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Jake tells Zach that Kendall had a brain seizure, and she is not responsive because she is in a coma. Kendall has been taken to the ICU, and Zach rushes in there to tell her that everyone is fine. He tells her that he needs her to come back to him.

Jesse asks about Natalia. Frankie is angry because Jesse kept his family a secret. Frankie accuses Jesse of having another life, and he tells him that he is not the man he thought he was.

Adam leaves to go to J.R. at the hospital. Pete stays with Colby. Annie now has proof that there is a stalker; she wants to go to the police.

David rushes into the chapel and tries to revive Babe. J.R. yells that Babe is dead. Tad walks in and yanks David from Babeís body. Krystal kneels to the floor and pulls Babe into her arms.

Bianca blames herself for Kendallís condition. Kendall worried about Biancaís safety and had no time to secure herself. Greenlee is positive and tells Bianca that Kendall will make it through. Greenlee thanks Bianca for allowing her to hold the baby, especially because of what happened with Spike. Bianca knows the story, but she also knows that Kendall and Greenlee are still close in spite of what happened.

Zach pulls Jake aside and wants to know Kendallís treatment. Jake will monitor Kendallís brain activity. Zach blames Jake because he did not stop the surgery when the lights went out. Zach reminds him that the doctor asked him to stop. Zach tells Jake that he has a God complex. He tells Jake that he had better pray for a complete recovery.

Ryan finds the stalkers' written plans.

Jesse tells Frankie that he had to give up his life so that Angie and he would be safe. Frankie does not understand why he could have a life with Natalia and her mother, Rebecca. Jesse explains that Rebecca and Natalia gave him a new cover and a new identity.

Natalia explains that they are not trying to take Jesse away. Frankie jests that Natalia and her mother can have Jesse on the odd weeks and Angie and he can have him on the other weeks. He propose that Jesse be by himself on April Fools Day since he has earned that title.

Zach tells Bianca and Greenlee that Kendall is not waking up. Zach blames Jake for Kendallís condition, but Bianca tells him that Jake was trying to save Kendall's life.

Joe tells Bianca and Zach that Erica was on her way to the hospital in an emergency vehicle that got into a wreck.

Zach tells Joe that his son screwed up. He demand that Jake be removed from the case, and he insists that Joe appoint a neurosurgeon to Kendallís case. Zach tells Joe to fix his wife or he will take down the hospital faster that any storm can.

Bianca stops Zach's tirade by pointing out his boysí arrival. Zach takes the boys to meet their new cousin.

Jesse tells Angie that he is sorry. Angie wants to know Nataliaís motherís name, and she wants to know details about her because she wants to gain perspective on her. Frankie is angry about Jesseís other family.

Zach tells the boys that their mom is asleep.

Taylor finds Jake on the stairway and listens to his feelings about Kendall. She applauds him for saving Kendallís life, but he is feeling sorry for himself. Jake tells Taylor about the reason he continued to operate in the dark. Taylor runs off to get coffee.

Krystal, Tad, and J.R. say goodbye to Babe. Dr. Martin is there as well. Babe is rolled into the morgue as David looks on. Ryan shows up and throws David around. He also hits David in the stomach. Annie and Ryan accuse David of having Emma because he stole her once before. David blames J.R. for Babeís death.

Zach and Bianca visit Kendall and leave Greenlee with Biancaís new baby.

Jesse repeats his story about his absent time from Angie. He tells her that Rebecca saved his life and brought him back from his illness. Jesse loves Rebecca, but he tells Angie that he is in love with her.

Bianca talks to Kendall and asks her to wake up. She wants Kendall to meet her brand new niece and help pick out a name. She tells Kendall about Reese. She also mentions that Zach fathered her new baby. Bianca sings to Kendall.

Tad, Krystal, and J.R. return to Babeís room. J.R. finds their wedding rings in his pocket and begins to cry.

Taylor reminds Jake that he saved Kendallís life. Taylor leaves to get coffee.

Joe Martin finds Jake on the stairwell and tells him that he made a mistake by not following hospital regulations. When the power goes out surgery should stop. He tells Jake that he took excess risk. Zach is listening to the conversation.

Aidan sees Greenlee with the baby. he is shocked that the baby is Bianca's. He asks about Ryan. Greenlee tells Aidan about Kendall and then begins to cry. Aidan stays with Greenlee and tells her that he imagined her holding a baby.

Ryan and Annie tell Jesse about David. Jesse will pick up David for questioning. Annie receives a voicemail from Emma saying that she is at the penthouse. Ryan and Annie find a ransom note and a picture of Emma at the penthouse.

Erica is in an emergency vehicle that was involved in an accident. They are on their way to the hospital. There is one fatality. Adam looks for J.R. and overhears that Erica was in an accident. When Adam sees a covered body on a gurney, he calls out Ericaís name. Bianca overhears him.

Natalia apologizes for upsetting Frankie and Angie.

Someone takes Babeís body from the morgue. David Hayward is shown on the hospital roof with Babe. He swears revenge on all those who hurt her.

Zach confronts Jake on the steps and tells him that he made a mistake because the surgery was all about him. Zach grabs Jakeís arm, and Jake pushes him into Taylor as she is walking up the stairs. Taylor falls down the stairs.

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