AMC Update Tuesday 11/4/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 11/4/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Joe tells Jake that they can’t get Taylor to agree to Physical Therapy. Joe says that they will have to invest in body armor and asks Jake if he wants to give it a try. Jake hears crashing coming from Taylor’s room and asks how much a suit of body armor is.

Krystal remembers David saying that she locked him out of Babe’s life. Tad asks Krystal where she was a minute ago.

Zach talks to Dr. Barnaby about Kendall’s condition. Dr. Barnaby says that he doesn’t know when or if Kendall will wake up. David walks up and asks Dr. Barnaby what is going on. David says that Dr. Barnaby is having a heart attack and asks for a nurse.

Ryan, Jesse and Greenlee talk about the kidnappings. Aidan says that attacking Jesse isn’t going to bring Emma home any sooner and that Ryan needs to let the police do their thing. Ryan apologizes for yelling at Jesse and says that he knows that the police are doing the best they can. Jesse leaves. Aidan says that he is Ryan’s best shot at finding Emma and that he wants to save Emma. Aidan says that they start at the beginning.

Taylor talks to her dad and says that she will call back the next week. Jake asks if Taylor lies to her father all the time and she says that it is none of her business. Taylor says that Jake is fired as her doctor and throws her chart.

Tad tells Krystal that she can rebuild The Comeback if she wants because the insurance came through. Tad gets an email from the person who wanted him to ask questions about Taylor. Krystal suggests that Tad should bring Taylor and Jake into it. JR shows up and says that it is goodbye.

Zach and David talk about Dr. Barnaby. David apologizes for being so negative the last time he talked to Zach. David tells Zach not to give up on Kendall’s recovery.

Krystal says goodbye to JR and Little Adam. Tad asks if he can get a hug too. Krystal and JR agree to think of Babe every day and smile! Tad and JR hug and JR and Little Adam say goodbye. Krystal breaks down crying in Tad’s arms.

Jake and Taylor talk about her possible recovery. Taylor says that a hospital couldn’t fix Brot. Jake realizes that Taylor thinks she deserves to die because Brot didn’t make it. Jake says that being a soldier isn’t everything. Taylor says that being a soldier is her life and that if she doesn’t have it, she may as well be dead.

Ryan and Aidan talk about the kidnappings. Greenlee wonders why the kidnapper would take Annie too. Aidan says that the kidnapper took Annie to get to Ryan because it is personal and that Greenlee needs to be careful. Aidan asks Ryan who hates him enough to take everything and everyone that he loves.

Tad and Krystal talk about JR and Little Adam leaving. Tad says that they will get through it together. Krystal says that Little Adam was all she had left of Babe and now he is gone too.

Adam and JR talk about the flight. JR says that he is going to stop by the cemetery to say goodbye to Babe before the flight. Adam asks for a minute alone with Little Adam. JR and Colby talk about him leaving so soon after Babe’s funeral. JR says that David was lying about not trying to take Little Adam away. JR says that Colby could go too, but she says that she can’t leave Adam alone because someone needs to keep him in line. JR asks Colby to stay away from David because he can’t be trusted.

Joe, Angie and Jake talk about David saving Dr. Barnaby’s life. Jake and Joe talk about a replacement cardiologist and Joe says that Zach is threatening to sue them. Jake says that he will deal with Zach. Joe asks David if he would consider rejoining the staff.

Ryan, Aidan and Greenlee talk about who could possibly be the kidnapper. Aidan and Ryan realize that the kidnapper wasn’t trying to shoot Ryan, just scare him. Aidan and Ryan talk about the phone the kidnapper left there. Aidan says that he can play back the call with the right equipment. Aidan says that hopefully they can figure out Emma and Annie’s location when they hear the call again. Ryan and Aidan realize that the kidnapper put Emma and Annie on a private jet.

Jake and Tad talk about Taylor. Jake tells Tad that David was re-hired at the hospital. Tad tells Jake that someone asked him to look into Taylor. Tad admits that he has no idea who the person is. Tad suggests that they should bring Taylor in on it because maybe she knows who it could be and maybe this person can get through to her.

David and Joe talk about the offer. Krystal show up and finds out that Joe hired David. David says that he wants to be able to spend time with Little Adam and that is why he is staying in Pine Valley. Krystal says that it isn’t going to happen because JR took Little A and they are moving back to San Diego.

Adam and Little Adam talk. JR and Adam send messages to each other through Little Adam. JR and Little Adam tell Adam and Colby that they will see them soon.

Jake brings Taylor a wheelchair, but she refuses it along with his help.

Angie and Jesse talk about Emma’s kidnapping. Angie tells Jesse that Rebecca collapsed and that she has a brain tumor. Angie says that the tumor is inoperable and that all they can do is make sure that Rebecca is comfortable.

David and Krystal talk about JR taking Little Adam back to San Diego. David says that JR and Little Adam are abandoning Krystal, not him. David tells Krystal that she has to stop it or Little Adam will walk out of her life for good.

Aidan tells Ryan that only 2 private jets have taken off since the restriction was lifted. Aidan says that they need to get to the airport and get on the next plane to Puerto Rico, but Ryan says that he has a better idea and tells Aidan and Greenlee to be ready when he gets back.

Jesse apologizes for not telling Angie about Rebecca and Natalia sooner. Angie asks him to promise her that they will do it right. Jesse says that it wasn’t supposed to be like this. Angie says that Natalia will be okay when Rebecca dies because she will have all of them.

Tad gets a call from the man wanting updates on Taylor. Tad asks for a name and the man hangs up.

Taylor looks at the wheelchair and drags herself out of her hospital bed and falls down.

Joe says that he needs input about how to prioritize. David says that his top priority is to bring his daughter back to life.

JR lays flowers on Babe’s grave and asks Little Adam if he is ready to go home. Krystal comes up and tells JR that he can’t take Little Adam.

Ryan and Zach talk about Kendall while Ryan visits with Spike. Ryan tells Zach that he needs the jet and Zach says that he will get it ready.

Greenlee and Aidan disagree about calling the police. Aidan says that they may already be too late and that he thinks the kidnapper killed Annie and Emma.

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