AMC Update Wednesday 12/10/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 12/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David asks Joe why he hasn’t been responding to voicemails. Joe says that he has been behind on everything since the tornados and that he is late for the board meeting. Joe tells David to deal with it himself because he has been everything else. Joe walks away and David gets a call from Dr. Saad in Africa. David tells Saad that he would like to make some people in Pine Valley very concerned about Jamie and Jeff Martin.

Krystal apologizes to Tad for oversleeping and he says that he isn’t surprised because she was up so late the previous night. Krystal says that she tried to call and that her phone is really screwy. Tad asks Krystal where she was the whole time.

Angie says that she is going to check on Rebecca’s latest MRI. Angie tells Jesse that she had to get out of there. Jesse says that Natalia begged Angie to do something and that he couldn’t take seeing Rebecca like that anymore either. Angie says that she is the doctor that went against a patient’s wishes. Jesse tells her not to beat herself up about it and David walks up offering to do it for her.

Bianca asks Ryan how babysitting went. Ryan says that he and Emma came by to see Spike and Rachel said that no one had showed up once the snow started. Bianca says that she was stranded outside of Wildwind and David let her stay the night. Bianca asks where Zach and Reese are.

Zach brings Reese some coffee. Reese says that Bianca has got to be worried and that Zach had her pretty worried the previous night. Zach says that his fingers are a little achy, but there is no frostbite and he slept pretty well.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about Kendall. Annie starts screaming. Aidan says that they will be putting her in restraints and then they will drug her and take her to Oak Haven.

Bianca says that Zach and Reese were going to get a Christmas tree and that she is officially worried. Ryan tells Bianca that if they were in the mountains, Zach and Reese might not have had any cell service. Ryan offers to call Highway Patrol and the local cops.

Zach says that he knows Kendall is alive. Reese says that Zach needed to sleep. Zach says that they need to get back to the real world and pretending to everyone that there is still hope. Zach apologizes for asking Reese to keep the secret. Reese says that Zach needed the time away and it was good to have it with someone who he didn’t have to lie to.

Natalia asks Frankie if Rebecca is going to wake up or is even alive. Frankie says that there is still brain activity and that he doesn’t have the answers, but there is always a chance.

David asks for some time alone with Angie and Jesse says that he is going to go check with the station. David confronts Angie about violating the do-not-resuscitate order. Angie says that her doctor instincts kicked in when Natalia was begging her to save her mother. David suggests that Angie needs to explain herself to the Ethics Committee, and then take Rebecca off life support.

Krystal tells Tad about skidding out of control and trying to flag down a cop. Krystal says that she did finally get under cover though and Tad’s phone rings. Dr. Saad calls Tad and says that they are concerned about Jaime and Jeff because they have reports of foreigners being kidnapped. Tad hangs up and tells Krystal that Jeff and Jamie are missing.

Reese says that Zach wasn’t the only one who needed some time away. Reese says that while he was sleeping, she was looking at the snow and found herself relieved to have been stuck up there with him because she is scared that Bianca is going to find out the truth. Zach says that it was selfish of him to ask Reese not to say anything about Kendall. Reese says that she understands and that she still thinks there is hope and believes in miracles.

Tad tells Krystal about the phone call he got. Krystal suggests that Tad call the embassy and see if they can track Jamie and Jeff down. Tad says that it is a good idea and that he has to talk to his father.

David says that Angie will explain everything to Natalia and leaves. Angie tells Natalia that Rebecca didn’t want to be on life support and that she has an obligation to follow those wishes. Angie says that they have to take Rebecca off the machines, but Natalia says that they can’t. Jesse comes in and tells Angie to buy as much time as she can with the hospital and that he will talk to Natalia.

Zach calls Ryan. Zach asks for an update on Kendall and Ryan says that there is nothing new. Bianca asks Zach how he and Reese are. Zach says that they just got the car unstuck and are on their way. Greenlee calls Ryan and tells him that they are taking Annie to Oak Haven.

Greenlee hangs up and asks Aidan where he is staying. Aidan says that he is heading to D.C. because a friend of his has got some work for him at a government agency.

Joe confronts Angie about Rebecca’s DNR form. David says that the first mistake was allowing Angie to treat Rebecca in the first place. Angie says that she was trying to give Natalia some time to say goodbye to her mother. Joe says that they will have to present the case to the Ethics Committee and they will give her 24 hours.

Tad explains the situation to Joe. Tad says that he is going to stuff as much cash as possible in a suitcase and go find Jeff and Jamie. Joe offers to fill in Ruth and Opal. Joe asks if Krystal is going to be okay and Tad says that she will be fine handling things at home.

Krystal remembers talking to David about Babe still being alive if he had been in their lives from the beginning. Kathy comes in and says that they have a snow day and asks what they are going to do.

Greenlee apologizes to Aidan for them not working out and says that she really tried to make it work. Aidan says that if it is really love, then you don’t have to try. Aidan says that maybe things between her and Ryan will be easier with him leaving and now their only problem will be trying not to love each other. Aidan says that he hates long goodbyes and hugs Greenlee as Ryan and Emma come out of the elevator. Greenlee tells Ryan that Aidan is moving to Washington. Aidan says goodbye to Emma and leaves. Ryan says that he brought Emma because he didn’t want to leave Bianca with babysitting duties and Reese and Zach were stuck in the mountains overnight. Greenlee agrees to take Emma to get a hot chocolate while Ryan deals with Annie. Greenlee and Emma leave and Ryan asks Dr. Hathaway what is going on. Dr. Hathaway says that they have orders from PVPD to move Annie to Oak Haven and that they had to sedate her.

Tad tells Krystal that he is flying out tonight to look for Jamie and Jeff. Krystal asks if he can’t get someone to help him and suggests that he contact Doctors Without Borders. Tad says that he needs to do it himself and that he will be back as soon as possible. Krystal says that Tad can’t go and Tad asks why not.

Randi and Frankie talk about Rebecca. Randi says that Rebecca shouldn’t have to go through the same kind of pain that her mother went through.

Jesse tells Natalia that it is out of their hands and that Rebecca was at peace with her decision. Jesse says that they have to respect Rebecca’s wish. Natalia says that she doesn’t want to say goodbye and asks Jesse not to make her.

Reese and Zach get back to the house with the tree. Reese tells Bianca about the cabin and says that she and Zach slept like babies. Bianca says that it sounds romantic and Reese says that it would have been if Bianca had been there.

Krystal apologizes and says that the idea of Tad being gone so long got to her. Tad says that he knows it will be hard for her to take care of both kids by herself, but he has to find his son. Krystal tells Tad to go pack. Tad asks Kathy to help Krystal with Jenny until he gets home. Tad leaves. Kathy asks if they can go out and build a snowman and Krystal tells her to go get bundled up.

Randi tells Frankie about her mother. Randi says that her mother had breast cancer that spread to her bones and that she eventually started praying to God to do anything to end the pain.

Angie tells Jesse that they have 24 hours. Jesse says that Natalia won’t let go and it doesn’t matter how long they have. Angie says that she is going to talk to Natalia because it is her responsibility.

Greenlee asks a woman to call maintenance because they had a major hot chocolate spill down he hall. A nurse says that there has been a delay in Annie’s transfer because they were sedating her in her room. Emma goes running off.

Krystal tells Kathy to hold still so that she doesn’t track snow all over the house, but Kathy says that she is thirsty. Krystal yells and then apologizes. Krystal asks Kathy to get some juice for her and Jenny and Kathy agrees. Krystal starts hyperventilating.

Bianca tells Reese about being stuck at Wildwind. Zach asks if Bianca and Reese can keep an eye on the kids so that he can check on Kendall. Reese tells Zach that she understands why he doesn’t want to tell them right now. Bianca asks what Reese is worried about.

Krystal calls David and says that she is having an anxiety attack. David says that he is on his way to help.

Natalia begs Rebecca to wake up because she can’t leave now. Angie says that Natalia has to accept it and say goodbye like Rebecca wanted. Natalia says that Angie wanted Rebecca dead since she got to town.

Krystal tells David that Tad is worried about Jamie and Jeff. Krystal says that she has been a wreck since Tad walked out the door. David says that they will have to get Krystal calmed down again and spikes her cup of milk again. David tells Krystal that she will be just fine in no time.

Annie thinks that Ryan is her father and that he is there to take her to her first day of school. Emma runs in.

Reese says that she is just exhausted and that she is worried about Zach. Bianca suggests that Reese is lying to her.

Zach walks into Kendall’s room and stares at her.

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