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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Taylor tells Brot to say something and he tells her to go away. Brot says that he doesnít want her to see him like that, but she says that she needs to see him.

Angie asks Krystal if she has completely lost her mind.

Zach tells Bianca that Kendallís plane just landed. Bianca, Zach and Reese decorate Kendallís room. Jesse comes in and tells Zach that they need to talk about Richie Novakís murder.

Aidan asks Annie what she said to Ryan. Annie asks if it is time for the wedding reception yet.

Ryan says that no matter what Annie is still Emmaís mother and that he doesnít have a choice, but to help her. Greenlee says that Ryan should let the police handle it and Ryan says that Annie is the way she is because of him.

Brot says that he saw the disgust in Taylorís face when she looked at him. Taylor says that she just needs a second to process the reality of him being alive. Brot leaves. Jake and Taylor talk about Brot. Taylor says that most of Brot did die in Iraq and she finished off the rest of him with her one look.

Brot and Frankie talk about Taylorís reaction. Frankie says that Taylor was surprised, but Brot says that she was repulsed. Frankie says that Iraq changed Taylor when she lost Brot.

Krystal tells Angie that when she is with David the pain of losing Babe eases up a little bit and she ends up losing control. Angie says that she isnít judging Krystal, but Tad doesnít deserve this. Krystal says that she isnít going to do anything because it will never happen again. Krystal swears to Angie that she loves Tad and the girls and will not give them up, especially for David. Krystal says that she doesnít know what she would do without Tad. Angie promises Krystal that she will be okay.

Ryan says that everything Annie has done was because she loved him. Greenlee reminds Ryan of the things that Annie has done and says that they were acts of desperation, not love. Ryan says that he drove Annie to insanity because he stopped loving her. Ryan says that he should have handled Annie differently. Ryan says that he has to focus on Emma and if there is anything he can do to help Annie through it then he will. Greenlee says that she understands that Emma comes first. Ryan says that he needs to get back to the hospital and that Corrina is coming over to watch Emma. Greenlee offers to wait for Corrina and asks if she can say goodbye to Emma. Ryan says that Emma would love it and that it is a great idea.

Zach and Jesse talk about Richieís murder. Zach says that Richie deserved to die and Jesse says that Annie should have gone to jail for killing him. Zach says that his way worked best and that he did what he did to protect Emma. Jesse says that Zach withheld information in a murder investigation and that it is a punishable offense. Zach tells Jesse to write him a ticket and that he is going to check on Kendall.

Aidan asks what Annieís angle there is and tries to get her to admit that her insanity is an act. Annie screams for someone to get Aidan away from her. Ryan walks in and asks Aidan what he is doing there.

Zach and Bianca get Kendall settled into her hospital room.

Ryan says that Annie has completely lost it. Aidan says that Annie is a manipulator and that she is making Ryan feel sorry for her so that she can get him back. Aidan says that Ryan should be at home with Emma and should let the professionals do their thing. Ryan says that he is there to make sure that Annie gets the help that she needs and deserves. Aidan says that Ryan came to ease his guilty conscience. Jesse shows up with Dr. Richards for the court-ordered evaluation. Aidan leaves and Jesse asks what he walked in on. Ryan says that he is trying to figure that out too.

Frankie and Brot talk about Taylor. Brot says that there isnít anything left to say and Frankie says that if Brot is going to walk away again, he should at least say goodbye to Taylor. Frankie says that the old Brot had guts and would never walk away from a fight.

Taylor and Jake talk about her reaction to seeing Brot. Taylor doesnít understand how Brot could let her believe that he was dead and says that maybe he wishes they had let him die over in Iraq. Jake tells Taylor not to think like that because Brot lived. Jake says that Brot is still the same man that she fell in love with and that she should stop thinking about his face and start searching for his sould.

Ryan tells Jesse that Aidan thinks Annie is faking her insanity. Jesse asks if Ryan believes Aidan and Ryan admits that he doesnít really know what to believe anymore. Jesse says that it is possible that Aidan was trying to save Emma, but it is also possible that he was working with Annie and is now trying to save his own ass. Ryan tells Jesse about Aidan being out of control the night that Emma was kidnapped. Jesse says that he is going to keep his eye on Aidan and see if he canít get to the truth.

David walks into Kendallís room, where there is music playing softly. David says that playing music and talking to Kendall might help her wake up from her coma. David leaves as Reese comes in. Greenlee shows up and says that her shift with Kendall is up after Reeseís. Bianca says that she is going to visit Erica and asks Reese to drive Zach home after he is done at the hospital.

Zach tells Kendall that he shouldnít have sent her away and that she has to keep fighting to get back to him.

Angie asks David why he is preying on Krystal. Angie says that Krystal is grieving and confused and the last thing she needs is to be manipulated by David. David says that Angie is out of line and Angie asks if he actually has some sort of twisted feelings for Krystal. David says that his relationship with Krystal is none of Angieís business.

Jake asks Taylor if she is ready to go. Frankie comes over and says that Brot is gone. Frankie tells Taylor that she could have had a completely perfect reaction and Brot would have still seen what he wanted to see. Taylor says that she doesnít care about Brotís face because she didnít fall in love with him for that. Jake says that he needs to excuse himself because he has patients. Frankie says that Brot is scared and that he has forgotten that he never used to be scared of anything. Taylor asks why Brot canít let her remind him.

Jesse says that Ryan canít take the blame for Annie being crazy because he did everything he could to keep his family safe, including lying to the police and breaking the law. Jesse tells Ryan to go home and hug Emma. Ryan says that it doesnít feel right to leave right now, but Jesse tells Ryan to go home.

Reese asks Miranda questions about holidays. Zach says that they donít even have a Christmas tree. Reese says that they will get one and asks if they can decorate the house until they get one. Zach says that he canít help because he has his hands full. Reese tells Zach to give her the baby and go get the decorations.

Bianca talks to Kendall while Christmas music plays. Bianca says that Kendall needs to wake up to see the kids and the other people who love her.

David says that Angie has no right to judge him or Krystal. David says that Krystal just buried their daughter and suggests that Angie should let her do what she needs to do. David says that Angie is in the middle of her own domestic crisis and that she should deal with that because Krystal is doing just fine. David says that his area of expertise is broken hearts and that he will put Krystalís back together. Angie calls David an idiot.

Jesse and Dr. Richardson talk about Annieís condition. Dr. Richardson says that everything he has seen points to Borderline Personality Disorder and that Annie suffers from severe emotional abandonment issues stemming from her childhood.

Reese tells Zach that they have enough decorations and that they should put something away. Zach asks Miranda what they should do with it and Miranda asks Reese to do the elf dance.

Greenlee talks to Kendall while more music plays. Greenlee says that she thinks she has lost Ryan for good, while Ryan listens from the doorway.

Taylor is surprised to see that Brot came back. Brot says that he is on his way out of town, but wanted to say goodbye. Brot says that he shouldnít have come.

Reese says that it is time for the finale to the elf dance and trips on a box, falling into Zachís arms. Zach says that he is going to check on Kendall. Bianca comes in and asks what happened and Reese says that she doesnít know.

Aidan and Jesse talk about Annie. Aidan says that he wants to make sure that Annie doesnít hurt anyone else.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she and Ryan are to blame for Annie getting sick because if they had stayed away from each other, none of it would have happened. Greenlee says that Annie was destroyed by Greenlee and Ryanís love. Greenlee says that she was wrong about her and Ryanís love being bigger than anything else. Greenlee turns around and sees Ryan.

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