AMC Update Tuesday 10/28/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/28/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Adam and Pete talk about Babe. Colby comes in.

Krystal wakes David up and says that she wants to get him out of there.

Angie says that she has signed Bianca’s discharge papers and that having the baby around has made the last couple of days almost bearable.

David says that Krystal doesn’t want him to get out because if he does, he is going to kill JR and Adam. David explains that he came back to make sure that JR was treating Babe right. Krystal says that she will post David’s bail if he leaves town and stays away for good.

Pete realizes that Adam wants him to leave town. Adam explains that while he was buried in the tunnels, he confessed to Erica that he tainted Bella. Adam says that Pete should leave town for his own protection. Pete asks if he can at least say goodbye to Colby. Adam says that is what e-mails are for and tells Pete to go home, pack and kiss his parents goodbye.

JR tells Colby that he poured himself a drink, but couldn’t take a sip of it. JR says that he needs his wife because they were so close to having a new life.

The kidnapper says that it was smart not to involve the police and that Emma will live another day. The kidnapper tells Ryan to come alone to Room 149 at the Road’s End Motel and hangs up. Annie and Ryan get ready to leave and Jesse asks them if they are going somewhere.

Angie tells Natalia about the damage to one of her ovaries. Natalia says that she isn’t having children because she wouldn’t want to do it alone if the father left, like hers did.

Greenlee tells Zach to go home to the boys and that she will take care of Kendall. Zach says that he isn’t hungry and that the kids are healthy and safe. Zach says that he can’t leave Kendall.

Krystal asks David to promise to stay away from Pine Valley. David agrees to leave and not come back and says that if he runs into JR and Adam, all bets are off. Krystal thanks David and says that Babe would too if she was there.

JR thanks Tad for watching Little Adam and Tad leaves. JR gives Little Adam his shell back and tells him that Babe is in heaven and that the angels are protecting her. Little Adam asks when Babe is coming home and JR says that she isn’t but that she loves Little Adam.

Jack meets with Bianca and they talk about the baby. Jack asks about Kendall and Bianca says that she hasn’t heard about any changes.

Greenlee says that she won’t leave Kendall’s side and that the boys need Zach more than Kendall does right now. Greenlee agrees to call Zach with updates and Zach says that he won’t be gone long. Zach tells Kendall that he is going to kiss the boys goodnight for her, but she has to do it the next time.

Angie and Natalia talk about Jesse. Natalia asks Angie to examine her mother when she comes because she will never ask for help, even though she needs it. Angie says that she will see what she can do.

Ryan and Annie say that they were on their way to see Jesse. Jesse asks if they have been contacted by the kidnapper.

Tad and JR talk about Little Adam. Tad says that JR and Little Adam can stay as long as they need. JR says that Little Adam keeps asking about Adam. Krystal comes in and announces that David has agreed to leave Pine Valley for good.

Pete and Colby talk about Adam’s confession to Erica. Colby tells Pete that Adam is going to blame the whole thing on him as soon as he leaves town. Colby says that she won’t let Adam do it.

Zach meets with Bianca and Jack. Bianca says that she is on her way out too, but doesn’t know where to go. Zach offers to let Bianca stay with them and says that he could use some help anyways.

Angie meets Natalia’s mother, Rebecca. Angie says that Natalia will be just fine.

Jesse asks Ryan and Annie to call him if they hear anything. They agree and they thank Jesse for stopping by. Annie asks if Ryan thinks the kidnapper has any intentions of returning Emma.

Natalia and Rebecca talk about Jesse.

Colby and Adam talk about him trying to send Pete out of town.

JR, Tad and Krystal talk about David leaving town and about David’s love for Babe. JR says that he will do whatever it takes to protect his family from David.

Ryan and Annie show up at the motel to find Aidan in the room.

Rebecca thanks Angie for taking such good care of Natalia and apologizes if Natalia’s presence has caused any problems for Angie’s marriage to Jesse. Angie says that Natalia and Rebecca actually cleared up a lot of things.

JR tells Colby to leave Adam alone. Little Adam tells Adam that Babe is with the angels and Adam says that the angels will take good care of her. Colby takes Little Adam out to the terrace and JR tries to get some cookies for him. JR tells Adam that he forgives him, but isn’t moving back in or forgetting. JR says that he is doing it to stay off the bottle and for his son.

Aidan says that he tapped Ryan’s phone so that he could help with finding Emma. Ryan says that they don’t want his help anymore. Aidan says that the kidnapper was already there and left something for them.

Greenlee tells Kendall that she needs to wake up and that her family needs her.

Bianca and Zach talk. Zach tries to help with the baby.

Kendall’s monitors go off while Greenlee sits with her.

Angie and Rebecca talk about Jesse. Rebecca says that she came for her daughter, and no one else.

Adam says that he has some making up to do if he is half the man that JR is. Colby hugs Adam and he chuckles.

Krystal tells Babe to rest easy because Little Adam and JR will be fine and that she and Tad have it covered.

Adam asks JR if he can spend some time with Little Adam. JR walks out and sees David with Little Adam.

Annie and Ryan talk to Emma. A message flashes across the screen saying “Ten Million Dollars.”

Bianca says that the baby knows exactly who Zach is. Bianca answers the phone and tells Zach that Kendall’s heart stopped.

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