AMC Update Wednesday 11/12/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 11/12/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Joe, Tad, Krystal, Opal and Jesse talk about the moment of silence.

Bianca asks about Kendall and Zach says that she is still unresponsive.

Jack talks about the moment of silence.

Adam says that Erica needs a place to stay and that she can stay with him because the yacht club isn’t structurally sound.

Colby and Pete come in and tell Joe about the woman they found in the rubble. Pete introduces Aggie and Joe.

Adam says to take Erica’s luggage upstairs, but she tries coming up with a different place to stay. Erica agrees to stay one night, but she wants the west wing, as far away from Adam as possible.

Aggie says that she is fine as long as she has her stories with her. Colby and Pete talk to Joe about Aggie. Ruth comes out and asks Joe how Aggie knows that she is a nurse. Colby sees Aggie has disappeared.

Jesse and Frankie talk about Frankie being upset with Jesse.

Krystal and JR talk about Little Adam and Krystal offers JR a sandwich. Krystal leaves and JR asks Tad how she is doing.

David checks out Opal and tells her to resume normal activities, but not over do it. David asks Opal how Little Adam is. Opal says that Little Adam is fine and dandy without David’s interference and tells him to stay away from Little Adam.

Bianca and Reese go upstairs. Zach remembers talking to Kendall before the tornadoes hit.

Jack and Adam argue about the lawsuit. Erica comes out.

Zach and Reese play with the kids.

David wakes Amanda up and tells her that the bartender called him when she passed out. Amanda says that she wants her $5 million back and David says that she should go get it.

Tad gives JR some things that the hotel in San Diego sent. JR goes through the things and thinks about Babe.

Amanda tells David that she lost her $5 million in Bella. David tries to convince Amanda to go back to the source and she says that she had a lot to work with the past time. Amanda says that she couldn’t rip up JR because she loves Babe.

Angie and Frankie talk about Jesse’s second family.

Amanda thanks David for scraping her off the bar stool. David offers Amanda $5 million if she will bring down JR.

Zach finishes the story. Reese says that she will read the story to Miranda later. Bianca asks Miranda to take Spike upstairs to play. Zach thanks them for taking care of the boys. Bianca tells Zach that Reese is overseeing the renovations at Fusion. Zach says that he is going to go check out his office. Reese explains that she has already been there and has some rebuilding ideas. Zach leaves and Bianca and Reese talk about the damage to the casino. Reese asks Bianca if she wants to stay in Pine Valley for a while and Bianca says that she would love to stay in Pine Valley for good.

JR tells Krystal that he wants to be with Babe during the moment of silence and that he is going to the cemetery. Colby asks Tad to help them find Aggie, but she shows up. Aggie says that it is her home.

Jack and Erica talk about everything they have been through and Erica asks about Greenlee. Jack says that he hasn’t heard anything. Erica says that she is only at Adam’s for one night because it is a roof over her head while she takes care of Kendall’s business. Erica says that she has everything under control.

Reese assures Bianca that it is okay that they stay there. Reese says that she isn’t taking Bianca away from her family and friends.

Aggie, Opal and Tad talk about Myrtle and Palmer. Aggie talks about Ray Gardner breaking Tad’s arm. Opal tells Tad that she has never seen an aura like Aggie’s before.

JR talks to Babe about waking up expecting to see her.

A man tells Zach that he shouldn’t be there because the walls could cave at any time.

Frankie and Jesse talk. Frankie forgives Jesse for not telling them.

Amanda asks JR if she can spend the moment of silence with Babe.

Opal says that she googled “Aggie” and the town was started in 1870 by a woman named Aggie. Colby, Krystal, Joe, Tad, Pete and Opal talk about Aggie being a ghost.

Bianca, Reese, Erica and Jack spend some time together.

Adam shows up at Tad’s to see Colby.

The moment of silence begins.

Erica, Adam, Jesse, Tad, Joe and Aggie each say a line from this poem:

The great and the least

The rich and the poor

In joy and in sorrow

In tragedy and triumph

You are all my children!

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