AMC Update Thursday 12/4/08

All My Children Update Thursday 12/4/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach walks out on the party Reese, the kids and he were having while they decorate. Bianca arrives home as he is running off; she understands the pressure Zach is under trying to keep it together for everyone.

Taylor wants an opportunity to know the changed Brot, but he wants the past to stay in the past. Taylor questioned Brot about the ring he ordered for her. He claimed he never ordered it, but later takes it out of his pocket when he was alone. Brot thinks that Taylor is now in love with Jake, and should continue her life with him.

Kendall is now in Pine Valley Hospital. Greenlee is sitting with her, and tells Kendall about her love for Ryan.

Jake has decided that he is now in the way and plans on allowing Taylor, and Brot time to work things out. Frankie disagrees; he wants Jake to continue his fight for Taylor.

Erica is looking at Randi’s photo shoot, and she congratulates Randi. Erica is working from her bed. She insists on seeing Kendall and wants David to order the nurse to allow her to see her daughter. David hesitates, because he is not Erica’s doctor, but he does give the order to allow her to see Kendall.

Greenlee blames Ryan, and herself for Annie’s mental break down. She thinks that her relationship with Ryan is destined to fail. Ryan disagrees with Greenlee, and tells her that they denied their feelings too long. Greenlee believes that Emma, and Annie need Ryan and he cannot abandon them now. She tells Ryan that they are through.

Zach comes into Erica’s room to see her, and than he takes her to see Kendall.

Brot wants to leave, but Taylor wants to talk.

Randi finds Frankie and tells him the good news about the photo shoot. She wants to celebrate. They kiss after deciding they will celebrate with each other. They decide to go ice-skating. Frankie tells Randi about Taylor, Jake and Brot.

Bianca, Reese, Spike, Ian and Miranda read stories after decorating the house.

Erica visits Kendall and asks her to wake up to celebrate the holidays. She wants Kendall to be the Christmas miracle.

David tells Zach that the heart surgery was not completely successful, because the left ventricle has not completely closed and is not functioning, which could result in her death. Zach does not want anyone else to know that Kendall is dying.

Greenlee visit Erica’s room and look at Fusion’s work. She and Erica come to an agreement and decide that it is better to try to work together. Greenlee tells Erica about her breakup with Ryan, and Erica express sorrow for Greenlee’s pain.

Zach apologizes to Ryan for not letting him know that Annie killed Richie. Ryan quits his job at Cambias and tells Zach that he will spend his time with Emma.

Zach burns a fire at home and Reese joins him to sit in front of the fireplace. He tells Reese about David's prediction regarding Kendall’s death, then he swears her to secrecy.

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