AMC Update Thursday 12/11/08

All My Children Update Thursday 12/11/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Bianca feels that Reese has been lying to her, and she is suspicious.

David spikes Krystal’s milk with something.

Natalia wants her mother to live so she orders Angie, and Frankie out of her mother’s room. Angie has to pull the plug on Rebecca, because it was Rebecca’s wishes that she not be given life saving methods. Jesse, and Angie will turn off Rebecca’s life support machines together. Randi brings lattes.

Emma runs to Annie, but Annie is sedated and does not remember Emma.

David plays a game with Kathy. Krystal feels better. David questions her about Tad knowing the truth about where Krystal spent the night. Krystal spent the night with David, but Krystal did not tell Tad the truth. Krystal and David read Kathy a story. Kathy tells David that she likes him.

Natalia accuses Angie of wanting to murder her mother. Frankie advise her to say goodbye to her mother. Angie is upset, because she made things worse by resuscitating Rebecca.

Annie calls Ryan Daddy, because she thinks that he is her dad. She asks him to take her home. Ryan accommodates Annie to Oakhaven.

Emma notices that Annie was acting funny by treating her different. Ryan was upset with Greenlee, because she allowed Emma to run off and find Annie. He knew Annie was sedated and did not want Emma to see her that way. Emma has taken a liking to Greenlee and calls her a best friend.

Reese calls Zach at the hospital to tell him that Bianca knows she is lying. Zach says he will handle Bianca. Bianca overhears him on the phone.

David has a memory of his family and he starts to cry. Christmas is not his favorite time of year because of his father’s behavior during Christmas time. David returns to Wildwind and plays a tune on the piano. Krystal follows him, because she is worried about him. David tries to send her home. Krystal wants to know why David hates Christmas. David tells Krystal that his father made Christmas hell. Krystal and David kiss. Krystal tells David that she is dizzy and light headed. David decides to bring Krystal home.

Zach tell Bianca that Reese think that she is mad with her. Bianca is having a hard time believing Zach’s story as well.

Natalia finally agrees to say goodbye to her mother. She asks for Frankie’s assistance, and does not ask for Jesse’s assistance.

Annie is confused about the absence of kids in Oakhaven since she believed that she was on her way to school. She yells for Ryan who she believes is her dad. When Annie realize that she has been left alone she get loud and out of control.

Zach is with Bianca, Reese, Spike and Miranda when he is given a Redwings ornament. Reese holds the mistletoe and she and Bianca kiss Miranda, then Reese kiss Bianca. Zach and Miranda lights the Christmas tree.

JR and Little A arrive to see Krystal and find out that she is not at home.

Angie unplugs Rebecca’s machine. Jesse, Frankie, Randi, and Natalia are in the room as well. Rebecca wakes up as soon as the machine is unplugged and she breathes on her own.

Ryan returns home and hugs Emma. Greenlee decides to leave, but Emma urges her to stay, because she considers her a friend.

Aidan shows up in Annie’s room, and tells her that he is there to help her.

Miranda takes a picture of Zach, Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle.

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