AMC Update Thursday 10/30/08

All My Children Update Thursday 10/30/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR, Krystal, and Tad prepare for Babe’s funeral. They look at photos of Babe and reminisce. Krystal says life is not fair, because they should be going to a wedding not a funeral.

Amanda is on the way to the funeral, but she stop to bring flowers for Taylor. Taylor throws the flowers down and kicks Amanda out of her room. Taylor thinks that Amanda is implying that she is dying like Babe, because she brought flowers for Babe as well.

David tells Zach and Bianca that Kendall’s heart is fine now, but she probably will not be coming out of the coma ever. Bianca hugs him and thank him for operating on Kendall. He tells Bianca that Zach’s vigil at Kendall’s bedside will not help Kendall. Bianca tells him that if Babe were in that bed, he would be doing the same thing that Zach is doing.

Jake tells Zach that he saved Kendall’s life and the specialist replacing him will tell Zach the same thing.

Greenlee suggests that Ryan and Annie call the police. Ryan gets instructions for delivering the money, but he insists on seeing Emma first. The caller hangs up the phone.

Joe says that Jake did what he did to save Kendall. Other doctors in the operating room said that Jake probably save Kendall’s life even though he did not follow hospital procedures. Taylor is not happy with Jake either. Jake blames himself for Taylor, and Kendall’s condition.

Zach comes into Taylor’s room to apologize, and he offers to pay for all of her medical expenses. Taylor spit on his money and accuse him of trying to solve problems with his money.

Ryan leaves Greenlee and Annie together so they he can buy a tracker to place in the ransom money. Greenlee suggest that he let Aidan help him get the device. Annie tries to run Greenlee away. Greenlee wait outside for Ryan. Annie gets the money, and the address to the drop off point, then head to the meeting place.

Adam shows up at Tad’s house to support JR; he hugs JR and brings Lil A a stuffed animal of a cow that Babe loved. Adam tries to comfort Krystal as well.

David leases a new house. He pulls out a bottle of booze, and takes a drink. David pulls a gun out of his tote bag.

Pine Valley shows up for Babe’s funeral. David does not go to the funeral; he mourns alone with a bottle of booze. Stuart presents Krystal with a portrait of Babe. Jesse, Angie, Bianca, Amanda, Jack, and the Chandlers are at the funeral.

Miranda shows up at the Slater’s home dressed in a pink dog costume; Bianca answers the door, but she does not know who Miranda is because her costume covers up her face. Reese comes out of hiding, and gives Bianca a big hug.

Taylor asks Jake if she will walk again.

Colby feels sad over Babe, and she pledges to start living her life with no regrets. She grabs Petey, and plants a bit kiss on him. Adam sees them hugging.

JR opens Babe’s casket; he put her ring on as he say, “I do”. He looks upon her face one last time then he kisses her goodbye. David comes in and asks for some time with Babe. JR rejects his presence at first, but David remind him that he allowed JR some time to mourn by not attending the funeral, and now he ask for some time for himself. He offers JR a drink after he takes one; JR rejects the drink, and accuses David of trying to get him to start drinking again.

Petey tells Colby that she can count on him for support and love.

Reese meets the baby. Bianca and Reese talk about Kendall. Reese is so proud that Bianca, Miranda, she and the Baby are a new family. Zach arrive and Reese gives him a big hug; she thanks him for fathering the new baby.

Ryan returns with the tracking device and finds Greenlee in the hallway. They enter the penthouse, and find Annie missing. She has taken the note and the money and has gone to meet the kidnaper.

Jake challenges Taylor to fight, because she has given up.

Annie arrives at the address of the drop-off-point. She enters the room, and closes the door; a gunshot is heard.

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