AMC Update Monday 10/20/08

All My Children Update Monday 10/20/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Aidan tells an officer that he isn’t leaving without his wife.

Frankie sends each type of patient to the right section of the hospital. EMTs bring a male patient in and Tad asks an officer about the damage at The Comeback. Tad asks the officer to send someone by The Comeback because he has a baby girl and his mother there. The officer handcuffs Tad to a stretcher to stop him from going outside.

Angie tells JR that if they move the beam then Babe will die. Babe tells them not to worry about her, and to save her son! JR says that if they lift the beam, Babe could bleed to death and Babe says that if they don’t, they could lose their son.

Erica and Adam talk about dying in the tunnels.

Zach looks for Kendall and finds Bianca. Bianca tells Zach that Kendall was by the fireplace when the windows blew in.

Aidan calls out for Greenlee. Aidan gets Greenlee and she asks about Ryan. Greenlee asks the officer to find Ryan because he saved her life.

Annie says that she hopes someone is taking care of her little girl.

Babe says that there is no choice and that they need to keep Little Adam safe. Babe asks JR to do this for her. Jesse goes to get the first-aid kit. Babe says that neither she nor JR could go on without Little Adam. Babe says that she is going to make it through this because she has too much to live for to give up.

Bianca says that if Kendall hadn’t been there to help them, she doesn’t think she or the baby would have survived. Zach finds Kendall and says that he can’t feel a pulse. Bianca flags down an officer and he assumes that she needs help. Bianca says that she is fine, but her sister needs to get to a hospital.

Adam and Erica talk about the truth. Erica asks Adam if he is still in love with her.

Aidan tries to get Ryan out while the officer goes for help.

Opal tells Tad that Ruth and Jenny are safe and that she is trying to free him before the rest of her visions come true.

Krystal and Angie pull Little Adam out while JR lifts up the beam. JR says that Babe finally passed out from the pain.

Aidan helps to get Ryan out of the rubble. Ryan thanks Aidan and Greenlee says that she don’t know what they would have done without him. Aidan says that if Greenlee needed him, she wouldn’t be up there with Ryan.

Adam says that he knows that Erica was getting close to him for Kendall. Erica says that if she were trying to seduce him, she would have her own reasons.

Zach tries to get Kendall to open her eyes. Zach says that it took him 3 or 4 minutes to get her breathing. The officer asks Bianca if she is having contractions. Bianca says that the baby isn’t due for another month and a half. Zach convinces the EMT to take the boys with him.

Angie says that Babe needs to be in the hospital. Annie says that she is going to get help, but Jesse tells her to stay with the kids. Jesse goes to get help. JR asks Angie if something is wrong and Krystal asks if Babe is supposed to be that pale. Babe asks to see Little Adam so that she can say goodbye.

The officer goes to check the rest of the houses down the street. Zach asks why Bianca didn’t say anything. Bianca says that she wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the pregnancy before they told anyone. Zach asks if the baby’s father has a right to know.

Erica and Adam argue. Adam asks if Erica is falling for him.

JR tells Little Adam to be careful because Babe isn’t feeling well. Babe says that she will always be with Little Adam in his heart.

Greenlee says that now isn’t the time to get into it. Another tornado approaches and Ryan tells Greenlee to run.

JR tells everyone to get down. Krystal and Kathy ask their angel to come back.

Aidan tells Greenlee and Ryan that they need to get out of there, but they refuse to leave without Aidan. Aidan says that he would rather die than owe Ryan anything, but Ryan reminds him that he is the one who is in debt and that Aidan cannot die until he is paid back.

Jesse and Tad talk about the officer that handcuffed Tad. Jesse tells Tad about Babe’s condition. Tad says that he is going with Jesse because they could use all the help they could get. Jesse agrees to let Tad help and gets the handcuff key.

Krystal finishes praying and Annie asks God to let Emma be okay. Little Adam asks if Babe is okay and Angie say that Babe’s heart stopped.

Bianca and Zach talk about him fathering her child.

An EMT brings another patient into the hospital and Frankie calls for some Mannitol and a crash cart.

Aidan tells Greenlee to get out of there or they could all die. Greenlee asks Ryan to help Aidan and says that they can’t just leave him there. Ryan lifts the log off Aidan and Aidan rolls free.

Adam confesses to tainting Babe’s perfume so that Fusion would be ripe for the picking.

Tad shows up for Kathy. Kathy tells Tad that Krystal asked an angel to keep them safe and it worked. Tad thanks Annie for watching Kathy. Angie says that she has a pulse!

Frankie shocks Kendall and tells her not to die because her family needs her.

Zach asks where everyone is. Bianca says that Kendall will be okay. Bianca winces and says that she thinks that the baby is coming.

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