AMC Update Thursday 11/13/08

All My Children Update Thursday 11/13/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam informs Jack that he and Erica are in love. Erica denies being in love with Adam, and tells him that she never has, nor will she ever be in love with him. Adam asks to take her out to dinner, and she agrees.

Colby tells Petey that Erica has moved into her house. She thinks that love between Adam, and Erica is wrong, because they are not right for each other.

Ryan finally has figured out that Annie is in on the kidnapping. He believes that she planned the entire thing. According to him there are too many variables that do not add up. They are now on a deserted island with no phone, which appears as if it was planned that they be alone, because the plane also breaks down.

Bianca is watching four kids. Ian is a wetter, Gabrielle wants bottle after bottle, Spike is a screamer, and Miranda is home sick. Erica joined Bianca and wants to know where is Reese. She believes that Reese should be helping out with the four kids. Bianca allowed Reese to go to Cambias, and she shared this information with Erica.

While working at Cambias, Reese overhears Zach making a tape for Kendall. Her doctors have agreed to play the daily tape for her. Zach calls her beautiful, and tells her that he loves her; he talks about the boys as well.

Greenlee talks about how Annie has made Ryan crazy. Aidan defends Annie and tells Greenlee that Ryan is responsible for driving Annie crazy. He believes that when they met, Ryan chased Annie down when she pushed him away. When Ryan was through with Annie he dropped her like a bad habit. Aidan calls Annie on her phone to warn her that Ryan is on to her. Annie left the phone home, and Greenlee heard it ringing. Greenlee finds the phone, and wonders why Aidan was calling Annie.

Brot is missing from the medical clinic and this is worrying Tad, and Frankie. Brot is shown sneaking around the hospital. He sees Taylor, and Jake flirting.

Frankie, and Jake are carrying Taylor down the corridor.

Adam tells Petey that his lawsuit with Fusion is over, because Erica is smitten with him. His advice to Petey about women is that you should romance them until they are smitten, and become yours. Petey shows up at the hospital to meet Colby. He is dressed in a tuxedo and is carrying red roses. He pages Colby to the desk, and announces that he loves her on the paging system.

Erica hires two nannies to assist Bianca with the children. Erica wants Bianca to stand in for her at Fusion as she goes on a press junket. Erica reminds Bianca to allow Reese to help with the children.

Ryan and Annie talk about what went wrong with their marriage. He confesses to turning his back on Annie.

Greenlee is getting suspicious of Aidan. Greenlee wants to search Annie’s phone for evidence, but Aidan snatches the phone from her.

Taylor notices that something is bothering Frankie. He mentions Brot. They talk about their unit. Taylor now knows that she has a right to mourn Brot, but he is gone and she is here. She has a right to a new life. Brot walks out of an elevator into a closet, when a cabinet falls on top of him. Colby finds Brot, but he refuses assistance.

Reese briefs Zach on the construction project. She tells him that he reminds her of a man she loved very much. Zach reminds Reese of her father. Bianca is listening in. Reese’s parents are not speaking to her, because they reject her lifestyle.

Erica has changed her mind about dinner, because she has to leave early. Adam insists on her staying, because he has prepared an amazing dinner that includes jewelry. Erica put the necklace on. Adam asks her to stay with him, they kiss, and than he ask her to come upstairs. She leaves promising to return.

Frankie is proud of how Taylor dealt with Brot’s death. Jake gives Taylor a candy bar. Taylor is planning to enter a future marathon.

Ryan charms Annie, then they kiss.

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