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All My Children Update Monday 12/8/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

A nurse tells Angie and another doctor that David called in sick.

Jake tells Taylor that Brot was found face down in the motel parking lot by the manager. Jake says that they need to run some tests and says that she can see Brot. Taylor asks what Brot was thinking trying to leave town while he was still so sick and Brot says that there is nothing left for him there.

Angie tells another doctor to have the film ready and that she will be right there. Angie tells Tad that it is obvious that Krystal doesn’t want to be found.

David tells Krystal to close her eyes and think about relaxing. While Krystal breathes, David dissolves a pill in her drink. David tells Krystal to open her eyes and hands her the glass. Krystal thanks David for giving her a blanket, some milk and a place to hide for a while. David says that she can always count on him to help.

Aidan stops to check on Annie and she punches him in the chest and holds him in a chokehold. Annie says that Aidan has to keep Greenlee away from Ryan. An orderly comes in, followed by Jesse. Annie tells Jesse that Greenlee sent Aidan to kill her.

Greenlee brings Ryan and Emma a Christmas tree.

David suggests that Krystal should call Tad and tell him that she is all right. Krystal says that Tad will want her to come home and she can’t go home. Krystal says that Tad means well, but it seems like he doesn’t know her anymore and maybe he never did.

Tad and Angie talk about Krystal not even calling to check on the kids. Angie says that Krystal just needed some time to clear her head and that she will be home soon. Tad says that there is definitely something wrong with Krystal. Angie suggests that maybe Tad should call Jesse because it wouldn’t hurt to have a few other eyes out looking for Krystal.

Jake sits in the hall eavesdropping. Taylor says that she wishes Brot loved her enough to let her help him through his recovery. Brot says that what they had was never even close to love. Taylor says that she isn’t leaving and Brot says that he will. Brot gets out of bed and falls down. Taylor yells for help.

Greenlee says that she wants them to be friends without all the other stuff getting in the way and that she is there to prove that they can be. Greenlee and Ryan almost kiss and Emma comes down saying that she can’t fall asleep. Emma sees the tree and asks if it is for them. Greenlee says that one of Santa’s helpers told her that Emma needed one. Emma asks if they can decorate it and Ryan agrees to do it now.

Annie says that Aidan came to kill her. Jesse says that no one is going to kill Annie and tries to get her to calm down. Annie says that she can’t trust anyone except for Ryan. Dr. Hathaway says to take Annie to room G and put her in restraints until she calms down. Annie is taken out of the room. Dr. Hathaway says that Aidan can’t just drop in anytime he wants and Aidan says that it won’t happen again. Jesse questions Aidan about getting into Annie’s locked room. Jesse says that Aidan keeps popping in out of concern that Annie is going to blow his cover.

David and Krystal talk about her being happy with Tad. Krystal says that Tad is a wonderful father and a good man, but it isn’t the same as it was with Adam. Krystal says that she is committed to spending her life with Tad because she loves him. Krystal says that she is tired and David tells her to sleep and they can talk more later.

Taylor and Angie talk about Brot’s condition. Angie says that it sounds like Brot has an infection. Taylor says that she has handled everything with Brot all wrong. Angie says that the name in the file is Mike Sweeney. Taylor tells Angie what has happened with Brot. Taylor says that Brot let her grieve for him for over a year. Angie says that she can feel Taylor’s pain because she grieved her husband for 20 years and came back to her with a different life and another family.

Aidan tells Jesse that there are no deep, dark secrets being covered up there. Jesse suggests that Aidan should go to the station for questioning. Aidan says that he will answer as many questions as Jesse wants, but he wants a polygraph first.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about a green butterfly that Emma made for school. Greenlee asks Emma where they should hang it and saw Emma sleeping on the couch. Greenlee says that she will let herself out because they both know what would happen if she stayed.

Amanda shows up at David’s house and says that she wants her next installment. Amanda tells David that she spent the afternoon trimming the Chandler family Christmas tree with Little Adam. David says that when JR falls off the wagon, they will talk about payday. Amanda says that she is there now and isn’t leaving without a check. Amanda asks what David did to Krystal.

Jesse and Aidan get to the station. An officer tells Jesse that someone is there to see him and it is important. Jesse says that he will get the guys out on patrol to keep their eyes open and Tad thanks him. Jesse tells Aidan that they will start in a minute. Tad and Aidan talk. Aidan says that Jesse is trying to build a case against him for helping Annie kidnap Emma and kill Di. Tad says that he will vouch for Aidan. Jesse says that Aidan broke several laws and Tad says that he did far worse when he was looking for Kathy. Jesse introduces Aidan to Detective Reynolds and says that he will be giving Aidan the test.

Jack stops by Ryan’s to talk. Ryan tells Jack that he and Greenlee decided it wasn’t going to work out. Jack says that he would be happy if he thought that Ryan and Greenlee were to actually stay away from each other. Ryan says that it is over, but Jack says that it will not be okay as long as Greenlee is still in love with Ryan.

Jake and Greenlee tell a couple of bad jokes. Greenlee laughs and then starts crying. Jake says that it isn’t fair because he wanted to cry first.

David tells Amanda about running into Krystal at Babe’s grave. David tells Amanda to get busy earning the $6 million. David pushes Amanda out and shuts the front door.

Brot tells Taylor that he is fine and she can leave. Taylor says that the Brot Monroe she knew wasn’t a coward. Brot says that Brot Monroe is dead and she needs to accept it and move on.

Greenlee and Jake talk about their relationship problems. Greenlee says that Jake wins and his problem makes her breakup look easy in comparison. Jake suggests that maybe they should hook up, but Greenlee says no. Greenlee and Jake criticize each other’s art. Jake gets a call from the hospital and Greenlee says that they can pick it up later.

Jack says that Greenlee is in love with Ryan and that he suspects she always will be. The conversation changes to Annie. Ryan asks for Jack’s help with the divorce. Jack agrees to help get the paperwork started and have his office call Ryan to set up an appointment. Ryan tells Jack that he will always love Greenlee too. Jack says that is what worries him.

Detective Reynolds questions Aidan about Emma’s kidnapping. Detective Reynolds tells Jesse that Aidan’s physiological responses indicate that he wasn’t lying about his involvement in the kidnapping. Aidan says that he told the truth and now Jesse can back off.

Krystal dreams about wanting David to make love to her. Krystal and David kiss in her dream and she wakes up. Krystal says that it is wrong and that she needs to go.

Tad tries to call Krystal, but gets her voicemail again. Jesse calls Tad and says that Krystal’s car was spotted at the cemetery by the mausoleum. Tad says that he is on his way and Jesse asks him to keep him posted. Tad thanks Jesse.

Aidan tells Greenlee that she can let Ryan know that he passed a polygraph test. Greenlee says that Aidan will probably see Ryan before she will. Aidan says that now that Greenlee and Ryan are free to be together, he doesn’t want her. Aidan tells Greenlee not to come crawling back to him because he doesn’t want her either.

Krystal tells David that she needs to clear her head before she goes home and faces Tad. A car approaches and David says that it looks like Tad has other plans. Krystal tells David to go. Krystal tells Tad that she didn’t feel like talking and that is why she didn’t answer her phone. Tad apologizes for Kathy getting so excited about the decorations and says that they will work something out. Tad suggests that he take Kathy over to his parent’s house if it is too much, but Krystal says that they will get through it together.

Angie says that Radiology is ready for Brot. Angie tells Taylor that it will get easier and Taylor says that it can’t get much harder. Taylor picks up Brot’s jacket and is pleased to find an engagement ring in its pocket.

A nurse tells Annie to get some sleep. Annie hums “Silent Night” and imagines Greenlee dead.

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