers to deliver the Santa suit. Jake catches up to Taylor and they talk about Brot. Jake says that there has to be someone they could talk to with some power that could maybe get the charges reduced or change something and Taylor says that it is a great idea.

Krystal apologizes for being late and says that Jenny and Kathy are with Opal. Adam offers Krystal a drink, but she says that she is fine. Krystal asks Colby to supervise as Little Adam opens his presents. Krystal tells JR and Adam that Tad can’t find Jeff or Jamie.

Zach tells Kendall about the decorations.

Taylor comes up and asks about Kendall. Taylor tells Zach about what Brot is going through and asks Zach for help.

Jake apologizes to Amanda for calling her a hooker. Amanda says that she is over it and that JR punching him in the face helped.

JR and Adam tell David to get out. David gives Little Adam his Christmas present. Little Adam goes to check out the rest of his presents. JR confronts David about scoring face time with Little Adam by bringing him a present. David says that all he wanted was some time with his grandson, which is what Babe would want. JR says that Babe didn’t want David in Little Adam’s life. David calls Amanda and tells her to pack a bag because she is going to the mountains.

Ryan tells Emma to get ready because it is almost time for the tea party with Kathy, but Emma says that she doesn’t want to go because Annie can’t go. Greenlee shows up dressed like Santa. Greenlee tells Emma to come sit on Santa’s lap and say what she wants for Christmas. Emma realizes that it is Greenlee and not Santa. Emma says that Greenlee is silly. Ryan says to remind him to be a good boy next year and Greenlee says that he made the nice list. Ryan tells Emma to show Greenlee what she got Annie. Emma says that the real Santa is going to take Annie’s present to her. Corrina shows up to take Emma to the tea party. Emma says that she isn’t going without Annie. Greenlee asks Emma who will write Annie and tell her about all the fun and games if she doesn’t go. Emma agrees to go. Emma leaves with Corrina and Ryan says that Greenlee knows how to make Emma feel like everything is going to be all right. Greenlee says that Emma has Ryan for a dad and that everything is going to be all right. Greenlee says that she wants to get out of those clothes.

Zach shows up to see Brot and tells him that he is free to go until the case is resolved.

David shows up at Krystal’s and says that she forgot to close the door and that is why the bruise on her head concerns her. Krystal asks David to leave her in peace and David says that he will as soon as he gets Krystal something to eat. David says that there are cookies and milk on the counter and at least it is something, but Krystal says that she doesn’t want it. David asks why Krystal is so suspicious all of a sudden and Krystal says that she hasn’t slept in ages.

Brot says that Zach got him released and Zach tells Taylor that the case is being reviewed and there is a good chance of getting it dismissed. Taylor hugs Zach and thanks him.

Greenlee thanks Ryan for the shirt and says that she should run down to her car and get a change of clothes. Ryan gives Greenlee a present.

Brot tells Taylor that she shouldn’t push herself. Taylor says that she isn’t pushing herself and that she feels great. Taylor asks if Brot wants something and he says no because he has got to go. Taylor says that they should celebrate because he just got out. Brot says that he will call her.

JR says that he is going to get some firewood and will be right back. JR tells Little Adam to stay there.

David asks Krystal why he gets the feeling that she is pulling away. Krystal says that Adam said that one way David might try to get close to Little Adam is by giving him a fancy gift through her. David tells Krystal not to let Adam and JR take Little Adam away from them. Krystal says that she misses Babe so much that she feels alone and David says that he will take care of her.

Greenlee tells Ryan that she loves the present and that she loves him.

Zach tells Kendall about meeting Brot. Zach says that he is going home to see the boys and Kendall tells him to wait because she is coming.

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