AMC Update Friday 12/12/08

All My Children Update Friday 12/12/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David brings Krystal home from Wildwind, and JR sees them.

Zach gets a call that his wife came out of the coma. He runs to the hospital with Bianca in tow.

Randi and Frankie talk about the miracle of Rebecca awakening; Natalia credits Angie with the miracle.

Jake and Taylor run into each other in the hospital hallway. Jake asks about Brot, than gives Taylor the brush-off.

Aidan pretends to be Annie’s father as he enters her room at Oak Haven. Annie accepts the ruse.

Reese’s father arrives at the Slaters’ home. He knew where to find her, because Bianca called him and his wife to invite them to the christening. Bianca gave him the Slaters’ address. Reese’s father does not support her lesbian lifestyle. He is uncomfortable talking about her lifestyle, but he does try to make amends by inviting her for a visit to his home on New Years’ day. Reese sends him away because of his insincerity.

Zach runs into Kendall’s room before the nurse can stop him. The nurse stops Bianca and tells her that it was a mistake for her to Zach since Kendall is still in a comma. Rebecca came out of the comma, not Kendall. Zach is sadly disappointed.

Amanda has set up Randi’s “Valentine Day” photo shoot. Amanda began to fantasize about herself in the shoot with romance, and Jake.

JR tells Krystal to end it with David Hayward, because David is using her. When JR looks into Krystal’s eyes he sees the same thing he saw in his mother’s eyes when she was involved with David. Krystal believes that David is afraid, vulnerable, and without any friends. JR tells her that Satan has no friends.

The nurse who called Zach is sorry for the mistake, but he wants her fired. He walks into the hallway, becomes enraged, and turns over food trays.

Frankie, and Angie apologize for the call to Zach. Frankie takes responsibility, because he did not give the nurse the name of the patient whom awaken from the comma. Hospital security comes into Kendall’s room to quiet Zach down. Jesse shoos security away, and talks to Zach.

Bianca tries to talk to Zach, but he wants to be left alone with his wife. Bianca is afraid to leave him alone with Kendall. Zach promises to behave so she leaves the room. Zach dreams of how it might have been had Kendall really comes out of her comma. She would give him a big hug. Zach in a loud voice, urges Kendall to wake up and go home with him. He slams drawers and shoves things around in her room. Security returns again. Zach walk outside, and slams his fist into the hospital wall.

Natalia is happy that Rebecca is OK, and she apologizes to Frankie and Angie for her behavior earlier. According to the doctor, Rebecca appears to be OK.

David approaches Angie and wants to know how did Rebecca come out of the coma when she did not want to be resuscitated. Angie explains that she pulled the plug, and Rebecca started breathing on her own. David reminds her that she pulled the plug after gong against the patient’s wishes. Angie reminds him that he is not her boss, and she refuse to let him threaten her, or her family. She warns him to stay out of her way. David, for once, is speechless.

Krystal asks JR to allow David to see his grandchild, Little A. JR is unbelieving. Krystal tells JR she cannot walk away from David. JR reminds her that Tad will not be happy with her relationship with David. He thinks that David is an evil, vindictive son-of-a-bitch.

Aidan is caught leaving Annie’s room. He was checked into the hospital as a patient to be near Annie. Aidan physician shows up, and wants to know why did Aidan buy his way into the hospital.

Randi poses for the photo shoot. Frankie gets excited as he watches the shoot.

Jake shows up at ConFusion. David calls Amanda to check on her progress with JR. Amanda arrives at ConFusion and speaks to Jake. JR meets Amanda, and they get a table together. Amanda realizes that Taylor has dropped Jake. Jake insults Amanda and tells her that she is being a hooker for JR. JR punches Jake.

Zach wants a miracle for Kendall and he ask David to help her. He wants Kendall to get a new heart; he will pay whatever price. David cannot give Zach what he wants, but he does understand Zach’s pain since he lost a daughter.

Rebecca now wants to fight the cancer and has asked for treatment.

Bianca notices that Reese is not listening to her. Reese tells Bianca that her father came by. Angry, Reese cannot understand how Bianca can call her parents, and not tell her.

Someone is recording and watching Aidan and Annie in her room at Oak Haven.

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