AMC Update Monday 12/15/08

All My Children Update Monday 12/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR defends Amanda to Jake by punching him in the jaw.

Taylor says that it is strange to hear Brot’s voice and that it sounds exactly the same. Taylor says that she wants to see Brot, but he says no. Taylor says that Brot is practically around the corner and suggests that he come to her room. Brot hangs up the phone.

Zach talks to a nurse about Kendall.

Reese confronts Bianca about inviting her parents to Gabrielle’s christening. Reese says that she has already accepted the fact that her parents are never going to be in her life.

Ryan thanks Greenlee for staying because bedtime is the hardest for Emma. Ryan and Greenlee say goodbye.

Randi and Natalia talk about Rebecca. The conversation changes to Fusion and Frankie. Randi says that she feels like if something doesn’t change, Frankie might give up on her.

Frankie visits Taylor and they talk about Brot. Taylor says that she has to try to understand what Brot went through.

Bianca and Reese talk about Reese’s parents. Reese says that her family was busy hating her and her choices. Reese says that when she came out, the look on her mother’s face was complete and utter horror. Bianca says that Reese’s father wanted to see her and meet her daughter. Bianca says that she is okay with the fact that Reese’s father isn’t ready to meet her yet. Reese says that if her parents can’t accept that Bianca is the love of her life, then she can’t accept them.

JR says that he wants a glass of wine, but he can still hear Babe reminding him of why he fought so hard to stay clean. Amanda says that after what happened to Babe, no one would blame him for having a glass. JR says that he thinks Babe would be disappointed if he had a drink, but Amanda says that she thinks Babe loved him enough to understand.

Jake tells Greenlee that JR punched him because he called Amanda a hooker. Greenlee and Jake realize why each other are there and Greenlee asks if he wants to drown their sorrows.

Frankie and Taylor talk about Brot being back. Frankie says that it makes him think about his redeployment that is coming up soon. Frankie says that he is nervous about the people he has to leave behind. Taylor says that Randi will make Frankie fight that much harder to get home.

Randi tells Natalia that every time she and Frankie start doing anything she freaks out. Natalia says that Randi needs to just close her eyes and let it go.

Reese says that she can’t reach out to her family. Bianca says that she will go to see Reese’s father, but Reese says that she will deal with it. Bianca says that she is going to see her sister and leaves.

Bianca goes to see Reese’s father. Bianca says that she loves Reese. Mr. Williams says that he and his wife have made it clear about how they feel about what Reese is doing. Bianca says that she thought that he should meet her. Bianca says that he and his wife broke Reese’s heart and he says that she broke theirs first when she ended her engagement to Simon.

Reese tells Zach that there is nothing wrong with holding on to hope, but Zach says that there is no hope and that David Hayward made that very clear. Reese says that Bianca still doesn’t know that Kendall isn’t going to wake up.

Mr. Williams tells Bianca about Reese’s engagement to Simon. Bianca says that either he and his wife love their daughter and accept her for who she is or they don’t.

Jake tells Greenlee that if she loves someone, she should be with them. Greenlee tells Jake to get a cab.

Brot tells Taylor that what happened to him is scary, brutal and graphic as hell. Taylor says that she can take it and Brot asks what if he can’t.

Frankie shows up with the pizza and finds Randi alone. Randi says that they have the apartment to themselves for the night. They share a kiss.

JR says that he is glad that Amanda got a handle on her drinking.

Jake shows up to see Ryan and says that Ryan should be with his person, Greenlee. Jake says that Greenlee is at ConFusion and that Ryan could go down there and be with her.

Brot tells Taylor what he went through during the explosion. Brot says that Taylor’s voice and love is what kept him alive that day.

Bianca returns home and asks Zach if he knew about Reese’s previous engagement to a man. Reese comes down and Bianca says that she went to see her dad and he told her about Reese’s engagement to Simon.

Brot tells Taylor about waking up weeks after the explosion and what he went through while he was recovering.

Amanda says that it was good to have dinner with someone and thanks JR for meeting her. JR asks if he can give her a ride back to her yacht, but she says that she has her car there. JR tells Amanda goodnight and she leaves. JR pours himself a drink out of the bottle that Amanda left, but just smells the wine.

Zach says that he is going to check on the kids. Bianca says that she had to see Reese’s father. Bianca asks if Reese slept with Simon and Reese says of course she did since he was her fiance.

Randi and Frankie make love.

JR puts the glass to his lips and raises it as Amanda walks in. Amanda tells JR that her car won’t start and asks if she can get that ride home.

Taylor says that there was a reason that Brot survived the explosion.

Reese tells Bianca that she was living a complete lie and tells her about her engagement. Reese apologizes for not telling her about Simon and Bianca apologizes for going to see Reese’s father. Reese says that she can live without her parents, but not without Bianca. Reese and Bianca hug and kiss.

Ryan walks into ConFusion and imagines making out with Greenlee on the bar. Ryan leaves without her seeing him.

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