AMC Update Monday 10/27/08

All My Children Update Monday 10/27/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan and Greenlee talk. Greenlee says that she wanted them to work and that she did dream about their life together. Aidan says that it doesn’t matter and asks why they should talk about something that isn’t going to happen.

Ryan and Annie read a note from Emma’s kidnappers. Ryan says that it will be fine and Annie asks how they are going to get Emma back.

David tells Babe that the Chandlers won’t get away with it and that he just wanted her to be happy. Krystal says that Babe was happy with JR. David says that he wants his daughter back, but Krystal says that he has to let Babe go.

Adam says that he and Erica could have had it all and that they were so close. Adam realizes that Erica is still alive. Erica asks if Adam is disappointed because his secret is still alive too. Erica sees Bianca.

Zach and Jake argue about Kendall. Joe comes up and says that it is enough. Taylor screams as she tumbles down the stairs. Joe and Jake talk about her condition as they check her out.

Erica asks what Bianca is doing there. Bianca says that the boys are okay, but that Kendall is in ICU and still unconscious.

David says that Krystal turned Babe against him, but Krystal says that he did that on his own. Krystal and David argue about Babe. David says that he will take Babe back down, but Krystal says that they will both do it.

Greenlee asks Aidan to help Ryan and Annie find Emma. Aidan says that he needs to go and that he will say a few prayers for Kendall.

Ryan and Annie argue about going to the police. Ryan says that they have to do it to get Emma back. Annie asks Ryan not to go to the police.

Jake orders tests on Taylor. Amanda comes around and Jake asks Frankie to look out for Amanda. Amanda says that she is fine. Jake asks Taylor if she can hear him.

Joe and Zach talk. Joe tells Zach that Jake did what he needed to do for Kendall and tells Zach that he should go see her.

Bianca tells Erica about what happened when the tornado hit. Bianca tells Erica about what happened during Kendall’s surgery. Bianca says that the power went out and that Kendall should have woken up by now, but she had a seizure. Erica says that Kendall will wake up and asks the nurse for a few moments alone with Kendall. Erica tells Kendall that Adam confessed to tainting the perfume.

Ryan and Annie talk about the possibility of Aidan helping them to get Emma back. Ryan says that there is no way that Aidan is going to help them. Annie asks if Ryan is going to let Greenlee get in the way of saving Emma. Ryan hears footsteps coming.

JR goes after David, but Tad stops him. Bianca realizes that it is Babe. Tad tells David to give Babe to him and David says to get away from her. Krystal says that it is okay and David starts crying.

Aidan comes across Annie and Ryan. Aidan says that Greenlee thought that they could use some help. Annie asks Aidan to help them find Emma. Aidan says that he can set a trap for the drop and tap the phones, but Ryan says that Aidan isn’t doing anything. Ryan says that they don’t need Aidan’s help, but Annie says that Emma does. Aidan says that they should go to the police and that Ryan and Annie are probably being watched and offers to do it. Aidan asks Ryan to let him meet Jesse and then Ryan can take it from there and Ryan agrees.

Frankie and Jake are talking about Taylor’s condition. Taylor says that her foot gave out and she went down. Frankie asks Taylor if she feels something and she says no. Frankie says that it is typical for that kind of injury. Jake says that it is probably temporary. Taylor asks why she can’t feel her foot.

Zach and Erica talk about what happened to Kendall. Erica asks where Bianca is and Zach says that Bianca is probably with the baby. Erica asks, “What baby?”

Tad asks if Bianca is okay and she says that Babe is dead and that she has to go. Krystal tells David that he needs to go. David says that Babe is dead because of JR. Adam tells the guard that he wants David arrested for assault and battery and attempted murder. David says that the Chandlers are the ones guilty of murder and that Babe’s blood is on their hands.

Frankie and Jake explain Taylor’s condition to her. Jake says that he is going to check on some other patients, but will be back. Jake runs into Amanda and she says that she will be fine.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about Kendall and Emma. Ryan says that Aidan stopped by and Greenlee asks if Aidan is helping. Annie says that the less they talk about it the better it is for Emma.

Aidan meets with Jesse and hands him a note.

Bianca and Erica talk about Babe. The conversation changes to the baby and Reese. Erica asks who the father is.

Ryan and Annie talk. Ryan says that he will be right back. Greenlee says that she wants to apologize for not believing that someone was actually following Annie.

Ryan gets a phone call and the man says that going to the police was a big mistake. Jesse meets with Ryan.

Bianca says that she and Reese found a donor that they know. Bianca admits that Zach is the father and that Kendall doesn’t know. Bianca tells Erica how amazing Reese is.

Jake and Amanda talk about Taylor. Zach comes up and asks about Taylor. Zach says that he wants to see Taylor and needs to help her. Zach and Jake argue. Amanda and Jake talk about Taylor. The conversation changes to Amanda. Jake suggests that they go to the cafeteria for some soup. Amanda tells Jake to help Frankie with Taylor. Amanda says that she is all better. Taylor tells someone to get the hell away from her.

Greenlee says that she didn’t steal Annie’s husband. Aidan comes back and says that he blew up their marriage, not Greenlee.

Jesse and Ryan meet about Emma’s kidnapping. Ryan agrees to let Jesse know if he hears anything.

Adam and JR talk about Babe. Tad says that it isn’t Adam’s fault. Krystal tells JR that David really did love Babe. Krystal says that she will make sure that David doesn’t get the chance to kill any of them.

The officer says that if David posts bail, then he will be out in no time. David says that if he gets out of there, he will kill the bastard that murdered his daughter.

Erica and Adam talk about Babe. The conversation changes to his confession. Adam suggests that they keep the secret buried in the tunnel.

Zach asks about the baby and Bianca says that she is sleeping. Bianca tells Zach to go home to Spike and Ian because they need their daddy. Bianca says that she and the baby have been admitted and that she will call him if anything happens with Kendall. Zach says that he is going to be there until Kendall wakes up.

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