AMC Update Wednesday 11/19/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/19/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Zach records some things for the doctors to play for Kendall and Bianca adds that they love her. Bianca records a message for Kendall.

Greenlee asks what Aidan has to tell her. Aidan starts to say something and his heart monitor starts beeping. Greenlee yells for help.

Annie says that they have to help Ryan and Emma, but Jesse says that he can’t let her go in there.

Pete and Adam talk about what Pete is doing there. Pete explains that he got dressed up and went to the hospital and announced over the P.A. System that he loves Colby. Adam says that it is clear that Colby is hiding from Pete.

Colby says that she will distract Frankie and meet Brot outside.

Mrs. Monroe talks to Frankie about Brot. Frankie assumes that she knows about Brot.

Reese and Bianca talk about Gabrielle. Bianca says that they have their little girl because of Zach. Bianca tells Zach that she and Reese have decided that they want another baby and asks Zach to be their donor.

Ryan calls out for Emma.

Jake tells Greenlee that they have to work quickly and get into the O.R. immediately.

Ryan and Annie are overcome with joy when Emma starts coughing.

Colby realizes that Brot’s mother thinks that he is dead.

Frankie and Mrs. Monroe talk about Taylor. Frankie agrees to take Mrs. Monroe to see Taylor.

Brot tells Colby that it is better if his mother thinks that he is dead.

Taylor leaves Jake a message. Frankie and Mrs. Monroe come in. Mrs. Monroe says that she needs to apologize for lying about Brot.

Ryan and Annie assure Emma that she will be okay. Jesse tries to talk to Ryan, but Ryan says that they will talk about it later. Jesse says that the kidnapping was a setup and Annie is part of it. Ryan says that he has to make sure Emma is okay and check in on Aidan. Annie thanks Ryan for saving Emma.

Mrs. Monroe explains that she knew that Taylor was Brot’s fiancee and didn’t say anything because she was being selfish. Mrs. Monroe thanks Taylor for making Brot so happy before he died and for loving him so much.

Colby tells Adam that everything is fine and she will see him tomorrow. Adam hangs up and tells Pete that Colby is on her way to a friend’s house to study for an exam and that she is avoiding Pete. Pete says that he can’t believe that it is over and that Colby doesn’t care about him. Adam tells Pete to concentrate on Fusion instead of Colby. Adam says that he isn’t done with Fusion yet and he wants Pete to keep an eye on Erica. Pete says that he will spend more time at Fusion if Adam can convince Erica to take Colby on as an intern. Adam says that he will see about Colby and that he is going to bed and tells Pete to get out.

Reese says that she didn’t talk Zach into being their donor and that he did it because he loves Bianca. Bianca says that they would like for Zach and Kendall to be the baby’s godparents. Zach says that he would be honored and so will Kendall when she comes home. Bianca goes to bed and Reese says that she has the first two feedings. Reese and Zach talk about Ian.

Ryan, Greenlee and Annie talk about Emma. The police chief says to arrest Annie and Ryan tells them to get their hands off his wife. Jesse convinces the police chief to talk for a moment. Annie goes with Emma.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Aidan. Greenlee asks if Ryan thinks that Aidan knew that Annie was behind the kidnapping all along.

Reese and Zach talk about the night he agreed to be their donor. Gabrielle cries and Zach picks her up.

Frankie and Taylor talk about Jake. Taylor says that she feels Brot all the time. Taylor asks Frankie what is wrong.

Colby takes Brot to the mansion and Pete surprises them. Pete says that he isn’t leaving until he meets his competition.

Frankie and Taylor talk about Brot and Jake. Frankie tells Taylor not to let Brot keep her from moving forward. Frankie is paged.

Brot meets Pete. Colby tells Pete to get off the property immediately.

Jake says that he can’t get to the bullet and that he has to get Aidan back to Pine Valley Hospital if he has a chance of survival.

Annie, Ryan and Greenlee talk about Aidan. Jesse explains that Annie and Ryan are being extradited back to the States in his custody.

Pete and Colby talk about Brot. Colby tells Pete to leave her alone and go home.

Reese and Gabrielle get in bed with Bianca and Miranda.

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