AMC Update Tuesday 11/11/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/11/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jake takes Taylor through the hospital and tells a nurse to call Radiology because Taylor is having a miracle.

The bartender tells Amanda that if she keeps drinking she will hate herself in the morning. Amanda says that she won’t hate herself more than she already does.

Angie tells Krystal that she is angry at Jesse and everyone else. Angie says that if she had her way, Jesse would hear how she really feels. Krystal says that Jesse just did. Angie turns around to see Jesse standing behind her and asks him if everything is all right. Jesse says that it doesn’t sound like it is.

Tad tells David to stay away from Krystal. JR and Little Adam walk up and Little Adam says that his tummy hurts. David says that he thinks he can help, but JR tells him to back off. David says that Little Adam’s head is burning up and that he needs a doctor. JR tells David to get his hands off Little Adam.

Greenlee and Ryan argue about her going with him to find Annie and Emma. Ryan agrees to let Greenlee go with him.

Annie and Aidan talk about the plan. Aidan tells Annie that if she sticks with the plan, she may have a marriage to save. Annie proposes a toast to getting their spouses back.

Krystal says that she has to give Angie and Jesse a couple of minutes, but Angie says that Krystal doesn’t have to run off because she is fine. Jesse says that they need to talk. Angie says that she doesn’t know if Jesse will like what she has to say and he says that he will handle it and that what matters is that they need to talk.

JR says that David isn’t going anywhere near Little Adam and Tad goes to find another doctor. David says that his only concern is Little Adam because he is all that is left of Babe. JR brings up David’s hospital wing and says that the name “Babe Hayward” isn’t appearing on a plaque. David offers to change the name to “The Babe Chandler Memorial Wing” because the world needs to know what kind of a woman Babe was. Tad comes out and says that Dr. Hudson is ready for them.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about the kidnappings. Ryan says that something doesn’t add up.

Annie and Aidan talk about the plan. Aidan says that he knocked Ryan out so they could talk about the rest of their plan. Annie asks if Aidan went along with the plan to get Greenlee back.

Jake and Taylor talk about her progress. Taylor says that all she needed was for Jake to believe in her.

Amanda tells the bartender that love is overrated and all she wants is to be in charge and stay in charge. Amanda says that she is going to take the arm of the next guy she sees and, Frankie walks in, and Amanda says that she is going to hope that he isn’t’ already taken by one of her friends. Amanda asks about Randi. Frankie says that Randi is at home and he isn’t ready to go there yet. Amanda says that they will need another glass.

Jesse tells Angie that she has to stop being so understanding and squashing her feelings like they aren’t there. Angie asks Jesse if he is getting tired of comforting everyone, but Jesse says that he will comfort her until the day he dies. Jesse says that Angie has every right to be angry. Angie says that she is furious and she doesn’t know how he could do that to her.

The officer questions Ryan and Greenlee about the bar fight. The officer says that the owner of the bar wants to press charges. Greenlee gives the officer a description of Aidan and says that is who they should be talking to. Greenlee and Ryan tell the officer what Aidan did and while the officers speak in Spanish, Greenlee and Ryan run out.

Annie talks about why she brought Aidan in on the plan. Aidan says that they have to make this look real. Annie asks Aidan if he is setting Greenlee up. Aidan tells Annie to hit him.

Taylor challenges Jake. Jake and Taylor go back and forth calling names. Jake tells Taylor to shut her mouth because she is doing it.

Angie says that she isn’t ready to give Jesse back to Rebecca, even if it is only for a little while. Jesse says that he isn’t going anywhere. Angie says that she has already lost a piece of Jesse because it will always belong to Rebecca.

Frankie and Randi talk about what’s going on. Randi assumes that it is a military thing. Randi says that Frankie made it okay for her to trust him and asks why he wont’ trust her.

Amanda and the bartender talk about her being used. Amanda says that maybe it is time for her to start using men.

JR and Dr. Hudson talk about Little Adam. Tad comes in and says that David will play the doctor card to get in to see Little Adam while he is there. Tad tells JR about Krystal’s panic attack.

Aidan tells Annie to hit him. Annie realizes that Ryan and Greenlee are there and Aidan tells her to make it good. Annie says that Aidan ruined everything and that Emma is gone.

Tad and Krystal talk about her trip to the hospital. Krystal explains that she was thinking about David when she had the anxiety attack.

The bartender at B.J.’s calls David and says that Amanda could use some help getting home.

Frankie tells Randi about going to the Veteran Hospital in Maryland. Randi says that she doesn’t know who he was before, but now he is the man that she loves.

Angie asks Jesse to admit that he fell in love with Rebecca and that he still loves her, but Jesse says that he never fell in love with Rebecca and that is why it didn’t work. Angie says that what really hurt was that he only came back because Rebecca pushed him away and that if she hadn’t, he would still be with her.

Annie and Aidan argue. Annie says that she doesn’t want anyone looking for Emma that she doesn’t trust and that she wants only herself and Ryan to do it. Ryan tells Greenlee to stay with Aidan and that he is going with Annie. Annie and Ryan leave. Annie says that she heard the kidnapper on the phone talking about The Palm Hotel in Pine Key.

Jesse says that they were meant to be together and that he wants to spend every second of the rest of his life with Angie by his side. Angie says that she is freezing.

Krystal talks about having Little Adam close helps make the pain of losing Babe bearable for her and for David. Tad tells Krystal that JR took Little Adam in to the hospital.

Jake says that for Taylor’s first session it was incredible. Taylor tells Jake to put more weight on. Jake says that it is good to have her back amongst the living.

Frankie asks Ken to put some music on and asks Randi to dance with him.

Tad and Krystal talk about David.

David tells Amanda to sleep well because she will need her rest for what he has planned for her.

Aidan says that Ryan needs Greenlee’s help because he won’t be getting any help from Annie. Aidan says that every time they get a solid lead, Annie screws it up somehow.

The pilot tells Ryan that Pine Key is about 2 hours away. The pilot comes back a short time later and says that they are leaking fuel and they can’t make it back to the airport. Annie starts freaking out and the pilot says that they are going down.

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