AMC Update Monday 11/24/08

All My Children Update Monday 11/24/08


Written by Mary
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

J.R. comes into ConFusion and immediately walks over to the bar. Reese and Bianca are also there celebrating. Reese walks over and introduces herself to J.R. Bianca lashes out at J.R. and demands to know how he could do that to Amanda. Reese is puzzled by Biancaís actions.

Krystal dreams that she has awoken and is in bed with David. She wakes up, deeply troubled by her dream. Tad also wakes up and asks her if she is all right. Krystal really doesnít know what to tell him.

Amanda visits David and tells him that J.R. was very disturbed when he saw her wearing Babe's dress. Amanda wants out of this deal with David, but he insists that she follow through with their plan. David confesses that he not only wants to turn J.R. down, but he also wants Little Adam. Amanda is surprised that David wants more than to just turn J.R. into a drunk. Amanda wants to know how much more he's after.

Aidan tells Greenlee not to sign the papers for his operation. Aidan begins to mumble that he is sorry. Greenlee rushes to his side and tells him that the doctors have to operate on him or he will die. Aidan owns up that this is all his fault. Aidan also confesses that he was in the on Annie's plan to kidnap Emma. Greenlee is confused and begins to question him as to what he is talking about.

Ryan confronts Annie about her being behind Emma's kidnapping. Annie tries to deny the accusation at first, but then she pulls a gun out of her purse. She tells Ryan that he could have had it all but she is going to arrange it so that he ends up with nothing. Ryan urges her to put down the gun, but she continues to hold it to him. All he wants is the truth. Annie tells him that she loves him and asks him not to make her do this.

J.R. asks Bianca what is wrong. Bianca tells him that Erica had told her what he did to Amanda. Bianca accuses J.R. of trying to rape Amanda, and she also reminds him of the time when he pushed her off a balcony. Reese is horrified at what she is hearing. J.R. becomes disgusted by this line of questioning and walks off. Reese looks at Bianca, questioningly, and asks her what this is all about.

David owns up to Amanda that Little Adam is all he thinks about and he is all that matters since he had lost Babe. Amanda is puzzled by Davidís actions. David tells Amanda that she is beginning to annoy him. David orders Amanda not to say anything to anyone about this just before she leaves.

Krystal tells Tad that David keeps appearing in her dreams. Tad just listens and tries to understand Krystalís feelings. Krystal is deeply disturbed by these dreams. The phone rings. It is Jake, and he tells Tad to come to the hospital and try to talk some sense into Aidan about his impending surgery. Tad lets him know that he will be right there. Krystal also agrees to go along.

Ryan tries his best to talk Annie into putting the gun down, but she refuses to listen to reason. Ryan reminds Annie that Emma is just upstairs. Annie begins to tell Ryan that this is all Diís fault. Annie also blames Greenlee for making a fool of Ryan and using him.

Aidan explains everything to Greenlee about Annieís plan for kidnapping Emma. Greenlee wants to know all that had happened. Aidan confesses that he saw Greenlee and Ryan together and decided not to tell them and instead make sure that Emma returned safely. Greenlee assures him she understands, but he needs to get fixed up now, so he can help put Annie away.

Annie blames Greenlee for using Ryan. Ryan denies that this is Greenleeís fault. Annie orders Ryan to look at her and says that she knows that he still loves her and not Greenlee. Ryan urges Annie to tell him the truth about what had happened. Annie keeps the gun aimed at Ryan. Annie tells Ryan that she cannot shoot him because she loves him and lowers the gun. Ryan reaches over and takes the gun out of her hand. Annie confesses that she had only done these things to get back at him and it was the only way to get him back.

Ryan urges Annie to tell him everything as they sit down. She confesses that she had to do something to get him back. Ryan reminds her that Di was dead and Aidan could die.

Aidan tells Greenlee everything about Annieís plan, right down to how he was involved. Greenlee wants to make Annie pay for this, but Aidan refuses to let her go to the police. Aidan orders her to go away. Greenlee has a puzzled look on her face.

Tad and Krystal arrive at the hospital. Walking down the hall, Krystal sees Angie alone in the waiting room. Krystal tells Tad to go on and she will be there in a moment. Krystal senses that something is seriously wrong with Angie. Angie begins to pour out her heart to Krystal about Jesse and Rebecca and how Rebecca knows more about Jesse than Angie does. Krystal tries to comfort Angie as best as she can.

Tad sits with Jake in the waiting room when Greenlee joins them. Tad immediately asks Greenlee how Aidan is. Greenlee tells Tad to ask Aidan himself. Tad goes to join Aidan. Jake is frustrated over why Aidan will not agree to the surgery.

Amanda comes home to her yacht to find J.R. there. Amanda wants to know what J.R. is doing here. J.R. tells her that he wants to tell her that he is sorry.

Tad goes in to see Aidan and sits down by his bed. Tad asks him why he is refusing to have the surgery. Aidan is reluctant to tell him anything about the kidnapping plot between him and Annie.

Annie tells Ryan that she hadnít wanted Aidan to get hurt. Annie, through her tears, tells Ryan to think back to their wedding and how happy that they had been. Annie asks him if it was so wrong for her to fall in love with him. Annie knows that Ryan loves her. Annie is interrupted when the doors swing open and Greenlee walks in.

Reese hands Bianca a drink and asks if she is o.k. Reese wants to know what this is with J.R. Bianca is reluctant to tell her what is bothering her. Reese asks Bianca if J.R. had really thrown her off the balcony. Reese admits that she had never seen Bianca in this shape before. Reese knows that there is more to this than just Biancaís outburst toward J.R. Ryan orders Greenlee to leave, saying it is just not a good time. Annie urges Greenlee to stay. Annie begins to throw out all the things that Greenlee had done when she had come back to town. Greenlee starts to explain, but Annie orders her to shut up. Emma comes downstairs and asks Annie what is going on.

Bianca blames this whole situation on stress about planning the wedding and especially on not telling Kendall about the baby. Reese assures her that everything will be fine as she kisses Bianca on the cheek. Pete, Randi and Natalia come up to join them. The necessary introductions are made.

Angie, through tears, says she feels that she is pushing Jesse back to Rebecca. Krystal just listens to her. Angie admits that she is in shock over this whole situation. Krystal tells Angie that she needs to talk to Jesse. Jesse appears in the doorway.

Krystal soon leaves so that Jesse and Angie can talk. Angie pours out her heart to Jesse about like a third wheel when she was around Jesse and Rebecca. Jesse tries to assure her that Angie is not a third wheel. Angie, in tears and holding Jesseís hand, tells him that she loves him.

Jake finally gets Aidanís permission to do the operation on Aidan. Jake is confronted in the hall by David, who insists that Jake is not qualified to do the surgery and reminds him of what had happened in the past. Krystal urges David to leave Jake alone and let him do the surgery.

Annie reassures Emma that everything is fine. Ryan sneaks up and gives Greenlee the pistol, which Greenlee puts into her purse. Ryan goes over and picks up Emma and takes her upstairs to bed. Annie gloats that she will win Ryan back. Annie picks up her purse and starts to leave. Greenlee pulls the gun on her and tells her that she is not going anywhere. Annie is surprised that Greenlee has the gun.

Pete puts on some fast music, and they begin to dance. Bianca urges Reese to dance with her. They dance to a slow dance. J.R. owns up that he is still not over losing Babe and seeing Amanda in that dress just did something to him. J.R. apologizes again. Amanda accepts his apology. J.R. asks her if she is alright here. Amanda tells him that she had thought about getting a repair man but after all the things that had been damaged in Pine Valley, a repairman was out of the question. J.R. urges her to let him look at it as a kind of repayment for what he had done to her. Amanda is reluctant to let him look at it, but she finally gives in and agrees to let him check the engine.

In tears, Angie tells Jesse that she still loves him no matter how bad this situation is with Rebecca and Natalia living with them.

Jake enters the operating room and attempts to start the operation. David interrupts and tells him that he will be observing the operation and if anything went wrong, David would take over.

Greenlee tells Annie that she is just helping Ryan by keeping her from leaving. Annie begins to go completely off the deep end. She starts to say things that are completely unheard of as she walks toward the balcony. She admits that she's been fooling herself and knows what to do now. Greenlee demands to know where she is going. Annie tells her that she is just going out for a breath of fresh air. Ryan comes downstairs and wonders what is going on. Admitting she's been foolish to chase after him, Annie goes out onto the penthouse's balcony near the railing. Annie tells them that she knows what she has to do now as she plunges over the edge of the balcony screaming. Ryan and Greenlee watch in horror. Ryan lunges for her, calling out her name but can't reach her, and Annie disappears.

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