AMC Update Friday 10/31/08

All My Children Update Friday 10/31/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Reese holds the baby, and Miranda walks in and meets her new sister. They discuss names, and Bianca, Reese and Zach agree that the baby’s name is Gabrielle. Zach picks up his niece Miranda and throws her in the air.

J.R. chokes David for offering him a drink. David wants Lil A. David tries to encourage J.R. to kill him, but J.R. will not take the bait. David blames J.R. for Babe’s death. J.R. warns David to stay away from Lil A.

Greenlee and Ryan arrive at the drop off point. Ryan enters the room and finds Annie. Annie was shot in the arm, and Ryan ties Greenlee’s scarf around her arm to stop the bleeding. Annie says that, when she entered the room, someone was wearing a ski mask and grabbed her. She tried to hold on to the money until he released Emma. The man fled into the alley. Ryan ran to the alley. Greenlee attempted to call 911, but Annie stopped her to protect Emma. Ryan did not see anyone. He takes Annie to the hospital.

Jesse asks Frankie about Natalia. Frankie is rude and walks away from Jesse. Jesse walks into Natalia’s room and finds Rebecca, Angie and Natalia holding a sensible conversation. Jesse is confused that Rebecca and Angie are getting along. His daughter urges him to talk to her mom.

Reese suggests that her family stay at the Pine Valley Inn, but Bianca wants to stay with Zach because he needs family around.

Krystal arrives at the funeral parlor for J.R. because Lil A needs him. Krystal stays to talk to David, against J.R.’s advice. She wants David to leave Pine Valley, and he promise that he will.

Rebecca tells Natalia to accept things between Jesse and her. Natalia wants her mother to be honest with Jesse and tell him of her illness. Jesse looks at Angie with a scared look upon his face. Rebecca asks Frankie about releasing Natalia. When she discovers Frankie’s identity, she introduces herself, but Frankie walks away.

David talks to Krystal about his plans. He thanks her for giving him Babe. He tells her that Babe was his reason for living. David says goodbye to Babe.

Lil A is upset because his Tiger costume is not finished. Tad and J.R. do their best and finish the Tiger suit for Lil A, but the tail is in the wrong place.

Zach comes into Kendall’s room and finds Father Clarence. He offers Zach spiritual support. Zach confesses that he does not believe in a God who has the power to hurt and inflict pain. When he thinks of someone like that, he envisions his father. Father Clarence tells him that Kendall will get better and he has to have faith. Father Clarence takes Zach’s hand and places it over Kendall’s as he tells Zach that faith will bring them back together.

Reese gives Bianca plans for their new home. She also proposes. Bianca accepts the proposal. They kiss and hug each other.

Frankie thinks that Jesse told Rebecca to talk to him. He is jealous about the other family. He compares his life to theirs. Angie asks him to respect his father. Frankie says that Jesse disgusts him.

Frankie declares Annie to be OK. The bullet went straight through her arm. Frankie needs to report gun shot wounds, but Annie does not want the police called in. Frankie wants to know what is happening with Emma. Greenlee goes looking for Jesse.

Ryan gets a call directing him to Emma.

Jesse does not understand why Angie is so calm about Rebecca. Angie is OK since she had a long conversation with Rebecca. She now knows the details of their union. She does not think that Jesse betrayed her, but she is sad that he did not tell her everything. Jesse apologizes.

Tad came for Krystal at the funeral home. She told him that David thanked her for giving him Babe. She did not realize how much David loved Babe until now.

David has leased Windhaven. He looks up from a drunken state and sees a vision of Babe. She reassures him that she is OK and urges him to join her so that he too can be OK. She reaches out her hand to him, and he reaches for it but only encounters air. David pulls out a gun, loads it and holds it close to his head. Krystal walks in the door and tells David not to do it.

Zach goes to the hospital chapel and then kneels down to pray. He has flashbacks of asking her to marry him. He also remembers giving her a ring at Fusion.

Rebecca faints after being upset by Natalia.

Kendall’s hand twitches a little, but no one is there to see it.

Frankie is furious with Jesse for having a second family. He refuses to discuss the issue with Jesse.

When Jesse and Greenlee enter Annie’s hospital room, no one is there.

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