AMC Update Wednesday 10/22/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/22/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Jesse tells Angie that Natalia is his daughter.

JR says that he would be honored to be Babe’s husband. Babe tells Krystal that she and JR are getting married.

Annie calls out for Emma.

Greenlee tells Kendall to wait for Zach and to come back to them!

Zach and Bianca talk about how perfect the baby is.

Jesse tells Angie that Natalia is allergic to penicillin.

Babe tells Krystal and Tad that she and JR are getting married at the hospital. Tad and Krystal talk about Babe. JR comes out and says that Krystal can’t fall apart every time she looks at Babe. Krystal reminds JR that her daughter is dying.

Annie and Ryan search the tunnels for Emma. Ryan says that they will find Emma. Annie asks why someone would take their daughter.

Bianca says that Kendall has to be okay.

Greenlee and Jake talk about Kendall. Greenlee says that she won’t give the consent for the surgery because she won’t make the choice for Kendall and her family. Greenlee says that she will never forgive herself if Kendall dies.

Bianca says that Zach will decide when the time is right to tell Kendall that he fathered the baby. Bianca sees a helicopter and Zach tries to flag it down.

Jesse tells Tad that Natalia is his daughter.

JR and Babe talk about wedding plans. Krystal comes in and JR leaves. Babe tells Krystal that she knows that she isn’t going to get a honeymoon.

Colby and Opal talk to JR about Adam, Erica and Babe. Opal asks Pete and Colby to look for Adam and Erica.

Ryan and Annie find something of Emma’s in the tunnel.

Angie comes out and tells Jesse that Natalia will be okay.

Tad and JR talk about the wedding and JR asks what he is going to do without Babe.

Babe says that she is dying, but Krystal says that she isn’t dying and that she will be fine. Babe says that she doesn’t want JR to find out that she knows that she is dying. Babe asks Krystal to watch over Little Adam because he needs her. Babe says that she wants to hold her son.

Zach and Bianca arrive at the hospital. Greenlee asks who the baby is. Zach says that Bianca gave birth right after the tornado. Bianca goes to the Maternity ward and Greenlee tells Zach that Kendall isn’t doing well.

Colby tells Pete that Adam has to be in the tunnel.

Babe spends time with Little Adam and sings him “You Are My Sunshine.”

Angie and Frankie talk. Frankie says that he thanks God that their family made it through it.

Zach meets with Jake and Jake tells Zach about the surgery. Zach refuses to let Jake operate and Jake says that he has done it before in the field. Zach agrees to let Jake operate and tells Jake that he wants her to make a full recovery.

Bianca remembers being with Kendall before the tornado hit.

Annie and Ryan run into Pete and Colby in the tunnel.

Opal asks Krystal and Tad about Babe. Krystal says that Babe is dying.

Angie tells Frankie that Natalia is his sister.

Bianca and Greenlee talk about the baby and about Miranda. Greenlee asks who the baby’s father is.

Ryan promises Annie that they will find Emma together.

Krystal brings Babe a flower and leaves so that Babe and JR can work on their vows.

Jake starts the surgery.

Frankie wonders why Jesse didn’t tell them about Natalia.

Bianca says that Kendall will be fine. Greenlee goes to get some food and caffeine. Bianca says that Kendall won’t leave Zach or the boys. Zach says that they have to get away from the glass and that he is going to Kendall.

Krystal says that she has to get to Babe, but Tad says that they have to get to the kids. Jesse comes in and tells everyone to get down.

Zach tells Greenlee to get down.

Jake tells Kendall to hold on!

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