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All My Children Update Friday 10/17/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita
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Jesse is at The Comeback when he and J.R. realize that they are in trouble. They put the jukebox in front of the door to help withstand damage from the storm.

Greenlee left her phone at her and Ryan’s meeting place. She and Ryan take refuge in an abandoned building. Greenlee is looking out of the window when it gets blown out. Ryan checks Greenlee over and finds that she is bleeding. He makes a tourniquet.

Zach is driving when he receives a call from Kendall. She tells him about the storm siren, and he tells her he is on his way home, but then they are disconnected. Zach is caught in the eye of the tornado. He is tossed back and forth in his car since he is not wearing his seatbelt.

Kendall is worried since she cannot reconnect with him. Zach’s car is tossed into power poles and left hanging off of a cliff. He is unconscious but awakens to find live wires blocking the car doors.

Jesse is talking on the phone and giving orders for his officers. He wants everyone to take cover. Most phones are going straight to voice mail.

Adam and Erica were locked in a room in the tunnels. Erica yanks a bobby pin out of her hair to pick the lock, but she cannot open the door. She and Adam start to wonder if the individual who locked them in the tunnel room is the stalker that Annie has been seeing.

Annie drives around in her car looking for Emma.

Angie feels sorry for Natalia because she believes that she has been having problems with her boyfriend and is speaking to Jesse about the situation.

The group (Jesse, Angie, Natalia, Randi, J.R., Babe, Krystal, Lil A and Kathy), at the Comeback, decide to have a play wedding to entertain the kids. Jesse will be the minister in the play wedding, and Babe and J.R. will be the bride and the groom.

Colby and Petey hear the tornado siren. Petey calls the siren the funnel cloud siren. They talk about going to the basement in the Chandler mansion. They hear the train sound, which is the sound a tornado makes coming toward you. Petey opens the door but is knocked to the floor. The tunnel room, where Adam and Erica are, begins to shake. The tunnel room door has fallen off at the hinges, but when Adam takes the door off, the opening is blocked with debris.

Zach tries to call for help, but his cell phone is dead. Annie finds him and asks if he is OK. She tries to help him but is shocked by the live wires all around the car. Zach instructs Annie to call 911 and tell them to turn the power off at his location. She tells him she has to look for Emma, and he sends her off to find her.

Kendall’s doorbell begins to ring. She answers it and says, “What are you doing here”?

Aidan finds Greenlee’s phone and then finds Ryan and Greenlee in a shelter sharing a kiss. He turns around as he hears the sound of a train as the tornado moves toward him.

Zach looks out of his window and sees a small fire has ignited. He realizes that his car will soon explode. He reaches out of his window and holds two wires apart as he tumbles out of the window out of harms way. His car explodes as soon as he jumps out.

The lights go out at the Comeback, and Kathy screams. Annie arrives at the Comeback and tells Jesse that Emma is missing, and Zach needs help. Jesse will send help for Zach. They hear the roaring sound of a train and look up to see that the tornado is coming towards them.

Babe yells for J.R. to help her as the force of the wind separates them.

Zach arrives at the beach house and finds that it has been totally demolished. He finds the two boys, and they are OK. He asks Spike where his mommy is. He calls out Kendall’s name.

The Comeback has been completely demolished, as well. Krystal and Kathy are OK and are the first survivors to emerge from the rubble. Angie, Jesse, Randi, Annie, and J.R. emerge, as well. They look for Babe and find her under a beam. She tells them that Lil A is underneath her. Angie examines Natalia and determines that she is OK. She examines Babe and determines that a beam is keeping her from bleeding out. Babe asks that they remove the beam to save her son.

Aidan was caught in the tornado and he has been hurt. A stranger finds Aidan and asks about other people in the surrounding buildings. Aidan says nothing about Ryan and Greenlee.

Zach looks for Kendall. He sees a pair of boots under the rubble. He removes the rubble and finds Bianca.

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