AMC Update Tuesday 11/18/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/18/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR asks Amanda if she wants to come in for a while.

Krystal tells David that she brought Little Adam over to the mansion because he couldn’t sleep. Krystal says that JR and Little Adam are moving back into the mansion and David says “The hell they are!”

Taylor tells Jake that she thinks she could actually fall in love with him.

Greenlee calls Jake and says that it is an emergency.

Annie tries to get Ryan to agree to go look for Emma together. Ryan says that he will find Emma and that Annie should stay there.

Emma calls out for “Aunt Di.”

David and Krystal argue about Little Adam living at the Chandler mansion. Krystal admits that it was her idea because it is the home that Little Adam has known for most of his life. Krystal says that JR has changed, but David says that JR is incapable of standing up to Adam.

Amanda and JR talk about Babe. Amanda agrees to stay for a little while.

Jake says that all of his patients fall in love with him. A nurse comes in and tells Jake that he has an emergency phone call from Greenlee. Greenlee tells Jake that Aidan has been shot in Pine Key. Jake says that he is on his way to the airport. Greenlee tells Aidan that Jake will be there soon.

Ryan assures Annie that the police aren’t going to string her up for killing Di and this way he knows that she will be safe. Annie says that she is afraid of being there alone and that she can help. Ryan asks Annie if she thinks that Di shot Aidan because she was afraid he would say something. Ryan suggests that maybe Aidan and Di were in on it together because they were lovers, but Annie says that it isn’t possible. Annie says that the bullet was intended for Greenlee and that Aidan saved her life. Ryan says that he will find Emma, but Annie says that they will find her.

David and Krystal continue arguing about Little Adam growing up in the Chandler mansion. Krystal says that she and JR will be there to keep an eye on Adam. David says that Adam will squeeze everything Babe out of Little Adam.

Colby tries to talk to Brot, but he tells her to get out because he needs to be alone. Colby tries to talk to Brot about Taylor and he keeps telling her to leave. Colby says that she isn’t going anywhere. Frankie asks what is going on in there and tells them to open the door.

Rebecca thanks Angie for opening her home to them and says that it might be more of a surprise than Jesse is ready for. Angie says that if Jesse were there, he would be open to it.

Jesse says that he needs to access the hotel records because he is with the investigation.

Annie and Ryan look for a clue to where Di could have taken Emma. Jesse walks in and says that the escapees returned to the scene.

Colby opens the door and tells Frankie that she was taking a nap and that she talks in her sleep. Frankie leaves and Colby realizes that Brot knows Frankie too. Brot tells Colby to stay out of it, but Colby says that she is way in it so he might as well tell her the rest. Brot says that he needs to leave the hospital and Pine Valley. Colby offers to help him, but says that he needs to give her the whole story.

Tad and Taylor talk about Jake. Taylor says that Jake did something right by not taking no for an answer.

Angie and David argue about Rebecca’s case.

Greenlee says that Aidan has to be okay. The doctor says that Greenlee and Aidan are very much in love.

Jesse assures Annie and Ryan that he isn’t taking them back to the jail. Jesse says that Greenlee is with Aidan. Ryan and Jesse think that they have found a lead. An officer walks in and Annie screams. Ryan tries to find information about churches and chapels on the island.

Emma calls out for “Aunt Di” and says that she wants to get out of there.

Frankie brings Rebecca a wheelchair. Angie brings Rebecca the DNR (do not resuscitate) form that she asked for. Natalia says that Rebecca can’t sign that, but Rebecca says that it is what she wants. Natalia and Frankie talk about the DNR form.

Krystal, Amanda and JR talk about Babe. Krystal says that she better go and offers Amanda a ride, but Amanda says that she is okay. Amanda and JR talk about Babe and how upset they are at her death.

Tad and Taylor talk about her progress.

Brot tells Colby to do whatever it is that she does other than harassing people. Brot says that he was tracked down by Tad Martin about Taylor. Brot says that Frankie knows that he is alive, but Taylor doesn’t. Brot says that he needs to get out of there.

Ryan, Jesse and Annie get information about a chapel nearby from an officer.

Natalia and Rebecca talk about the DNR and about Rebecca dying.

Amanda asks how she can be mad at someone who died and JR says that it is because they need Babe and they are selfish. JR wonders what will happen if he screws up Little Adam. Amanda says that they are a couple of losers lost without Babe and then says that she should go. JR thanks Amanda.

Colby says that Brot needs to see Taylor, but he says that Taylor has a new life. Brot asks if Colby will help him get out of there without being seen and Colby asks where he is going to go.

Greenlee says that Jake has to save Aidan. Jake says that they need to worry about keeping Aidan alive, but Greenlee says that they need him to wake up because she has to talk to him.

Annie, Jesse and Ryan find the chapel and Emma calls out for them.

Brot tells Colby to get him to the bus station and he will figure it out from there. Colby says that she knows a place that he can stay for now.

Angie tells David that Rebecca signed the DNR.

Tad and Krystal talk about JR and Little Adam moving back into the mansion.

Greenlee tells Aidan that Jake is there and is going to operate. Aidan says that there is something he needs to tell Greenlee.

Annie and Ryan assure Emma that they are coming. Jesse and Ryan knock the door in and Ryan goes in to get Emma.

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