AMC Update Friday 12/19/08

All My Children Update Friday 12/19/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Today AMC had a memorial for the actress Eileen Herlie who played Myrtle Fargate. It was a beautiful tribute!

Zach receives a package from Myrtle, and he visits Kendall to tell her about Myrtle’s death. He shows her the package that Myrtle sent him and then he opens it in her presence. It’s a book with a program from Miranda’s christening. It was the first day he met Myrtle and Miranda. He remembers when Myrtle set him straight on his love for Kendall by telling him that “love and life is worth it”. He finds a brass ring in the package and puts it on Kendall’s wrist. Myrtle always told him to grab the brass ring. There are flashbacks of their past times together. Zach promises Kendall that he will be patient with her recovery.

Bianca cries and Reese hugs her. Bianca understand that Reese did not tell her about Kendall, because she was protecting her. Bianca does not want to tell Erica about Kendall either. A package from Myrtle is also sent to Bianca.

Opal is at home when she receives a package from Myrtle. She has flashbacks of Myrtle, and herself. Petey encourages Opal to open her package. Myrtles use to tell Opal to “hold strong”; Opal opens the package to find Myrtle’s old crystal ball once used in the Carnie. Petey and Opal look into the crystal ball and magically see flashbacks of Opal with Myrtle.

Jack wants to know if Erica will be OK being the mistress of ceremony for Myrtle’s memorial. Erica enters Myrtle’s dress shop and finds a package from Myrtle.

David ask Zach if he told the rest of the family about Kendall’s condition, and let them know that there is not hope for her recovery. Zach tell David there is hope if people are patience.

Bianca receives a music box from Myrtle and there are flashbacks of past times with Myrtle.

Angie, Jesse, Frankie, Amanda, Greenlee and Ryan arrive at Myrtle’s boarding house to share their memories of her. Individual flashbacks of each character are shown with Myrtle.

Zach prepares a carnival and invites present and past AMC characters, but not everyone could come. Apparently Adam doesn't know where Skye is, but Rae is in London and will be in church there at the same time thinking of Myrtle.

Bianca remembers Myrtle and Erica remembers the dress she wore for the awards banquet. The dress had a stain on it and Erica wanted Myrtle to get her another dress. Myrtle advised her to calm down, because it was only a dress. When Erica opened the package from Myrtle she found the dress in the box. She was surprised to find that Myrtle had removed the stain.

Greenlee remembers that Myrtle told her off the first time she met her.

Kelly Tyler, a blast from the past and someone who was like a daughter to Myrtle, joins the gang at the boarding house. She and Angie hug each other.

Everyone shows up at Zach’s carnival. He hugs Erica, and Bianca sings “Once Upon A Time”.

Agnes Nixon makes a cameo appearance and blows everyone a kiss.

Erica begins her speech by calling Myrtle, “Pine Valleys Heart”. She calls Zach to say a few words, but he heads to the elevator, presses the emergency button and cries alone and in silence. Zach returns to the party and everyone asks if he is OK. He nods yes. Erica hugs him goodbye.

Thorsten Kaye (Zach) stands in front of a portrait of Myrtle and reads a beautiful poem, “Highland Song” that was scribed by himself.  As he walks out, we hear Myrtle's voice saying, "And, trust me, the angels are on your side."

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