AMC Update Thursday 12/18/08

All My Children Update Thursday 12/18/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

The army has sent someone to search for Brot, because he was impersonating Mike Sweeney.

Zach has called Myrtle to discuss her visit with him for Christmas. He is upset with the contractor because the casino plans show there is no wall where there should be one. There have been revisions that Reese has not told him about. Reese apologizes for the oversight.

Frankie is still romancing Randi; he wants to keep her in bed. Randi watch the news to hear about the new face of Fusion, which is supposed to be her. When her name is not mentioned she heads over to the Chandler mansion to speak to Erica. She wants to find out why she was not mentioned.

Erica talks to Bianca about her wedding plans to Reese. Bianca is upset over Reese’s past engagement to a man. Erica talks about honesty issues in a marriage. She believes that not being honest will destroy a couple.

Adam wants to know if JR ordered “Little A” an electric car. They determine that David ordered the car.

David is upset with Amanda, because she stopped JR from taking a drink. Amanda promises that her plan is still in the works to get JR to start drinking again.

Taylor thinks that Brot is gone for good. She knows that Brot can deal with the army but cannot deal with the relationship between him and her.

Zach apologize to Reese for being rude. Reese suggests that he visit with Kendall, but Zach has lost hope and does not think that his visits will do any good. He wants Kendall to be around for the renovation of the casino but he does not believe that she will be around. Reese believes that Kendall would not want him to give up his dreams. He tells Reese that he would give up his dreams if to have Kendall back.

JR and “Little A” makes a snowman. Amanda arrives and gives “Little A” candy for the snowman’s eyes.

David threatens to have Jake’s medical license revoked if Joe does not make him the chief of staff.

Randi arrive at the Chandler mansion and want to know why is she being replaced. Erica explained that video porn photos of her are on the Internet, so she must replace Randi as the face of Fusion.

Krystal arrives at the mansion to see “Little A”. She believes that JR has spoken to Adam about her relationship with David. Adam believes that her relationship with David is understandable, because they both share the lost of a daughter. Krystal thinks that Adam is being shady, but he tells her that he is not. He alerts her to watch out for David and to be aware if David buys an expensive gift for “Little A” and tries to con her into saying that the gift is from her.

David has suspended Jake’s surgical schedule. He tells Jake that Joe has stepped down and appointed David to replace Joe. David will not be allowing Jake to operate.

Brot visit Frankie who tells him that he does not want to revisit his love affair with Taylor; Frankie accuses Brot of being a coward, because he is leaving Taylor without saying goodbye.

Zach pretends that Reese is Kendall, and he asks her questions. He begins to cry and Reese holds him in her arms. Erica witnesses the hug. Erica talks to Reese about Bianca’s feelings, and about Reese having been engaged to a man. Reese let her know that what goes on between Bianca, and her is their business.

Zach arrive home and Bianca tell him that she believe that Reese, and he have been keeping something from her. Reese arrives home and Zach tries to walk away from the conversation with Bianca, but Reese stops him and urges him to tell Bianca About Kendall. He tells Bianca that Kendall’s heart is not working, and she is dying. She wants to know why she was not told; Reese tells her because she kept the hope going, and they did not want to disappoint her. Bianca falls into Reese’s arms and cries for Kendall.

Jake and Angie talk about David taking over Joe’s job; they are not happy.

Brot return to Taylor’s new apartment to say goodbye. She tries to get him to see that he is running from her, because he is scared to have a life with her.

Randi arrive home to find Frankie there. She is angry with Fletcher because he posted pictures of her on the Internet. She wanted the opportunity to move up at Fusion. Frankie has to run off to work and cannot console her.

David gives Krystal a drink and she is suspicious of something being in it. He wants to celebrate his appointment as chief of staff. She congratulates him. David gives Krystal “Little A’s” electric car and ask her to say the gift is from her, per Adam’s prediction. He asks her to dance with him to celebrate his appointment. She runs out of the embrace, drives off and wrecks the car.

Erica calls Zach on his cell to tell him that Myrtle died this morning.

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