AMC Update Friday 11/14/08

All My Children Update Friday 11/14/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Reese tells Zach that her parents don’t talk to her. He asked why, and she explained the reason they do not talk to her is because she is a lesbian.

Amanda is at Fusion when David shows up with champagne. David wants to use Amanda to teach JR a lesson. He instructs Amanda to drink two bottles of champagne to get drunk. She will call JR, and explain that she got drunk because she misses Babe. She called him to help her, because he is an alcoholic and understands. Amanda gets drunk and calls JR. JR arrives at Fusion and Amanda pretends to be an alcoholic. David looks on as Amanda and JR interact.

Colby finds Brot, and removes the fallen shelf off of him.

Petey is on the PA system yelling to Colby that he loves her.

Ryan is upset because the plane has broken down. Annie promises they will get their daughter back. Greenlee wants to know what kind of monster Annie is for making Ryan chase his daughter.

Bianca overhears Reese talk about her parents’ rejection; she is upset with Reese because she lied about it, but told Zach the truth. Reese explains her position; she is OK with her parents’ rejection.

Brot’s arm is bleeding, but he does not want treatment. He also told Colby not to turn the light on.

Taylor asks Jake to sign the papers for her to be in a marathon.

Annie Tells Ryan she wants him by her side to make Emma safe. The plane is fixed and Annie leads Ryan to a hotel room, but Emma is not there. Ryan pretends to take a nap as Annie sneaks out the room.

Taylor wants to push herself beyond the therapist treatment. Jake pretends that he is taking Taylor to another physical therapy session, but instead he has planned a private meal for two. He asks her for a dance.

Colby did not hear Pete’s announcement of love over the PA system. She shoo Petey away from the hospital. She returns to Brot and shine a light in his face. She recoils from the sight of his burns. He knows that Taylor will react the same way when she sees him.

JR buys into Amanda’s act while admitting that he misses Babe too. Amanda kisses JR, but he pushes her away. JR is put off by Amanda’s kiss.

Reese massages Bianca’s feet; she also planned to run a bath for Bianca. All of the kids have been put to rest. The two ladies begin to smooch.

Zach comes home and looks at the picture of Kendall and Spike. He ponders as he takes a drink.

Annie enters a room housing Emma and Di. Emma does not answer her. Di has figured out Annie’s scheme after searching on the internet. She knows that Annie intends to blame her for kidnapping Emma and then she will take the money and run with Emma. Di pulls out a gun, because she does not want to be blamed for Emma’s kidnapping

David is angry that Amanda pushed JR too hard, and caused him to run away.

JR took a bottle of champagne with him in the elevator. He put it to his mouth then he smashed the bottle in the elevator.

Reese comes out of her room crying, and she tells Zach that she misses her father. Zach ask if she is OK.

Colby comes back for Brot. He is still in the closet. He remembers his last time with Taylor before his injury.

Taylor dances with Jake by standing on his feet and holding him close.

Di has hidden Emma for a piece of the pie. Di and Annie rustle over the gun. A shot rangs out as Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee nears the room.

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