AMC Update Wednesday 12/17/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Taylor tells Frankie that she needs to get out of there. Brot asks Frankie when Taylor can be released. Frankie says that she can be released when she finds a place to live.

Captain Hendrickson asks a nurse for information about Brot. The nurse tells him that Brot was released a few days ago. Jake comes up and says that he can take it from there.

Zach complains about the work on the casino. Reese comes up and Zach asks what is going on.

Greenlee tells Emma how good she was. Emma asks where Ryan is and says that he doesn’t love her anymore.

Ryan tells Annie that she hasn’t seen her father in a long time, but Annie says that her father was just there. Annie tells Ryan to get out of her room.

Jake tells Captain Hendrickson that the patient’s name was Mike Sweeney and was friends with Brot. Jake says that someone must have entered the name wrong in the computer. David walks up and says that they don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Jake says that he is handling it, but David says that Jake isn’t handling it very well and says that he also treated Brot. David offers to print out Brot’s records and Captain Hendrickson thanks him.

Frankie says that he saw some apartments for rent cheap. Brot says that he will help Taylor out so that she can afford a place. Frankie and Brot go to check out some of the places. Brot tells Taylor that he isn’t leaving without telling her first. Brot tells Taylor to finish packing and says that he and Frankie should have her out of there in no time.

Zach and Reese talk about what is going on. Reese says that she isn’t going to let Zach down. Bianca shows up and says that it is Zach’s turn with Kendall. Bianca says that she doesn’t mind covering his shift and he agrees to let her. Bianca tells Reese that it seems like Zach is giving up on Kendall. Reese criticizes one of the workers.

Greenlee tells Emma that Ryan loves her very much and needs her to keep him healthy and safe.

Annie tells Ryan to get out and Ryan finds Dr. Sinclair. Ryan tells Dr. Sinclair that Annie thought the picture was of her and that her father is in the next padded cell. Dr. Sinclair says that Annie is in good hands and Ryan says that he wants to help her because he feels guilty for her condition. Dr. Sinclair tells Ryan to focus on Emma and let them handle the rest.

Zach and Reese talk about the possibility of telling Bianca the truth about Kendall.

Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma went out for ice cream with Corrina and that she taped the whole recital. Ryan says that he wants to watch it, but he has to get to the hospital and he should probably wait for Emma. Ryan says that Bianca gave him a time to see Kendall. Greenlee offers Ryan a ride to the hospital since her turn with Kendall is after his.

Brot and Frankie check out an apartment for Taylor. Brot says that he needs to make sure that Taylor is settled and then he will take off because Pine Valley isn’t his home.

David hands over the information about Brot to Captain Hendrickson. Captain Hendrickson leaves and Jake says that David just ruined someone’s life. Jake says that he has stuff to take care of and that David can find someone to do the surgery for him.

Reese and Zach play a game of blackjack. They talk about Myrtle and Zach says that he invited Myrtle to Christmas. Zach says that he is going to spend the night at the hospital with Kendall and that Rachel has the kids, so that Reese can spend some time with her fiancee.

Bianca thanks Ryan for coming and Ryan says that there is no place he would rather be. Greenlee and Bianca talk about her relationship with Ryan. Greenlee says that she and Ryan are friends and Bianca asks if that is even possible. Bianca leaves.

Ryan talks to Kendall and tells her that she was right about Annie and Greenlee. Ryan says that he and Greenlee can’t be together and asks Kendall how he can turn off his feelings.

Aidan visits Annie again. Annie tells Aidan about Ryan’s visit. Aidan says that it is best if she never mentions him again and that he is the only one who can take care of her. Aidan tells Annie not to believe anything that Ryan says because she can’t trust him.

Ryan tells David, Zach and Greenlee that Kendall moved.

Bianca and Reese talk about them having the place to themselves. Bianca says that she can’t let Reese’s relationship with Simon go. Bianca suggests that maybe Reese is bisexual. Bianca says that maybe she just needs to hear everything again, from the beginning. Reese tells Bianca about her first sexual experience and then asks to hear about Bianca’s.

David says that Kendall did move, but that it was an involuntary spasm. David tells Zach, Greenlee and Ryan that Kendall’s condition is exactly the same.

Greenlee meets with Jack and asks him to handle her divorce. Greenlee tells Jack that she and Ryan are friends. Jack says that he is all for Greenlee’s relationship with Ryan if that is what makes her happy.

Ryan apologizes to Zach. Zach tells Ryan to stay away from Kendall.

Frankie shows Taylor her new apartment. Brot and Taylor talk about the apartment and the “for rent” sign across the courtyard. Frankie brings Brot and Taylor’s food in and says that he told Randi he would be home for dinner. Brot serves Taylor’s food. Taylor asks Brot to give them a chance. Jake shows up and tells Brot that he has to go because the military knows that he is alive. The doorbell rings and Jake says that it is the military police and that Brot needs to go in the back.

David tells Joe that he caught Jake lying to a military police officer about a patient.

Greenlee calls Aidan and he says that he is in the middle of something. Greenlee says that she asked Jack to draw up divorce papers and asks Aidan to call him. Aidan agrees and they say goodbye.

Bianca tells Reese about Sarah, her first sexual encounter and first love. Reese says that Bianca is her first, in every way that counts. Bianca says that Sarah left her for a man.

Ryan says that Bianca asked him to be there for Kendall at a certain time and he showed up. The conversation gets changed to the casino and Ryan says that he quit because Annie is in a mental institution.

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