AMC Update Monday 11/17/08

All My Children Update Monday 11/17/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Krystal and Little Adam show up at the Chandler mansion. Krystal says that Little Adam wanted his room and his bed. Adam asks if Krystal told JR that she was taking Little Adam there. Krystal says that she tried to call JR, but he didn’t answer the phone.

David and Amanda talk about their plan to bring down JR.

Frankie talks to a doctor about Rebecca’s condition. Natalia and Rebecca talk about going back to Denver.

Jesse asks an officer about Ryan, Greenlee and Aidan. Jesse discovers that they are at the Palm Hotel.

Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee hear a gunshot and rush in to find Di bleeding and Annie saying that Di took Emma.

David says that it will take more than cute for Amanda to get JR into bed. Amanda says that she is going to be sick and runs off.

JR and Krystal talk about Little Adam spending time with Adam. JR agrees to let Little Adam spend one night at the mansion. Adam goes to tuck Little Adam in. JR and Krystal talk about Little Adam growing up in Adam’s house.

Jake and Taylor talk about her progress. Jake pretends to be her commanding officer and Taylor goes along with it. Taylor tells Jake that he is incredible. Frankie comes up.

Ryan asks Di where Emma is and Di says to ask Annie. Annie, Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee talk about what happened. Aidan ends up shot when the gun goes off again. Ryan says that Di is dead. Ryan, Greenlee and Annie try to keep Aidan from bleeding to death. The officers come in and tell them to put their hands in the air. Greenlee says that she can’t or Aidan will bleed to death. Greenlee tells Aidan that he will be okay.

Frankie says that he is proud of Taylor. Frankie leaves and Jake gets Taylor dessert.

Colby and Brot talk. Colby brings him something to eat and he tells her that MREs are worse than hospital cafeteria food.

Angie and Natalia talk about Jesse. Frankie comes up and Angie says that she has to ask him something and she wants him to be honest.

Aidan tries to tell Greenlee something, but she and Annie convince him to save his strength. Ryan tells an officer what happened. Greenlee says that she wants to go to the hospital to be with her husband. Jesse says that he will handle it.

JR and Krystal talk about their memories of Babe!

Amanda and David talk outside the Chandler mansion. David points out that JR is weak right now and all she has to do is find the opportunity to exploit it.

Brot tells Colby about his injuries and how he got them. Brot says that he doesn’t need her pity and tells her to get out.

Jake and Taylor talk about telenovela marathons. Taylor gives Jake some orders.

Angie says that she wants to ask Rebecca to move in with them. Frankie says that Angie is the most loving and generous woman he ever met and that he will support her no matter what.

Jesse, Ryan and Greenlee talk about what happened at the hotel.

Annie tells an officer about Di kidnapping Emma.

Angie says that there is no need for a hotel or a flight to Denver and asks Natalia and Rebecca to move in with her and Jesse for a while.

Greenlee, Ryan and Annie talk about the interrogations. The officer comes over and says that Aidan took a turn for the worse.

Rebecca says that she couldn’t intrude upon Angie’s marriage and home like that. Angie asks Frankie and Natalia to step outside for a minute. Angie says that it is time for someone else to be there for Rebecca now after all the things she has sacrificed for others.

The officer allows Greenlee to leave to be with Aidan. Jesse promises Ryan and Annie that he will find Emma and that she is coming home.

Amanda says that she isn’t sure she wants to go with the plan anymore because seducing a guy who just lost his wife is beyond messed up.

JR and Krystal talk about Little Adam. Krystal finds David lurking around and threatens to call security. David says that calling security is the last thing that Krystal will do.

Amanda shows up and apologizes to JR for kissing him. Amanda gets ready to leave and JR tells her to wait.

Jesse and Greenlee talk to a doctor about Aidan’s condition. The doctor says that he will give them some time to say their goodbyes, but Greenlee says that Aidan isn’t dying. Greenlee says that she will bring in someone who can help Aidan and tells the doctor to keep Aidan alive until the doctor gets there.

Jake and Taylor talk about their evening. Taylor says that she thinks she could fall in love with Jake.

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