AMC Update Wednesday 11/26/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/26/08


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

As they get ready for the fundraiser to aid Pine Valley's reconstruction after the tornadoes, Frankie compliments Randi on being "the most gorgeous woman in the world."

Natalia surprises her mother with a new dress, so Rebecca can accompany her to the fundraiser.

As Jake admires Taylor's look, she hopes she doesn't have to kill anyone at this gathering (as she did at the Bella party when she took out Randi's pimp), but if David Hayward is there, she may be tempted to.  Jake assures her he'll take care of the evil doc himself.

David makes a surprise appearance at Amanda's yacht as she's dressing for the party and encourages her to bring J.R. down. 

All decked out for the gala night, Bianca and Erica admire each other and look forward to helping lots of people with all the money they're going to raise.

Kendall's Canadian doctor informs Zach that they've done everything possible for his wife.

On the phone with her dad, Greenlee expresses her concern for Ryan and Emma with Annie on the loose.

As Emma applies Annie's favorite lipstick, she asks her dad when her mommy's coming home.  Meanwhile, Annie's hiding out in ConFusion's basement applying lots of red lipstick and reciting her wedding vows to Ryan "'til death do us part."  Ryan comforts his little girl and assures her that they'll help Mommy feel better when she returns.  When the doorbell rings, Emma thinks it's her mommy, but it's just Jesse checking in with Ryan on Annie's whereabouts.  After sending Emma upstairs, Ryan hears Jesse say that Annie's disappeared completely.

Although Rebecca tries to beg off, Natalia insists.  With Angie's encouragement to get out and meet their friends, Rebecca finally agrees.

Jake helps Taylor get her shoes on, promising to dance with her, but she gets cold feet, afraid that people will think she's a freak in a wheelchair. When Jake asks what's wrong with her, Taylor recalls her first meeting with Brot then apologizes for always bringing him up, but Jake understands how much she loved him.

Amanda has second thoughts about J.R., but David urges her not to let him turn on her like he did with Babe. Amanda agrees to take care of J.R. on her terms and in her good time for $6 million, confident that David needs her enough to give her what she wants. He agrees her and urges her not to be late. On his way out, he smacks her behind, and she smiles into the mirror.

Greenlee arrives at ConFusion and complains to Bianca about everything she sees, accusing Erica of making it all about herself.  When Reese starts to defend Erica, Greenlee rudely asks who she is, until Bianca introduces her fiancee. Erica insists she's merely acting in her daughter's behalf, not trying to take over Greenlee's role, then points out how hard they've all worked on the fundraiser while she was off chasing after Ryan. Finally, Erica urges Greenlee to accept that she's there to stay until Kendall's return.

Since Kendall hasn't responded to any of their treatments, Dr. Farrington wants to give up and send her back home. Angry that she hasn't lived up to her great expertise, Zach kicks the doctor out then promises his comatose wife that it's going to be ok.

When David orders a drink at ConFusion, Erica asks him to behave himself. When he reminds Amanda about their dance, she tells him not to talk to her and walks away.  Then it's Tad's turn to accost the dastardly doc and warn him not to spike the punch and stay away from Krystal!  David wonders whatever happened to people saying, "Hello, how have you been?" When Tad urges him to leave if he's going to cause trouble, David criticizes Jake's ability in the O.R., claiming that Aidan would be dead right now if he hadn't been there.

As they arrive at ConFusion, Jake introduces Taylor to Bianca and Erica who remembers her from the Bella party and calls her a hero for saving Randi. Suddenly, J.R. walks up to Taylor and tells her she's too good for Jake.

Surprised to see Colby at the party, Pete warns her that Brot's bad news, but she assures him he's leaving in the morning even though she thinks he shouldn't because there are people there who love him and would want to know he's there.

Adam eagerly approaches Erica promising to win the "Win a Dance with Erica Kane" contest, so he can hold her in his arms. Then it's Jackson's turn to compliment Erica on her gorgeousness and promise to bid on the dance. When Jack greets Greenlee, she gets rid of Erica by asking, "Don't you have a rumba to practice? Although Greenlee whines that Erica's trying to take over Fusion, Jack brings up Aidan, but she doesn't want to talk about him. Jack thinks that her being with Ryan is not a good idea because Annie is dangerous, but Greenlee insists she's not with anyone and urges him to worry about Ryan instead.

Angie introduces Krystal to Natalia and Rebecca. When Jesse arrives, Greenlee hopes he's there because Annie's been apprehended, but he tells her she's still out there and will show herself soon enough. Somehow, that isn't reassuring to Greenlee. Running into Bianca, Greenlee apologizes for coming on so strong before. Bianca suggests she work with her mom instead of slamming her, but Greenlee insists Erica is trying to take over Fusion, not play good mother.

Annie phones Ryan with a cryptic message that she's almost ready and will be there soon, so they can "do it right" in front of all their friends.

Unhappy about Rebecca's presence, Frankie makes his disapproval known to his mother, then runs to get a drink. Angie looks around for her husband who's keeping his distance.

J.R. confides in Amanda that he came because the event is important, despite his memories of the last time he was with Babe at Fusion when she was so happy and on top of the world. Later, when she asks if he's ok, he says it's a lot easier with her there.

As Krystal is getting a drink, David approaches her, but she shoos him away. Hurt that she doesn't want to be seen with him in public, David still assures her he's available to comfort her in the middle of the night. Although she emphatically rebuffs him, David claims he's the only one who knows what she needs when she can't sleep.

Colby walks up to Taylor and Jake acting strangely but claims she's ok. Then she curiously asks Taylor if she's happy and walks away.

Erica greets Zach who refuses to talk about Kendall, even after Reese asks what the doctor said.

Jesse puts his men on alert when Ryan informs him and Greenlee about Annie's call.  Greenlee is frightened that Annie's coming. Meanwhile, Annie moves her base of operation to the ladies' room where she locks herself and checks that she has all her supplies, including a shiny long sharp knife. Although Greenlee wants to warn people, Jesse is afraid of creating a panic and assures them they're covered. Not comforted, Greenlee inquires about Emma and Ryan assures her she's safe at a friend's house with Corrina and two very large cops. David approaches them and warns Greenlee that Ryan is a loser whose lunatic wife is running around attacking innocent people, she just replies, "Not now, David."

After Erica introduces Zach as her co-sponsor, he expresses his wish to help rebuild lives and families and presents Erica with a large contribution from Cambias Industries, then quickly leaves. As Erica auctions off her legs, Tad, Jackson, and Adam bid, but David wins with $50,000 which she accepts. David and Erica take to the dance floor while everyone looks on and applauds. When Adam tries to cut in, Erica excuses herself to go powder her nose.

Reese follows Zach who tells her about Kendall coming home to die, but he doesn't want to tell Bianca and Erica that night, because there's too much hope in the air at the moment. Asking Reese not to look so sad, Zach promises not to let Kendall die.

Tad notices Krystal acting strangely as they dance, but she claims nothing is wrong, so Tad accuses her of going to see "Hayweird" again. To fix the problem of seeing David, Krystal angrily leaves.

When Jesse finally greets the ladies in his family, Natalia tries to get him to dance with her mom, which Angie encourages as "fun." Declining the invitation, Jesse takes his wife aside and accuses her of "pushing this whole big happy family" a bit too far. Angie is angry that he and Frankie are giving her flak when she's just trying to make it work, but Jesse tells her to stop pretending it's all ok. Although he claims he wants to dance with her tonight, not Rebecca, he quickly leaves Angie to get back to work with a compliment that she looks really sexy.

Claiming this is their song, Jake helps Taylor up for a dance.

Annie approaches Ryan asking if he's ready for their wedding. So that no one will interfere this time, Annie pulls out a bloody knife. After assuring Ryan that she hasn't hurt herself, Annie insists she's done everything so they'll be a family again. When she starts reciting her vows, Ryan asks who she's hurt with the knife. As Annie looks down at the bloody knife, Erica lies motionless on the ladies' room floor with bloody footprints leading away from her.

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