AMC Update Friday 11/7/08

All My Children Update Friday 11/7/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Mike Sweeney and Tad meet in the medical center. Tad wants to know why Mike wanted information on Taylor. Tad return Mike’s check, and advise him to call Taylor himself.

Jake tells Taylor he broke up with Amanda because of her. Jake tells her how he feels about her. She does not believe Jake. Taylor believes that Jake is professing his love to get her to walk.

Rebecca talks to Natalia about her condition and she let her know her expectation of wanting Natalia to get closer to her father. Rebecca tells her daughter that it is her time, and she has decided against treatment.

Krystal slaps JR for suggesting that she would get back with David. Krystal tells JR that she knows all about David. JR warns Krystal about David, because David destroyed Dixie. JR warns her to not let David wreck her life.

Amanda and David are kissing, but he pushes her away because she is drunk; he does not want to take advantage of her. David tells Amanda that he is not Jake Martin. Amanda tells David how JR hurt her, and paid her five million dollars to go away. She also tells him how Jake hurt her. Amanda car broke down around Wildwind and he offer her a bed for the night.

Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee have been led to a gravesite. Aidan suggest that Greenlee take Ryan to the car as he dig up the grave. Ryan goes crazy with grief. Aidan finds blowup dolls of a woman and a child. Greenlee is comforting Ryan, because he thinks that the bodies are those of Emma and Annie. Annie’s handbag is found buried as well.

Rebecca wants Natalia to be with her father, and take his family as her family; Natalia refuses.

Mike Sweeney asks Tad about Taylor. Tad tells him about Taylor’s injury and her attitude since the injury.

Jake tells Taylor that his wife left him for a truck driver. He gives her details about his feelings.

Aidan, Ryan, and Greenlee are in a bar trying to gather information about Annie and Emma. The bar's partrons get smart with them and flirt with Greenlee. Ryan punches the smartalec and start a bar fight.

Frankie, and Randi talk to Natalia. They ask her to better support her mom.

Jesse swears to be there for Natalia. He feels like he cheated them all because of his bad judgment.

Jake talks to Taylor. She talks about Brot. Taylor wants to know about how Jake’s wife was before she left.

JR talks bad about Amanda and she overhears. David pushes the conversation knowing that Amanda is listening. After hearing JR speaking badly of her, Amanda wishes that he were the one dead, instead of Babe.

Aidan’s eye is hurt in the bar fight. Greenlee tries to put ice on his eye, but he pushes her away.

Jesse wants his men to look for Ryan Lavery. Jesse tries to talk to Frankie, but Frankie is mad at him. Jesse admits to making a mistake.

Krystal have a dream about David telling her that she is all his.

Amanda kisses David, and Jake kisses Taylor.

Frankie shows Tad a picture of Mike Sweeney, and Tad tell Frankie that the person he pointed to was not the man he met. Tad explains that the man he met was burned. Frankie tell him that a man was burned in his unit, but he is dead. Tad insists on seeing the picture of the man who was burned in their unit. Frankie shows him a picture of Brot and Tad knows that is who he met.

Annie calls Ryan; he asks for her location, but the phone hangs up. She is shown sitting in a bubble bath drinking wine.

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