AMC Update Tuesday 12/9/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/9/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse and Angie flirt while she gets lunch ready. Rebecca comes out and says that she was going to see if she could help with lunch.

Zach says that they should have turned around when the snow started coming, but Reese tells him to stop being so hard on himself. Zach says that it was a stupid idea, but Reese says going out there and cutting down a Christmas tree for the kids wasn’t a stupid idea. Reese tells him that getting into the cabin before they got buried in the snow is the bright side of the situation.

Krystal shows up at David’s. Krystal says that she should go before they close the roads, but David says that she must have came for a reason. Krystal says that she came back for more of the comfort she felt the night before.

Jake tells Brot that no one should be traveling in this weather unless it is absolutely necessary. Brot says that he has to go. Taylor comes up and says that Brot isn’t going anywhere until she gets some answers. Taylor says that if Brot never really loved her, why did he have the ring in his pocket.

Frankie and Natalia come back and say that they have been in a snowball fight. Frankie says that the tree is on top of the car. Natalia challenges Frankie to a rematch. Frankie says that they can do the rematch after some hot chocolate. Angie and Jesse talk about how well Natalia and Frankie are getting along.

David and Krystal talk about her pain and her comfort. David suggests that maybe it was the warm milk he gave her and offers to make her some more.

Zach says that they will probably have to spend the night and follow the first snowplow out. Reese suggests that she make them some coffee. Zach says that he should be with his wife when she dies.

David tells Krystal about his recovery from Leora’s death. Bianca shows up and says that she spun out down the street and got stuck.

Taylor says that she won’t let Brot take back what they shared. Brot says that his feelings have changed. Taylor says that Brot is a liar and a thief because he is trying to take away the best memories of her life and his life. Taylor says that if Brot can look in her eyes and tell her that he never really loved her then she will let him go because she will know that the Brot Monroe she knew is really dead.

Angie says that she is going to get the ornaments for the tree. Natalia asks Angie if they can put up some of her old ornaments from Denver on the tree too and Angie says that it is a great idea. Natalia, Jesse and Rebecca share memories about the ornaments as they unpack them.

Zach and Reese talk about Kendall. Zach says that Kendall is damn near perfect. Reese asks Zach what drives him crazy about Kendall and he says that she is stubborn. Zach says that Kendall is the strongest woman he has ever known and Reese tells him not to give up on Kendall. Zach says that he isn’t giving up on Kendall, but he isn’t an idiot either.

Jake and Brot get stuck in the elevator and end up talking about Taylor. Jake says that it will give him some time to try to talk Brot into staying in Pine Valley because Taylor is obviously still in love with him.

Rebecca apologizes to Angie for Natalia sending for the ornaments. Angie says that Natalia’s memories should be on the tree too. Rebecca says that Natalia insisted on hanging their old ornaments on the tree because Christmas is Rebecca’s favorite time of the year and she doesn’t think she will make it to Christmas.

Taylor asks a nurse if she has seen Jake.

Jake says that he isn’t going to compete with a love like Taylor and Brot’s.

Zach says that Kendall’s heart isn’t going to hold out much longer and that he needs to face reality. Zach says that he would love to believe in miracles, but right now he needs to prepare for reality. Reese tells Zach that he has to believe in miracles and believe that it is possible.

Bianca says that she skidded out of control with Gabrielle in the car seat screaming. Bianca says that she has to feed Gabrielle. Krystal offers to hold Gabrielle while Bianca looks for the milk. David offers to get Bianca something to warm her up and Krystal offers her warm milk. Bianca takes it and drinks it. Bianca talks about how much coming home has changed everything. Bianca says that she wishes there was something she could do to help take Krystal’s pain away. Krystal says that cuddling with Gabrielle would help.

Zach says that he tried again to move the car, but they have to wait for the snowplows. Zach says that he doesn’t want to be there when Kendall dies. Reese tells Zach that Kendall isn’t going to die and that if it really is her time to go, she will wait for Zach.

Jake says that he has been competing with Brot since the day he met Taylor. Jake says that if Brot leaves, Taylor will just follow him until she finds him. Jake suggests that Brot stop torturing Taylor and give it a chance.

Frankie agrees to have Jake call Taylor.

Cassandra calls Angie and says that she won’t be home for Christmas. Angie says that they will get through this Christmas and look forward to the next. Natalia comes running in and says that Rebecca passed out.

David says that it looks like Bianca, Gabrielle and Krystal are there for the night. Bianca says that she wishes Reese was there. Krystal and David talk about the baby.

Brot says that he doesn’t remember much about the explosion, but he remembers seeing Taylor’s face like an angel and that the image is the only thing getting him through. Jake says that Brot needs to quit running from Taylor and give her a chance. Jake says that they are back on Taylor’s floor and asks Brot if he is still leaving.

Angie and Frankie check Rebecca out. Angie says that Rebecca didn’t want to be revived. Natalia says that they can’t let Rebecca die because she wanted to make it until Christmas. Jesse asks Angie to do something.

David and Krystal talk about the things he could have done throughout Babe’s childhood if he had known about her. David says that he was in no shape to be a father back then and that Krystal did a wonderful job with their daughter.

Taylor asks Brot if he forgot something and he says that he forgot who he is. Brot says that he isn’t the same person anymore and Taylor says that none of them are. Taylor says that she would like a chance to find out who he has become and Brot says that he is cool with that.

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