AMC Update Tuesday 10/21/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/21/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Greenlee tells Aidan to wait for the paramedics because something else might be broken. Aidan says that Greenlee knows there is because she broke it.

Adam tells Erica about tainting the perfume. Erica asks why Adam would want to take over Fusion.

Angie says that Babe is still alive and that they need to get her to the hospital. JR asks Jesse to take Little Adam.

Frankie says that they need to find Kendall’s husband or relative.

Bianca and Zach talk through her contractions. She compares the situation to when she as having Miranda.

Frankie gets in touch with Colby and Pete to find out if they know how to get in touch with Erica or Zach. Colby says that Erica and Adam were heading out of town on the jet, but that she doesn’t know about Zach.

Bianca says that the baby is coming 7 weeks early and asks if Zach is upset with her for not telling him about the pregnancy. Zach says that he could never be angry with her and tells her that it is all going to be fine.

Frankie and Joe talk.

Pete tells Colby that her father’s jet was destroyed and the survivors are being brought in.

Adam says that he is afraid they are going to die.

Angie tells someone to prep O.R. 4 for Babe’s surgery. Angie promises JR that they will do everything they can.

Jesse tells Annie that they can’t do anything about Emma’s disappearance until they hear something. Jesse says that all they can do right now is wait.

JR and Tad tell Colby that Babe is in bad shape. Colby asks about Adam and JR says that if it wasn’t for Adam, he and Babe would be in San Diego instead of there.

Greenlee tells the paramedic that she is going with Aidan because she is his wife, but the paramedic says that they are picking up another patient on the way. Ryan says that he has to make sure that Spike and Emma are okay and that they have to tell Aidan.

Bianca and Zach talk about the baby. Bianca says that the only people who need to know about the baby’s paternity are the two of them and Kendall. Zach asks about Reese. Bianca and Zach talk about the weekend in Marseilles. Bianca says that the baby isn’t going to wait.

Erica says that she isn’t going to roll over and die now that she has heard the truth come out of Adam’s lips.

Kathy asks if they can say another prayer and Tad prays for Babe. Tad tells Aidan that Babe is in surgery. Tad asks about Greenlee and Aidan says that Tad can ask her himself.

Frankie asks Greenlee and Ryan for information about Zach and Erica so that they can get consent for Kendall’s surgery.

Annie tells Ryan that someone kidnapped Emma.

JR and Krystal talk about Babe.

Greenlee goes to see Kendall and asks about Zach. Joe says that Zach is trapped at the beach house with a pregnant woman.

Zach assures Bianca that everything is going to be fine. Bianca says that her water just broke and Zach says that he is happy that he can be there for her. Bianca tells Zach to get ready.

Ryan and Annie talk about the possibility that someone kidnapped Emma.

The pilot tells Colby that her dad never got on the plane.

Adam and Erica argue. Debris falls on Adam and puts the candle out.

JR talks about San Diego. Tad comes in with Little Adam. Angie comes in and says that Babe is in recovery, but that she isn’t going to make it.

Annie says that she knows where Emma is.

Jake convinces Joe to let Greenlee be with Kendall.

Greenlee tells Kendall that Zach is on his way and that the boys are fine. Greenlee says that Kendall has too much to fight for and that she really needs Kendall right now.

Jesse says that they will find Erica and Adam, but that he can’t spare anyone yet. Pete says that he will find Colby’s father and promises her.

Bianca and Zach talk through the delivery.

Annie says that she thinks the person took Emma to the tunnels under the Chandler Mansion and that she will find her daughter on her own.

Krystal and JR talk to Babe. Babe asks for a minute alone with JR. Babe asks JR to marry her immediately because she wants to be his wife.

Joe and Jake disagree about the surgery. Jake says that Greenlee could give consent because she was related to Kendall. Greenlee asks Jake if he wants to make a decision that could kill Kendall.

Angie and Jesse talk about Natalia’s injuries. Jesse says that he will sign the consent forms for the surgery because Natalia is his daughter.

Zach finishes delivering Bianca’s baby. He tells Bianca that it is a beautiful little girl and holds the baby up as she starts to cry.

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