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All My Children Update Wednesday 11/5/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR tells Little Adam to go get warmed up in the car while he finishes talking to Krystal. Krystal says that she can’t lose Little Adam too and asks JR not to take him away from her. JR says that Krystal will always be a part of Little Adam’s life. Krystal says that Little Adam is all she has left of Babe. JR says that he has to think about what is best for his son and Krystal says that staying there is what is best.

David says that he is offering to fund the construction of the Babe Hayward Memorial Wing, a state-of-the-art cardiology unit, that will allow Babe’s memory to live on through every patient they treat. Jake reminds David that Babe was going by Chandler.

Tad offers some help to Taylor, but she refuses it. Taylor says that she can do it herself and that she wants to do it herself. Taylor asks Tad to tell Jake to give it up because no one can fix her.

Amanda leaves a message for Jake. Randi walks in and they talk about Fusion going under. Erica walks in and says that she is there to save her daughter’s company.

Zach meets with Dr. Farrington, the specialist from Toronto. Dr. Farrington says that the medevac is standing by for transport to the institute. Zach says that his wife isn’t going anywhere.

Erica explains that Fusion has been on a downward spiral ever since the Bella scandal broke and that something has to be done before Fusion goes under and Kendall loses her company. Erica says that she has a plan and tells Randi to call all the media outlets, and Adam, and say that there will be a press conference held in an hour. Amanda suggests that Erica should run it past Greenlee first and Erica asks why she would do that, since Greenlee can’t even stay in town during the crisis. Erica says that she has Kendall’s legal proxy, so they work for her now.

Dr. Farrington says that Kendall needs specialized treatment. Zach says that Kendall needs to be around her family and will be treated there. Dr. Farrington says that they will be holding a room for Kendall if Zach changes his mind. Bianca comes in and asks why the specialist left. Zach says that the specialist couldn’t help Kendall after all.

David criticizes Jake for operating on Kendall by flashlight. Jake reminds everyone that David had his license revoked and that he drugged the whole town. David says that his license was fully reinstated after it was temporarily revoked. David says that Jake only came back because he neglected his wife and she ran off with a truck driver.

Tad tells Taylor that he came by because he wanted to see her and that he thought they could talk. Taylor refuses to let Tad call someone for her.

JR says that it wasn’t supposed to end up like this, but now Babe is gone and he has to raise Little Adam on his own. Krystal says that JR could stay and let her help. JR says that if he stays, the plans and dreams that he and Babe had will die too. Krystal says that if JR leaves then eventually Little Adam won’t even remember his mother. JR says that he will never let Little Adam forget Babe. Krystal says that eventually JR will move on, but he says that there is no one else for him. Krystal says that if JR takes Little Adam away from her, then he might as well grab a shovel and bury her next to his daughter.

Taylor says that she is practicing her new leg and tells Jake not to move her wheelchair. Jake tells her that if she wants to kill herself, she should do it in her room instead of the hallway. Taylor asks Tad to take her back to her room.

Krystal apologizes to JR for breaking down like that. Krystal says that if JR takes Little Adam away then Babe’s grave will be all she has left. JR agrees to stay for a little while.

Bianca tells Reese that the specialist wants to take Kendall to Canada, but Zach won’t even consider it. Bianca says that she doesn’t understand why they shouldn’t try this possible treatment. Reese says that maybe Zach wants to exhaust absolutely every option there before he moves Kendall away from her family and friends. Bianca says that she wishes they could get through to Zach and Reese says to give him a little more time. Reese says that she feels like Gabrielle is more Bianca’s than hers and that she feels jealous of the bond that Bianca has with Gabrielle. Bianca says that Reese is Gabrielle’s mom too and that nothing can change that. Reese says that she wishes she had more of a biological connection to her, like Bianca and Zach do.

Zach tells Kendall that she isn’t going anywhere because he and the boys need her.

Erica asks Amanda to move some boxes and then get a cappuccino for her. Adam shows up and says that Erica plans to crucify him in the press by telling the world that he tainted Bella. Adam tells Erica that if Bella had been a success, Amanda would be running Fusion. Erica says that Adam wanted Fusion for himself. Erica says that she has a business proposition of her own.

Amanda tells Jake that he can forget about dinner because she needs multiple drinks. Amanda confronts him about the way he looks at Taylor. Amanda tells Jake that he obviously wants Taylor and suggests that they end it now. Jake apologizes and Amanda says that is what she thought.

Reese apologizes for bringing up her stupid insecurities. Bianca says that it isn’t stupid to want to feel close to their child.

Erica says that if Adam agrees to drop the lawsuit against Fusion and pay the very sizeable out-of-court settlement to the other plaintiffs, then she won’t tell anyone about him tainting Bella. Erica says that she intends to launch a new line of cosmetics, funded by Adam, which she will personally oversee and that will be the first step to re-launching Fusion.

Tad tells Krystal about the mystery man calling him about Taylor and that he thinks the guy could be a soldier.

Adam drops the lawsuit and Erica says that he still has to repair the damage done to the company’s reputation. Adam says that Fusion’s rebirth could be the death of Erica’s reputation.

Amanda runs into JR. Amanda says that if JR ever needs anything and he thanks her.

Dr. Valentino is paged to the O.R. Bianca says that Erica shouldn’t go in there. Bianca says that Zach met with the specialist, but them wanting to move Kendall to Canada didn’t go over well. Bianca tells Erica to let Zach have a chance to get used to the idea. Erica sees the ring and Bianca says that she and Reese are getting married. Reese comes back from the checkup and Bianca introduces her to Erica. Reese asks for Erica’s blessing to marry Bianca. Erica says that she hopes they will be very happy.

Joe and Zach talk about Dr. Farrington and The Bristol Institute.

Tad says that he thought Krystal would be jumping for joy now that Little Adam is staying in town, but Krystal says that they shouldn’t have to stay out of guilt. Tad says that JR is staying for the sake of his son, but Krystal says that she begged JR not to take her grandson away. Tad tells Krystal that it will get better, but Krystal says that it won’t.

Adam asks where Little Adam is and JR says that Winifred took him to get pizza. JR says that he has decided to stay a little while longer.

Angie mentions the Babe Hayward Memorial Wing to JR and asks if David told him.

David runs into Amanda in the elevator. David says that he thought it would be nice to sit down with one of Babe’s friends to try to get a window into her life because he missed out on most of it. Amanda starts crying and says that she and Jake just broke up.

Joe and Jake talk about David. Joe asks if what David said about Carolyn is true. JR comes up and says that there is no way that David is going to use Babe’s memory to buy his way back into the hospital. Jake leaves to do rounds. Joe and JR talk. JR says that if Babe’s name appears on a plaque with “Hayward”, he will slap a lawsuit on the hospital. Adam walks up and says that a lawsuit will bankrupt the hospital and bury JR.

David and Amanda talk about Babe. Amanda tells David that he can have as many pictures of Babe as he wants from the photo shoots and launches. David suggests that they go through the pictures together over drinks and dinner and Amanda agrees.

Jake tells Taylor that he is going to stay in the room until she tells him that she is ready to walk again.

Erica asks Bianca and Reese about the wedding date. Bianca says that they were considering having a commitment ceremony there and having the wedding in Europe. Erica says that she would like to throw them the wedding/party of the century and all they have to do is name the date. Reese goes to change the baby. Erica says that Reese is exactly what Bianca described and Bianca thanks her.

Zach tells Kendall that all she has to do is open her eyes and that he will be right there waiting when she does.

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