AMC Update Monday 11/3/08

All My Children Update Monday 11/3/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

David asks Krystal to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t end it all right now.

Colby tells JR that they are going to the cemetery with him because he isn’t going through it without his family.

Zach asks if there is any change and the intern tells Zach to go home and see the kids.

Bianca accepts Reese’s marriage proposal. Bianca and Reese start talking about the wedding. Reese suggests that they have the wedding immediately in Pine Valley.

Randi surprises Frankie and he remembers that he was supposed to be at the Valley Inn. Randi asks what is bugging him.

Rebecca asks Angie if she can expedite Natalia’s release. Angie says that she needs some help.

Ryan and Annie look for Emma and Ryan says that they have the money and asks for his daughter.

Reese says that she wanted to give Bianca’s friends and family something beautiful to look forward to. Bianca reminds Reese that gay marriage isn’t legal in Pennsylvania. Reese says that they can have a commitment ceremony there and then get married in Europe.

Jesse tells his officers to be on the lookout for Ryan and Annie because he has an update on the Emma Lavery kidnapping. Jesse tells Greenlee that maybe the kidnapper wants more money or Ryan and Annie might be walking into a trap.

Ryan and Annie talk about what else the kidnapper might want. Ryan tells Annie that she needs to get to the hospital because she has been shot. Annie says that she isn’t leaving until they get Emma back.

Krystal says that she should be the one who should want to kill herself because she raised Babe. David says that he would give anything to be a real part of Babe’s life and that he blames Krystal for that not happening.

Colby and Adam assure JR that they want to help him through this.

Krystal says that David blew his chance at being a father to Babe because his hatred for the Chandlers and Martins was stronger than his love for his daughter. David and Krystal argue. Tad tells David to get his hands off of Krystal.

Bianca and Reese talk about their wedding. Gabrielle cries and Bianca says that she will be right back.

Rebecca says that she forgot to eat breakfast and that is why she collapsed. Angie says that they will run some tests to make sure that everything is okay, but Rebecca refuses.

Jesse says that when it comes to children, parents think with their hearts first instead of their heads.

Ryan and Annie talk about the kidnapper. A man tells them not to turn around.

Zach shows up to see the boys and tells Reese that there isn’t any changes with Kendall’s condition. Reese says that they are celebrating because she and Bianca just got engaged.

Colby tells JR that Babe would want them to stop fighting and support each other, and to be a family for Little Adam.

Tad asks why David can’t stay away from his family. Krystal says that David needs to be alone.

A man talks to Ryan and Annie about the ransom money. The man says that he will take Annie only to see Emma. Annie says that they have to do what he says. Annie goes with the man.

Jesse and Greenlee find Ryan. Ryan says that the man took Annie to see Emma and that they need to find them.

Tad and Krystal talk about David.

Zach and Reese talk about Kendall and the beach house. Reese says that Kendall will wake up and that they will work through it. Zach says that he left the beach house because everyone wanted s’mores and he was getting marshmallows, but really he needed to clear his head.

Randi and Frankie talk about Natalia and Rebecca. Randi says that Frankie should tell Jesse that Rebecca collapsed, but Frankie says that Angie can tell him. Frankie thanks Randi for listening to him and says that he is blessed to have someone like her in his life. Angie comes back with the results of Rebecca’s M.R.I.

Jesse, Ryan and Greenlee talk about the kidnapper.

JR says that Babe is with the other angels now. David says that he isn’t a threat to anyone anymore.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about the kidnapper. Ryan realizes that Greenlee is the next target because the guy is taking everything that means anything to him. Greenlee suggests that maybe it’s Jonathan and the tumor came back, but Ryan says that it isn’t Jonathan.

Bianca brings Gabrielle out and Zach gets her to quiet down. Bianca says that they can’t imagine Zach not being a part of Gabrielle’s life. Reese and Bianca talk about Gabrielle needing a middle name and Bianca suggests “Amelia” after Zach’s mom. Zach says that he would be honored and they decide on “Gabrielle Amelia” for the baby’s name. Zach says that he is going to check on the boys.

Angie tells Natalia that Rebecca has an inoperable brain tumor.

David assures JR and Adam that he knows that Little Adam needs his father and that he was wrong to threaten to steal him. JR agrees to let David say goodbye to Babe. David tells Babe that he will never forget what they did to her and that there are plenty of coffins for all of them.

Annie calls Ryan and says that she is with Emma and that Emma is alive. Ryan asks where Annie is and the line disconnects. Ryan says that Annie doesn’t have to do all that.

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