AMC Update Friday 11/21/08

All My Children Update Friday 11/21/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Krystal is with David, and he attempts to kiss her. She rejects his advances. He tries to convince her that he knows what she needs, and have what she needs. He begs her to stay with him, but she runs away. Krystal returns home and she and Tad both apologize to each other. Tad wants to know how can he help her with her grief.

JR rips off Amanda’s dress saying that he believe that Amanda wants him to love her like he did Babe. Erica arrives and threatens him with the police when she sees Amanda’s clothes hanging off of her. Erica wants Amanda to report the attack. Amanda try to convince her that it was not attempted rape, but Erica refuses to listen. Erica suggested that Amanda look through her dry cleaning, and find something else to wear.

Aidan is flown to the Pine Valley Hospital. Ryan asks Angie to examine Emma.

Jack tells Greenlee that Kendall is in no longer in the hospital, but in Canada. Greenlee cannot believe that Kendall was removed away from her family, and friends. Jack also tells her that Erica is running Fusion; Greenlee cannot believe her ears.

Jesse arrives home, and finds Rebecca there. He is surprised to find out that she and Natalia will be living with Angie and he. He promises to make it work. Angie arrives home, and Jesse kisses her and calls her an amazing woman. Angie is sorry for Rebecca, because she is dying. Angie believes that no one deserve to die alone.

Ryan lets Greenlee know that he is on to Annie, and he knows that she is the one who set up Emma’s kidnapping.

JR arrives home looking for a drink, because he feels as if his whole world has died. Adam explains that he had the liquor bar taken away once he knew JR was returning home.

Erica calls an office meeting. She has hired two staff members, one is from “New Beginnings”; Val her personal assistant will be working at Fusion. Her first order of business is to find a new face for Fusion; she wants Randi to be the spokes model for Fusion, and Randi accepts. Greenlee returns to the offices of Fusion.

Emma asks if they are still a family and if that family include Annie. Annie smiles as she listens to Emma.

Tad reaffirms his love for Krystal. They make love.

Rebecca, and Angie discuss cooking for Jesse. They disagree on what is best for him.

Annie blames Di for kidnapping Emma. She tells Emma that aunt Di was mean and tried to steal her, because she was jealous of Annie and her family. Ryan stops her from badmouthing Di. Annie asks Ryan if he meant it when he said they were home, and he tells her yes to mislead her. She smiles.

Greenlee and Erica argue. Greenlee is informed about the fundraiser that Erica is planning, and Erica talks about her progress since she has taken over Fusion. Greenlee is outraged that Erica turned their break room into her office. Erica brags that the company is fifty percent hers since she now has Kendall’s proxy.

Rebecca, Jesse and Angie sit down for dinner. Jesse blesses the food and Rebecca thanks Angie for opening her home and arms to Natalia and her. Jesse and Rebecca start to reminisce about Natalia and Angie leaves in a huff. Rebecca asks Jesse if he wants to run after Angie, but he thinks that Angie needs time to think. She tells him that she knew she was dying when she forced him to return to Angie. Jesse assures her that she is not alone, because she has family and friends who love her.

Amanda, Petey and Randi listen through the door and try to hear Erica and Greenlee’s conversation. Erica believes that Fusion is Kendall’s. Greenlee tries to dismiss Erica, but she will not budge. Randi wants to know why Amanda changed her clothes, and Amanda wants to know why Randi changed her mind about being Fusion’s spokes model. Greenlee exits Erica’s office, and the staff want to know whom to listen to for assignments. Greenlee direct them to answer to her.

Erica arrives at the Chandler mansion and she tells Adam about JR’s attempted rape of Amanda. Adam asks JR about the assault. He says it was a misunderstanding. Adam believes that Amanda wore Babe’s dress to manipulate JR.

Amanda returns to Wildwind and tries to exit her arrangement with David, but he refuses to allow her to back out of the deal.

Ryan looks Annie in the eyes, and tell her that he know that she set up the kidnapping. He understands that her family was slipping away and she fought for it. He had no idea how much she loved him until now.

Jake tells Greenlee that she must decide if she wants the bullet removed from Aidan. Greenlee is overwhelmed about making decisions for Aidan. Aidan wakes up and asks her not to sign the papers to remove the bullet from his body.

Krystal wakes up from a dream where David is in the bed with her.

Ryan asks Annie about the ransom. He wants her to admit to the kidnapping. Annie pulls a gun on Ryan and threatens to shoot him.

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