AMC Update Friday 12/5/08

All My Children Update Friday 12/5/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse arrives at the hospital wearing a Santa hat and gives Angie some Christmas cheer.

Tad puts up a Christmas tree for Kathy, but it is crooked. Krystal wants the tree taken away, because she does not want to celebrate Christmas without Babe. Kathy finds Babe’s ornament, and Krystal tells her to put it down. Kathy runs to her room. Krystal does not want to celebrate so she leaves the house.

David has purchased a tombstone for Babe, because JR has not done it. Amanda brings a flower wreath. David continues to try and keep Amanda’s support to get Little A away from JR.

Adam brings flowers to Erica and asks for her help with JR. Little A tells JR that mom has sent him a present. A package arrived and he believes that his mommy sent it.

Adam wants things to be normal in his home again. Erica, and Adam feel disconnected from their children. Adam asks Erica to stay with him during her recovery. She refuses his invitation by saying that she has someplace to stay. Adam kisses her goodbye.

A hearing competency conference is being held for Annie; Greenlee and Ryan attend the conference. When Annie sees Greenlee, she becomes upset.

Amanda tells Little A she sent the ornament. She helps to quiet him down.

Annie is declared delusional, because of her outbursts and uncontrollable behavior. Ryan is asked to explain Annie’s unusual behavior; he talks about the wedding at Confusion, Emma’s kidnapping, and Annie’s focus being solely on him. Annie’s attorney agrees to have her committed.

Angie and Jesse bring over decorations for Tad’s tree, but they find out that Krystal has left and Kathy is in her room. Angie leaves to track down Krystal. Krystal shows up at Babe’s grave. David hugs her; pick her up, then take her to his home.

Greenlee apologizes to Ryan for showing up at Annie’s conference. Ryan leaves her to return home to Emma.

Jack finds Greenlee upset, and credits Ryan for her mood.

Amanda tells Little A to blow a kiss to the angel on the tree. Adam is rude to Amanda, and warns JR that Amanda is a gold digger.

Tad talks to Jesse about Krystal; He feels that Krystal pushes him away, and he is starting to resent her.

David spikes Krystal’s drink. Angie arrives, but David lies about Krystal being with him. Angie is not allowed into his home.

Emma asks Ryan about her mommy.

JR, Amanda and Little A decorate the tree at the Chandler mansion.

Jack visits Erica and invites her to move in with him during her recovery. She lies, and tells Jack that she will be living with Adam. Jack leaves. She calls Adam, and accepts his offer.

Jesse cheers Tad on so he calls Krystal, and asks her to return home.

David tells Krystal that Angie was looking for her, but she does not know that Krystal is with him. Her offers Krystal the spiked drink.

Adam warns Amanda about Babe’s untimely death, and warns her that she too could end up dying untimely.

Greenlee arrives at Ryan’s home with a tree. He offers to pay for it as she tries to leave.

Aidan visits Annie in the hospital. She calls him to come closer, and when he is near to her she begin to beat him up.

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