AMC Update Thursday 10/23/08

All My Children Update Thursday 10/23/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Ryan, Annie, Colby, and Petey dig and clear the other side of the tunnel room that is housing Adam and Erica. They think that Emma is being held in the room. Erica and Adam were knocked unconscious by the latest blast from the tornado.

A tornado hits the hospital. The windows explode, and the lights go out. The back-up generator is not working. Zach puts Bianca and the newborn baby in a closet for safety. Greenlee left them to get some snacks, but Zach caught her right before the tornado hit and covered her on the floor with his body.

Angie and Frankie protect Natalia from the tornado. Natalia had surgery, because she has a bruised kidney.

Ryan sends Petey and Colby to dig on another side of the debris. Someone knock Petey out, and steal his flashlight.

JR and Babe console each other. She wants to get married immediately. They prepare for their wedding. JR takes Babe in his arms and carries her to the hospital chapel after the tornado passes through the hospital.

Greenlee joins Bianca and the baby after the tornado passes through. Bianca ask about Kendal,l and Greenlee tells her that they are operating on Kendall in the dark, because there is no power.

Jake cannot see how to operate so he yells at the staff to hold portable lights; Jake is still trying to operate on Kendall against the anesthesiologist’s advice. Zach realize that they are operating on Kendall with no light, and instruct them to stop. Jake reminds him that he gave his permission to operate so he advises Zach to leave, and allow him to do his job.

Taylor arrives and Dr. Martin and Jesse ask about her. She is fine and volunteer to help. Joe Martin wants to know if she is any good with generators. Taylor agrees to try to fix the generator. Taylor and Jesse check the generator to see if the battery is working, or if the equipment is broken. They decide to jump start the generator. The generator turns on, and the power is restored.

Frankie and Angie covered up Natalia so that the flying glass would not hurt her. The flying glass cut Frankie’s hand. Frankie ask his mother about Natalia. Angie tells him about Jesse’s other family. Frankie want to know if the other family agreed with Jesse returning to Angie and him.

Natalia overhears the conversation and tell Frankie, and Angie about her and her mom. She tells them how her mom allowed Jesse to return to Angie, but now she is suffering.

Bianca feels faint and gives the baby to Zach before blacking out. Dr. Martin examines her as she awakens. Bianca is fine, but she is tired after giving birth to her daughter.

Annie and Ryan share memories of Emma. They agree to search for her as a team.

Babe and JR talk about their first meeting, and JR tells her how she has changed him.

Greenlee figures out that Zach is the father of Bianca’s baby. She thinks that he is acting like a father, not an uncle. Bianca confess, and tells her that Zach is the father, but Kendall does not know. The reason for not telling Kendall is that the opportunity to tell her was never presented. Zach did not know the insemination worked either. They swear Greenlee to secrecy.

Natalia tells Angie and Frankie that she and her mother love Jesse, but they staged a fight to make him believe that they wanted him to go.

Kendall’s operation has been completed. Jake leaves to tell the family the good news, but Kendall starts to have a seizure.

Krystal does not know how to say goodbye to her daughter Babe. She talks to Tad about her feelings. Krystal searches for the right words to say to Babe, and Tad tells her that she does not need words, because Babe knows what she is thinking even when she does not speak.

Angie asks Natalia if she and her mother let Jesse go then why does her mother call everyday and why has Natalia followed Jesse to Pine Valley. Jesse enters the room.

Babe and JR spend their last minutes together. They share their love for each other. JR cries as Babe dies in his arms.

Erica's hand is pulled through a hole, but Ryan is on the other end. Annie, Petey, Colby, and Ryan break through to Erica, and Adam. Ryan tells Erica about Kendall, and she leaves immediately to go to Kendall. Adam tells Annie that she was right, because there is a stalker in the tunnel; he has been there for sometime. Annie thinks the stalker might have Emma.

Jake finds Zach, Greenlee, and Bianca; he tells them that he has bad news.

David Hayward walks into the hospital chapel as JR is holding Babe; she has just died.

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