AMC Update Tuesday 12/16/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/16/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie wakes up and finds Randi awake. Randi says that the previous night was perfect and that she didn’t want it to end so she didn’t wake him up. Frankie asks her who said it had to end.

Angie leaves Frankie a message telling him that his shift started an hour ago. Krystal shows up and asks Angie to get her husband to check in with her. Krystal tells Angie about Tad flying out into the Congo to find Jamie and Jeff.

Val, Amanda, Erica and Pete set up an office at Adam’s. Erica reminds Adam that he did ask her to move in.

Greenlee calls Amanda and wonders where everyone is. Ryan shows up and Greenlee says that she has to go and that she will deal with Erica later. Ryan asks Greenlee for help with Emma’s angel costume for her ballet recital.

Krystal and Angie talk about everything that has been going on. Angie says that as soon as Joe’s meeting is over she will have him call Krystal, but Krystal says that she is sure Tad will check in when he can. Angie suggests that they go out to dinner and leave the chicken fingers to Jesse and the kids. Krystal says that she has to keep a clear head with Tad gone because she has to look after the kids. Angie says that if Frankie doesn’t get into work soon, he might be out of a job.

Randi and Frankie talk about their first time together. Randi says that she has to get to work and that Frankie should be out saving lives.

Val tells Erica about meetings she has scheduled and Erica asks Pete for an espresso. Amanda leaves a call for Randi. Amanda answers the phones. JR and Adam talk about Erica setting up shop. David says that he is there to examine his patient and he is going to have to ask them all to leave.

Greenlee tells Ryan to close his eyes and Emma comes out. Greenlee says that she had the wings from the previous Valentine’s Day shoot. Greenlee suggests that they take a picture of Emma so they can send it to Annie. Emma thanks Greenlee and invites her to the recital.

Aidan goes along with Annie’s delusion of him being her father.

Dr. Sinclair visits with Annie. Dr. Sinclair gets called away to check on another patient and says that she will be back to hear more about Annie’s family. Dr. Sinclair leaves and Annie says that it is her turn to hide.

Greenlee talks to Paul about Randi. Paul gives her a website that has to do with Randi.

Randi tells Frankie that she has to get to work. Frankie tries to change her mind and the phone rings.

Adam, David and JR argue. Erica tells them that she has no intention of being examined in front of an audience and asks them to leave for a few minutes.

JR thanks Amanda for keeping him sober. JR says that he can’t believe he was going to throw away a year of a AA for one glass of wine.

David tells Erica that he wants her to help him get Little Adam away from the Chandlers.

Randi and Frankie talk about their missed calls.

Pete and Amanda talk about Randi. Amanda says that she thought Pete was all about Colby and Pete says that Colby is unwooable. Greenlee shows up to see Erica. Greenlee shows Erica what Paul found out about Randi.

Aidan tells Annie that he will be back later and they can play then. Aidan reminds Annie to do everything Dr. Sinclair says.

Someone knocks on the door. Randi says that they should answer it, but Frankie says that if they ignore it, the person will go away.

Erica says that they have time to reshoot the whole campaign. Erica says that if the proofs got leaked, she could say she was doing a segment on New Beginnings - From sex trade to super model. Little Adam comes in and talks to David. Erica convinces Adam that Little Adam will be fine with David and that Little Adam isn’t going anywhere. Adam agrees to let David have 3 minutes with Little Adam.

JR and Amanda talk about Jake. Amanda thanks JR for defending her honor with Jake and JR says that Jake needed to be put back in his place. JR tells David to back off and David tells JR to calm down. Adam comes in and says that David’s time is up. JR asks Adam how he could leave David alone with his son.

Ryan tells Dr. Sinclair that Annie was really looking forward to Emma’s recital and he wanted her to have a picture of it. Dr. Sinclair agrees to give Annie the picture and Ryan thanks her. Dr. Sinclair asks Ryan what he knows about Annie’s father.

Angie and Mrs. Schwartz walk in on Frankie and Randi.

Krystal says that she just stopped to drop off some pictures of Babe for David. Krystal and Amanda make assumptions about why each other are there.

Greenlee shows up at Emma’s recital. Emma asks about Ryan and Greenlee says that he is on his way.

Ryan and Dr. Sinclair talk about Annie’s father. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie what she is doing out of her room.

JR, Adam and Erica argue about David spending time with Little Adam.

Amanda and Krystal talk about Babe. David shows up and says that he and Krystal have some family business to discuss. David says that he gave Amanda a key because he was lonely and Amanda was available.

Dr. Sinclair convinces Ryan to show Annie the picture. Ryan tries to convince Annie that the picture is of Emma, their daughter. Annie tells Ryan that her daddy lives down the hall and he came to unlock her door when she was scared.

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