AMC Update Thursday 11/20/08

All My Children Update Thursday 11/20/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica returns for Gabrielle’s christening. Adam volunteers to escort her, but she lets him know that Jack will be her escort. Adam keeps insisting that Erica has feelings for him and she keep telling him that he is crazy. Adam allowed Erica to stay with him while renovation was being done on the Pine Valley Inn. Erica let Adam know that she used him to get Fusion back so now she does not need him anymore.

JR misses Babe.

David asks Amanda to come to Wildwind before going to work. David wants Amanda to change her dress. He has one of Babe’s dresses that he insists that Amanda wears. The dress that David had is what Babe was wearing when he met her for the first time. The dress is supposed to bring back memories for JR and drive him to drink. David dresses Amanda in the dress.

Zach is at Kendall’s bedside. He tells her about the christening. He also tells her that he need her to wake up so that he can tell her about Gabrielle and hope she understands.

Bianca and Reese are with Gabrielle. Bianca calls Reese’s mom without her knowledge to invite her to the christening. Bianca and Reese discuss wanting more kids, four in total.

Zach ask Kendall’s doctor for an update of her condition. Kendall is getting treatment, and holding steady. Zach is impatient. He plays Spike tape of him singing “Twinkle Little Star” for Kendall; he kisses her goodbye then leaves. Kendall opens her eyes when she hears the song, then closes them. Zach was not there to see it.

Tad brings Krystal breakfast, but he cannot understand why she is still grieving. She is now grieving for Lil A, because he has moved back to Adam’s. Krystal thinks that Tad is being insensitive, and cruel. She accuses him of still carrying a torch for Dixie, but not understanding her pain over Babe. Crystal storms out after an arguing with Tad.

The minister does not want to perform a christening for a gay couple. Erica shows him to the door and tells him that we are all God’s children. She vows that she will get another minister. Bianca hugs her mother for her love, and support.

Krystal goes to see David. She does not understand why she is drawn to him. He tells her that they have both experienced losing a daughter.

Erica calls Randi on the phone and finds out that Amanda is late for work. She wants Randi to assist with planning a Cambias/Fusion fund raising party for relief of the Pine Valley Storm. She instructs Amanda to answer the phones, which makes Amanda furious since she is usually the party planner.

JR and Lil A goes to Tad. Tad and JR talk about Di, but neither of them believes the story about her involvement in the kidnapping.

Jack arrives at the Slater’s home for the christening. He tells everyone that Emma has been found and she is fine. Zach arrives right after Jack, and he tells everyone that Kendall is fine. Zach kisses his sister-in-law and his mother-in-law.

The christening is beginning, and Zach is holding Ian, Jack is holding Spike, and Reese is holding Gabrielle. Erica is standing in for Kendall; Zach volunteered Kendall to be Gabrielle’s godmother, and he will be the godfather. Erica and Bianca talk about Reese’s parents’ rejection of her. Reese’s mom hung up on Bianca.

JR and Adam are cordial to each other. Adam tries to reach out to JR to no avail. JR is having a problem sleeping the bed Babe and he shared.

Reese doubts her ability to be a good parent, but Zach tells her that all children need is love. He hugs her for reassurance.

Amanda wants to get rich again so she will do David’s bidding. She put on Babe’s dress in an effort to entice JR to drink. If successful, David will give her ½ million dollars.

David has a meeting of the minds with Krystal over the loss of Babe.

Amanda calls JR. He recognized Babe’s dress then he starts to take if off of Amanda. She protests.

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