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All My Children Update Tuesday 11/25/08


Written by Mary
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake comes out of the operating room, upset as to what had gone on inside. Jake throws his scrubs into the nearby laundry basket. Taylor comes up the hall in her wheelchair and stops to talk to Jake. Taylor can sense that something is wrong and asks Jake about it. Jake tells Taylor to ask David, who just came out of the operating room.

On her yacht, Amanda wipes the grease off J.R.’s face as they share an intimate look. J.R. pulls away and insists he can handle it. J.R. wants to get the parts and fix her engine. Amanda backs up saying there is no use in denying what just happened between them.

Pete and Reese are busy hanging the sign for the fundraiser which will be held at ConFusion. Bianca and Randi supervise. Reese encourages Bianca to go home and rest, but she insists on staying until all the work is done. Zach comes in with some papers in his hand and informs them that they may be wasting their time. Everyone is surprised.

Greenlee holds a gun on Annie as she goes out onto the balcony of the penthouse. Ryan comes downstairs wondering what is going on. Annie informs Ryan that Greenlee helped her a lot in realizing how pathetic that Annie had been in holding onto Ryan so tightly. Annie tells them that she knows what she has to do now. Annie gets up on the rail and jumps over the side, screaming all the way down. Ryan and Greenlee watch in horror. Ryan lunges for Annie, shouting out her name, but she's gone. After instructing Greenlee to call the cops, Ryan runs out to stop Annie.

Colby arrives at the boat dock with a Styrofoam plate in her hand. She calls out for Brot, but he doesn't answer. She is just about to leave when Brot appears. Colby tells him that she had thought that he was gone. Brot informs her that he thought that she would leave if he didn’t answer. Colby tells him that she had brought him Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, but if he didn’t’ want it, she would just take it back. Brot takes the plate from her. He begins to recount to her about past Thanksgivings when his mother would fix Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. Colby encourages Brot to go home for Thanksgiving and see his mother, but Brot refuses. Colby tries to get Brot to visit Taylor, but once again he refuses.

Jake tells Taylor all that happened in the PVH operating room. David commends Jake for his performance in the O.R. and that he couldn’t have done it without Jake. Taylor turns around in the wheelchair and demands to know who David thinks that he is. David is impressed by Taylor’s actions.

Amanda apologizes to J.R. for her recent remark. J.R. just brushes it off by telling Amanda that he was going to get the parts to fix her yacht engine that he needs to feel useful. Amanda begins to tell J.R. how that Erica had demoted her at work to answering the phones and making coffee. J.R. assures her that he will be taking over and for her to just be patient. J.R. leaves to get the parts. The phone rings and it is Randi, Randi wants to know where Amanda is and if she is going to help them or not.

At ConFusion, Zach informs everyone exactly what that the utility commission had said concerning the rebuilding of the businesses in Pine Valley, and that they couldn’t possibly raise enough money to repair all the businesses. Reese assures him that this fundraising is important. Zach tells her that it would take a miracle just like it would to bring Kendall home. Reese tries to reassure Zach and offer him her help, but he refuses by telling her that he doesn’t need her help and walks off. Bianca overhears their conversation. Bianca explains that Zach is going through a very difficult time right now, and he feels helpless.

At the hospital, David apologizes to Taylor. Taylor knows that David is just out for revenge for Babe dying in the tornado. David lashes out and tells Taylor that she doesn’t know a thing about Babe. Taylor suggests that David let go of the past and live for the future, but David refuses to listen. David begins reminding Jake of his life in Africa and his wife leaving him for someone else. Jake stands up to David and tells him that he is not going to let him destroy Pine Valley. David tells them that he has patients to see and walks off. Taylor calls David, “a jerk.” Jake is glad that Taylor has decided to move on with her life and forget the past.

At the boat dock, Colby and Brot discuss Taylor and her feelings. Colby tells Brot that he owes Taylor to let her know that he is alive. Brot states matter-of-factly that he doesn’t want to destroy Taylor’s life. Brot also tells her that the man, who Taylor loved is dead. Brot becomes angry and orders Colby to go, “NOW.”

Ryan returns to the penthouse and tells Greenlee that Annie clipped him with her car in her getaway. Greenlee is horrified. Jesse arrives and wants to know what exactly happened. Ryan orders Jesse to find Annie before she hurts herself or someone else. Greenlee confides to them that Aidan had known all about Annie’s plan and went along with it in order to get close to Annie and find Emma. Jesse tells Ryan and Greenlee to trust the police and let them handle this. Greenlee explains to them that Annie is just too far gone to be helped. Ryan urges Greenlee to think about Emma and how he is going to tell her about her mother. Ryan knows Annie is sick and he owes it to her to help find her. Jesse gets a lead on where Annie abandoned her car. Ryan leaves with Jesse to help find Annie and urges Greenlee to stay there with Emma.

At Wildwind, Annie looks in a mirror and rubs her eyes. She mumbles to herself that it is time to get ready for her guests that they will be there soon.

Colby arrives at the ConFusion to help out. She immediately meets Amanda, who brings in a box and sets it on the bar. Pete walks up and makes a snide remark about Colby being with her new friend. Colby assures him that the man is only a friend and walks off. Pete talks to Amanda at the bar, pointing out Colby’s good points. Pete suggests that Amanda put in a good word for Colby at Fusion for her to become an intern. Pete urges Amanda to ask Colby. Colby comes up behind Pete and asks, “Ask Colby, what?”

Ryan and Jesse arrive at the hospital and immediately ask a nurse about Aidan. Ryan and Jesse go to Aidan’s room where they find David examining him. Jesse tells David that he needs some answers from Aidan, but David tells him to come back in the morning as Aidan is in no shape to answer questions. David orders them to leave. They start to leave, and Aidan calls out for Ryan. Aidan asks Ryan if he talked to Greenlee. Aidan confesses to Ryan that there had been more to Annie’s plan. Jesse also asks Aidan if he knows where Annie might have gone. Ryan thinks a few moments and remembers a place where Annie could be.

Annie sets the table for the Thanksgiving dinner at Wildwind. She daydreams of how Thanksgiving would be with Ryan, Emma, Zach, Greenlee and Aidan. Annie still daydreams of the perfect Thanksgiving with all her family and her friends near.

Jake helps Taylor back to her hospital bed. Jake inquires about Taylor’s future and Pine Valley. Taylor confesses that she would go back to Iraq if she were recalled, but she is not desperate to go anymore. Taylor and Jake discuss her plans for the future and how she is looking forward to it and not living in the past anymore.

Brot is alone at the boathouse when he hears someone coming. He quickly hides to keep anyone from seeing him. J.R. approaches. J.R. talks to himself about thrusting himself into the situation. Brot listens to J.R.’s heartfelt confession.

Bianca commends the work that is being done at ConFusion. Amanda asks Colby about working at Fusion as an intern. Pete points out Colby’s good points. Colby pulls Pete aside to discuss Brot. Colby reminds him that her friend is a past friend of someone in the hospital. Amanda makes the connection and mentions Taylor. Colby refuses to give out any info. Sitting at a table together, Reese and Amanda discuss how Erica and Kendall are just alike in how that they handle things. Bianca interrupts Amanda for badmouthing Erica and Kendall while she's in a coma. Reese tries to defend Amanda, but Bianca tells Reese to stay out of it since she doesn’t know Kendall. Reese and Bianca share an intimate moment amidst all the confusion. Bianca tells Reese that she loves her and Reese returns the sentiment. Reese and Bianca kiss.

Ryan questions Aidan at the hospital. Ryan reminds Aidan about the things that Aidan had done to him in the past. Jesse tells Ryan to let him handle this as he puts Ryan out. Greenlee arrives at the hospital. Ryan wants to know who is with Emma. Greenlee lets him know that she had called Corrina. Ryan is upset and reminds her that Corrina had been with Emma when she disappeared. Greenlee informs Ryan that Aidan had known all about Annie’s plan, but kept it to himself, because he had seen Ryan and Greenlee together. Ryan blames himself. Greenlee assures him that he is not to blame.

At the hospital, Ryan and Greenlee discuss where Annie could have gone. Ryan remembers a place where she could have possibly gone.

Zach visits Aidan at the hospital. Aidan tells Zach about Annie’s plan.

Ryan and the police arrive at Wildwind. Ryan calls out for Annie but she doesn’t answer. They find David just coming too where Annie had knocked him out. Ryan questions David as to where Annie could have gone.

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