AMC Update Tuesday 12/2/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 12/2/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach gets a delivery from Kendall.

Frankie tells Jake that Brot is alive and in Pine Valley. Frankie says that Taylor doesn’t know yet and that Brot has 20 minutes to tell her or he is going to. Taylor asks if they are talking about her.

Krystal says that she needs Angie’s help because she feels like she is losing her mind.

Greenlee has Emma get out her books, crayons and color. Amanda and Greenlee talk about Erica.

Jake comes up with a cover story for Taylor. Jake says that he was asking Frankie to cover for him. Frankie and Jake step outside and continue talking about Brot. Jake says that Frankie needs to tell Taylor.

Krystal and Angie talk about Krystal’s dreams and visions of David.

Zach opens Kendall’s “gift” and Reese tells him that there is a card with it.

Bianca and Greenlee argue about Erica running Fusion. Amanda convinces him to stop fighting. Greenlee suggests that Amanda should run the office day-to-day and report back to them and Bianca agrees.

Aidan and Ryan talk about Annie’s condition and about Emma’s kidnapping.

Krystal and Angie talk about Krystal’s connection to David. Angie says that she doesn’t like the idea of Krystal leaning on David, but it makes sense. Angie offers to give Krystal the name of a grief counselor, but Krystal says that she is sick of talking. Angie says that she and Krystal will find some peace together. Angie leaves and David shows up.

Reese and Zach talk about Kendall. Reese tells Zach that according to Bianca he makes Kendall very happy. Zach says that he loves Kendall more than anything, but it doesn’t mean that it makes her happy. Reese says that Zach is doing the best he can and Zach says that he could have done better, but he didn’t. Zach says that the doctor told him that his wife will never wake up again and asks Reese how he is supposed to tell his children that their mother isn’t coming home.

Ryan visits Annie and Annie says that Richie helped her kidnap Emma.

Brot tells Colby that Frankie gave him an ultimatum the previous night.

Frankie tells Taylor that an old friend of theirs is in town. Frankie says that Brot is alive.

David says that he is concerned about Krystal and Krystal says that she wishes he would leave her alone.

Taylor says that Brot is dead and Frankie says that he believed the same thing until he saw Brot. Frankie says that he spoke to Brot the previous night and Taylor asks him to take her to Brot.

Colby says that Taylor deserves an explanation from Brot and Brot says that he will catch a cab.

Bianca asks if she can leave and Amanda says that Fusion is in very capable hands. Greenlee and Bianca argue about Erica. Bianca says that as soon as Erica is out of the hospital, she will be back to run Fusion with Greenlee.

Annie tells Ryan about Richie’s plan for Emma’s kidnapping. Ryan says that Annie killed Richie and Annie tells Ryan to prove it.

Reese says that Zach needs to go to Canada and bring Kendall home. Zach goes off on Reese because he believes that she was trying to tell him that Kendall is dying. Bianca walks in and asks what is going on. Reese says that Zach was expressing his love for Kendall.

Colby says that she will be at the house. Brot and Jake talk about Taylor and Frankie.

David tells Krystal to get some sleep and not fight her dreams because it isn’t healthy.

Greenlee tells Amanda that she will be back at Fusion later. Emma shows Greenlee a picture she drew.

Ryan tries to ask Annie questions about Emma’s kidnapping, but Annie insists that she didn’t kidnap Emma. The nurse comes in and says that it is time for Annie to see the doctor and that they might need to sedate her.

Jake tells Brot about what Taylor has been through since being in town. Jake says that Taylor still can’t let Brot go and that she talks about him all the time. Jake says that Taylor is still in love with Brot and Brot says that he doesn’t want Taylor anymore.

Krystal tells David to go away and says that no one can comfort her because Babe’s gone. David kisses Krystal and says that he can make her feel alive again between kisses.

Greenlee explains to Emma that her mom is sick and needs time to get better.

Zach says that he has a meeting. Bianca and Reese talk about what happened with Zach. Reese says that the doctor told Zach that Kendall probably won’t wake up.

Angie walks in on David and Krystal kissing.

Jake tells Brot to tell Taylor. Taylor shows up.

Zach apologizes to Reese for blowing up at her and Reese says that she understands. Zach says that Kendall needs to be surrounded by the people that love her and that will wake her up.

Emma tells Ryan that she is going to make Annie a card so that she will get better soon. Ryan and Greenlee talk about Annie’s condition. Greenlee says that Annie might never get out of the institution. Ryan says that Annie is still Emma’s mother.

Aidan visits Annie and says that she can stop faking now. Aidan asks if Ryan suspects anything.

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