AMC Update Thursday 11/6/08

All My Children Update Thursday 11/6/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica is running Fusion by Proxy and she tells her staff at Fusion that she know she is a perfectionist. She let them know that they can get along with her as long as they are perfect.

Bianca talks to Zach about sending Kendall to Canada for treatment, but he does not want to move Kendall, and yells at Bianca to back off.

Ryan is talking to a pilot about a charter flight that his wife and child were on. The pilot refuse to give out information, but Ryan insist that he be told information about passengers on a charter flight. The pilot finally gives Ryan information and tells him where he dropped off his passengers whom Ryan is looking for.

Jake slept in Taylor’s room with his head on her bed. She awakens and starts to hit him, because he was snoring. She tries to run him out of her room, but he stays to tease her.

Tad questions Frankie about a friend of Taylor’s who could be at Bethesda Medical Center. He thought about talking to Taylor, but think she would fight his questioning. Tad wants to find out who hired him to find Taylor. Frankie mentioned that a friend of theirs, Tim Richardson was at Bethesda Medical Facility.

Reese is helping Erica to remodel offices at Fusion. Reese recognized Jack from Bianca’s family photos. Krystal was at Fusion picking up Babe’s things. Amanda walked Krystal to her car. Erica ordered Amanda to pick up supplies and her dry cleaning. Adam arrives at Fusion in support of Erica.

Zach does not want Kendall to go to Canada for treatment. JR tells Zach to treasure every moment with Kendall, and hold on and not let go. He cautioned Zach not to look away or think he has tomorrow, because today may be their last day together. David suggests that Zach send Kendall to Canada.

David thought that JR would be in San Diego by now.

Jack caution Erica about leaving Greenlee out of the decision making for Fusion. Erica insists that having Kendall’s proxy is enough since Greenlee has left town in a time of crisis.

David acts as if he is turning over a new lease on life.

Tad visits the veteran medical center looking for Tim Richardson. He discovers that the hospital has a reporter doing a segment on Iraq vets. The vets will tell their stories about being injured and how they have adjusted to their new lives after being hurt in Iraq.

Jake spends most of his down time with Taylor, and he finally gets her to smile and laugh.

Krystal tells JR that Babe’s death has changed David. JR dislikes Krystal’s support of David, and they fight over Krystal’s support.

Bianca comes to Fusion to help out with the remodeling. Adam order a luncheon spread for Erica and the workers at Fusion.

Zach is asleep at Kendall’s bedside and in his dream she is standing at his side. He looks up at her and gives her a beautiful smile.

The veterans identify themselves and give their rank. Each veteran gives details about the horror of their injuries. Tad sits in the session and listens to their stories. They talk about fighting depression and anger. They also talk about support or the lack of support.

Zach tells the image of Kendall that they want him to send her away so that she can get treatment. She touches his cheek and gives him a soft kiss while telling him that he has to let her go. A tear wells up in Zach’s eye. Zach call Erica and tell her that he will send Kendall away for treatment.

Amanda arrives at Wildwind to see David. She is drunk. She talks about being a gofer for Erica and being dumped by Jake. She starts to cry and David gives her a hug and kiss. David offers Amanda friendship.

Taylor is curious as to why Jake is not with Amanda. He tells Taylor that they broke up. Taylor asks why and is told that she is the reason.

Erica thanks Zach for agreeing to let Kendall be treated in Canada.

Tad overhears a man on the phone leaving a voice mail for him. He waits for the call to end.

Jack comes to see Kendall in the hospital. Adam tells Jack that Kendall is leaving. Jack wants to know why Adam is courting Erica.

Bianca and Erica tell Kendall goodbye and they tell her to get better. Zach watches them as they say their goodbyes and then he leaves with his wife.

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