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All My Children Update Monday 12/1/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan asks Annie who she hurt with the knife. Annie tells him that she needs him to say his vows. Ryan says that he will say them as soon as she tells him whose blood is on the knife. Jake goes out back to see if he can find anything. Annie says that she won’t tell him until he says his vows and starts saying them for him.

Jake and Reese find Erica. Zach tells Reese to stay back. Jake says that Annie stabbed Erica. Zach tells Reese to tell Bianca.

Ryan says his vows and Annie gets excited about them now being married. Ryan asks who Annie stabbed and Annie says that the sun will come out tomorrow.

Reese brings Bianca back to see Erica. The officer won’t let Adam and Jack through. Jake checks Erica out and Bianca tells Erica that everything will be okay.

Jesse arrests Annie. Annie thanks everyone for coming and that there will be dinner and dancing to follow at the reception.

Jackson and Adam discuss why Annie would stab Erica.

Jesse tells Zach that he needs to get names from all the guests before they leave. Jesse tells Ryan that he needs a formal statement.

Zach makes an announcement to the guests and tells them that they can leave if they would like, but he needs them to leave their names and information with Officer Chase.

Adam asks Pete to drive Colby home and says that he is going to see Erica at the hospital.

Frankie, Angie, Natalia and Rebecca talk about Annie’s psychotic break. Frankie suggests that Natalia and Angie should take Rebecca home to rest and Rebecca says that they won’t get an argument from her.

Amanda and JR talk about the look in Annie’s eyes. Amanda says that it reminded her of her mother.

Taylor and Frankie talk about the way the party ended. Taylor says that it would have taken 2 seconds to retrieve the knife from Annie if she wasn’t in the chair.

Pete asks if Colby is still thinking about the army guy. Frankie comes over and asks if they are alright. Colby says that she is just a little weirded out and that she needs to go to the bathroom.

Randi says that she and Amanda decided that drinks are on the house and Taylor says that she will race Randi!

Jack and Greenlee talk about Erica. Greenlee tells Jack that nobody takes Erica down. Jack leaves for the hospital and Ryan asks how he let it get this far with Annie. Ryan says that he should have known because he saw her unraveling for months. Ryan says that there had to be something he could have done differently and David says that Ryan could have kept his wife in a padded cell. David says that it is all Ryan’s fault. Ryan says that he is going to the police station and Greenlee says that she is right behind him. David says that he is disappointed in Greenlee and Leo would be too if he were there.

Jake works on Erica and Joe tells Bianca that Jake will take good care of Erica. Bianca and Reese talk about Erica. Bianca says that she doesn’t understand how Annie could do this and Reese says that she doesn’t think Annie knows the answer to that either.

Randi asks what is going to happen to Annie and Amanda says “Nothing good.” JR orders a vodka martini for Amanda and she thanks him. Randi decides to start packing things up and getting the props back upstairs. Amanda and Taylor talk about Jake and Amanda says that there are no hard feelings because it wasn’t going to work anyways. Amanda calls Colby over and asks about the guy from Taylor’s past. Colby says that it was someone else and that the guy doesn’t know Taylor. Amanda says that Colby said the guy was in love with Taylor. Taylor says that it had to be a mistake and leaves. Amanda asks Colby if Taylor deserves to know. Frankie comes up and asks Colby what’s going on. Colby says that there is something huge that Frankie should know.

Angie talks to Joe on the phone about Erica. Angie asks Rebecca if she is ready to call it a night and Rebecca asks for some bourbon. Natalia says that she will stick with a beer and Angie says that she will get a soda out of the fridge. Natalia talks about how cool it was to watch Jesse in action when he arrested Annie. Natalia says that she thinks she wants to go into law enforcement too.

An officer brings Annie into the police station. Jesse introduces Annie to Dr. Hathaway. Dr. Hathaway tries to ask Annie questions, but she keeps talking about marrying Ryan.

Angie, Natalia and Rebecca talk about Natalia wanting to be a cop. Angie says that Jesse being a cop made Frankie grow up without a father. Natalia says that all the time that Jesse was gone wasn’t a total waste because she is there because of it. Natalia says that she is heading to Frankie and Randi’s and thanks Angie for the soda. Rebecca talks about the mutual hatred between her and Angie at first. Rebecca says that when she found out that she was sick, her first reaction was anger because it was her and not Angie.

Frankie finds Brot.

Pete asks what Colby and Frankie were talking about and Colby says that she wants him to take her home.

Frankie and Brot talk about why Brot is in town. Brot says that he needed to see Taylor and that now he is leaving. Brot says that when he saw Taylor, he didn’t talk to her because she was with the doctor guy and she is happy and safe. Frankie says that he looked Taylor in the face and lied for Brot because Brot agreed to stay away. Frankie says that Taylor needs to know about Brot. Brot says that Taylor is in love with Jake and Frankie says that Taylor isn’t over Brot.

David and JR argue about the party.

Joe, Jack and Reese talk about Erica’s condition. Bianca tells Joe that she will donate blood for Erica, but Joe says that Bianca is still anemic from the deliver. Joe says that the only match in the hospital system is Adam and Adam says that he is pleased to help. Reese says that she doesn’t know what her blood type is, but she will be more than happy to help. Joe asks Reese and Adam to go with him.

Joe says that they need to get Erica into the O.R. immediately.

Greenlee says that she going to step outside. Dr. Hathaway and Jesse try to get Annie to calm down. Dr. Hathaway gives Annie a shot.

Amanda asks David what he did to JR and David says that JR said something about choking on fresh air.

Taylor asks Randi to give her a ride home. Randi says that she has to check with Amanda before she leaves. Taylor asks where Frankie went and Randi says that Frankie said he had an emergency and said something about an old friend.

Frankie and Brot talk about Taylor’s dreams and feelings. Brot says that his bus leaves at 10am. Frankie calls Brot a coward and says that Brot has a second chance.

Rebecca apologizes to Angie for being mean and Angie says that Rebecca was being honest. Rebecca says that she knows it is her time and that her only concern is Natalia. Angie says that she and Jesse will make sure that Natalia is fine. Angie says that she is looking forward to it and Rebecca says that Angie will eat her words. Rebecca says that she is concerned about the first guy that Natalia falls in love with and says that he might be some low-grade punk. Angie says that if he is, Jesse will take him out. Rebecca makes a toast to Angie and Jesse and to God giving them the strength to take care of Natalia because they will need it.

Jesse and Dr. Hathaway tell Ryan that they are having Annie committed for immediate psychiatric treatment. Jesse tells Ryan that he can give his statement later and tells Ryan to go home. Zach comes in and says that there was something he could have done to prevent it.

Frankie says that Brot has to tell Taylor that he is alive. Frankie says that if Brot doesn’t tell Taylor before the bus leaves, then Frankie will.

JR tells Amanda that he misses his wife and he needs a drink so bad that he can taste it. JR walks away. David says that he bets Amanda $6 million that JR crashes and burns before Christmas.

Reese tells Bianca that the kids are fine. Jake comes out and says that with plenty of rest Erica should be fine. Jake takes Bianca to see Erica.

Bianca tells Erica what happened. Adam says that he wants to talk to Erica for one minute and Jake says that Erica is only allowed one visitor at a time. Adam tells Erica that he saved her life and now she owes him big time. Erica responds “In your dreams, Adam.”

Zach and Ryan talk about the shrink that Annie saw before the custody hearing. Zach explains that he overheard Annie confess to the shrink that she killed Richie. Ryan tells Zach to stay away from him and his family.

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