AMC Update Wednesday 10/29/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/29/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

JR tells David to leave and never come back, but David says that he has to make up for lost time with his grandson.

Erica and Greenlee try to find out how Kendall is doing. Erica asks Joe if her daughter is dying.

Annie and Ryan talk about Emma. Aidan says that Emma is fine because it was a live feed. Ryan says that Aidan could have killed Emma.

Joe explains that one of the valves in Kendall’s heart isn’t functioning properly. Bianca and Zach walk up. Joe says that Kendall needs immediate surgery to survive, but their specialist was injured by the tornado. Erica tells Greenlee to go home and Zach convinces Greenlee to go home and says that he will give her updates. Zach says that he wants a second opinion and asks if the doctor is the best. Erica says that she knows who is the best.

JR, David and Adam argue about Little Adam. David says that he wants to spend time with Little Adam, but JR says that it isn’t going to happen. David announces that he is suing for full custody of Little Adam. Krystal walks in and asks what David is still doing there.

Ryan and Aidan argue about what will help Emma. Ryan says that they don’t want Aidan’s help. Ryan says that he is going to do whatever it takes to get Emma back alive and well.

Zach and Bianca talk about Kendall.

Ryan and Annie talk about Emma. Ryan gets Annie to use her inhaler and start breathing normally again. Ryan tells Annie that they need to be a team.

Zach and Bianca talk about Kendall. Bianca assures Zach that Kendall knows how much he loves her.

Adam, Krystal and JR talk about what David wants. Krystal says that she has a plan to beat David.

Greenlee and Aidan talk about Emma and Kendall. Aidan says that Ryan won’t let him help because he thinks that he can do it on his own.

Ryan finds out that he can only access $2 million. Annie suggests that they ask Erica or Zach for a loan, but Ryan says that they can’t do that while Kendall is in a coma.

JR and Adam talk about what needs to be done. Krystal says that they need to stick together to protect Little Adam from David.

David tells Babe how great she has done raising Little Adam and that he will continue doing the same. Erica asks David to save Kendall’s life.

Krystal and JR talk about Babe’s funeral flowers. JR says that he has to check on Little Adam. Adam offers Krystal a drink and talk about Babe.

Greenlee shows up and Annie asks her for $8 million for the ransom. Greenlee agrees to help and gets ready to go get the money. Ryan goes with Greenlee to the bank and tells Annie to wait for the kidnapper to call.

Krystal asks Joe for directions to Opal’s room. Krystal bumps into David and confronts him about threatening to take Little Adam away. David says that he has a life to save.

Zach, Joe and Bianca talk about the surgeon. David says that he will be performing the surgery as long as Zach agrees. Erica assures Zach that David is the best and Bianca agrees. Zach agrees to let David operate on Kendall. Bianca thanks David for agreeing to help and David says that Erica can be very persuasive. David and Zach argue a little bit and then David says that when Kendall comes out of the surgery, both Zach and Kendall will owe him.

JR and Adam talk about Krystal’s plan. JR says that Little Adam is better off without either of his grandfathers.

Krystal and Erica talk about David.

Zach and Bianca talk about the baby and Zach suggests that she be named Gabrielle. Bianca agrees.

David says that no one would have thought that he would have Kendall’s life hanging in his hands.

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