AMC Update Monday 11/10/08

All My Children Update Monday 11/10/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Tad and Frankie talk about Broughton Monroe, Taylorís fiancť Brot, being alive.

Taylor tells Jake that she forgot about everything, except them, for a moment, but that the memories from being in Iraq grab hold of you when you least expect it.

Annie tells Ryan that she was put on a plane and thinks she is somewhere tropical. Ryan says that they traced Annie back to Puerto Rico and asks if Emma is with her. Ryan tells Aidan and Greenlee what Annie knows.

Annie calls Di and asks about Emma. Di says that Emma is perfect, just like when Annie left her there. Di and Annie agree to meet in 2 days at The Palm Hotel in Pine Key.

Aidan, Greenlee and Ryan go over what Annie said.

Angie and Krystal talk about her EKG and about Krystalís nightmare. Krystal starts getting pain and tightness, and Angie orders an IV.

Amanda and David talk about her past with men. Amanda says that she sleeps with men for all the wrong reasons, and David asks what her reason for sleeping with him was. Amanda says that it is beyond twisted and David wouldnít understand. David says that he invented twisted.

Frankie and Tad talk about Iraq. The conversation changes to Brot and him letting Taylor think he is dead.

Taylor admits that she has trouble relinquishing control. Taylor tells Jake that her memories hit when she is with him because she is happy. Tad knocks on the door, and Jake steps outside for a moment.

Rebecca and Jesse talk about their life together.

Jake tells Eric that Taylor is ready for the physical therapy now. Eric leaves to help another patient and says that he will be back when he is done. Jake and Tad talk about Taylor.

Amanda says that she slept with David because of the things that J.R. said. David realizes that Amanda sleeping with him was ďthank-you sexĒ. Amanda says that the next time she sees David, she will have more restraint, but David says that if it were up to him, they would relive that night over and over again. Amanda leaves, and Davidís pager goes off.

Annie calls Ryan back and says that the kidnappers came back. Annie tells Ryan that she is somewhere near a lighthouse. Annie tells Ryan that someone is there and begs him to help her.

Frankie bumps into a veteran and apologizes. Frankie and Brot have a ďreunionĒ.

Rebecca says that Jesse is living the life he was meant to live. Jesse says that he still loves Rebecca and Natalia. Rebecca says that Natalia will need Jesse. Jesse and Rebecca remember going for a trip to Block Island when Natalia was a baby.

David checks Krystal out and determines that she had an anxiety attack, and he knows what caused it.

Aidan, Ryan and Greenlee talk about where Annie could be. Aidan says that something feels off about the lighthouse and says that he is going alone because they could be walking into a trap. Aidan knocks Ryan out, and Greenlee gasps. Aidan tells Greenlee not to untie Ryan until he tells her that it is okay. Ryan regains consciousness and tells Aidan to untie him.

David and Krystal talk about losing Babe, causing her anxiety attack, along with worrying about everyone. Krystal thanks David, and he tells her to get something to eat and focus on something else. Angie comes in and says that she could use some food, too, and a tall glass of wine.

Brot says that Frankie should have let him die and that if he had an ounce of humanity, he would find a gun and end it now. Frankie says that he has had to live with the fact that he couldnít fix Brot.

Jake tells Taylor that it is time for physical therapy. Taylor says that she doesnít think she can, but Jake convinces her that she can do it. Jake tells Taylor that she will get through it.

Frankie says that he feels sorry for Taylor, not Brot. Brot says that Taylor will get over the grief and pain of losing him. Frankie says that Taylor wants to get back to Iraq to be closer to Brot. Brot says that he isnít the same person. Frankie doesnít know if he wants to know who Brot is now.

Krystal convinces Angie to open up about whatís bothering her.

Amanda tells the bartender that she isnít there to get laid but she is there because she just did.

Tad shows up at the hospital looking for Krystal and ends up getting into a fight with David. David says that whenever the women in Tadís life need help, they always run to David.

Ryan tries to convince Greenlee to untie him, but she refuses.

Aidan looks through the window and sees Annie calmly drinking a glass of wine.

Tad punches David in the mouth.

Angie says that she is sick of being noble and putting everyone else first because she is angry at Jesse and everyone else but canít say anything because Rebecca is dying. Angie says that she canít just pretend that Natalia doesnít exist because she is Jesseís daughter and that if she had her way, Jesse would hear how she really feels. Krystal says that Jesse just did, and Angie turns around to see Jesse standing behind her.

The veteran apologizes to Frankie for being so rude earlier.

Taylor thanks Jake for putting up with her and sitting with her. Taylor says that she canít wait to kick Jakeís butt again at everything. Taylorís foot moves and she discovers that she can feel it.

Greenlee unties Ryan and says that she is going with him.

Aidan bursts in and he lowers his gun. Annie hands Aidan a drink and says that it is about time.

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