AMC Update Thursday 10/16/08

All My Children Update Thursday 10/16/08


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica arrives at the Chandler mansion. She discovers that Adam has used the Fusion inquiry as a means to get JR, and Babe to return to the mansion. JR, Babe and Lil A returns to the mansion; Lil A runs into Adam’s arms.

Aidan spots Annie at the “Comeback” club. They talk about what Ryan, and Greenlee did to them. They agree that they are both members of the roadkill club.

Greenlee is at Zach and Kendall’s beach house. Kendall advises Greenlee to go to Ryan. Greenlee still feels obligated to Aidan, because Aidan is a decent man who fell in love with her. He does not deserve her rejection.

Ryan is stopped for speeding, by a police officer. Ryan hits the officer, and knocks him out. Ryan is placed under arrest. The officer calls for back up, and Jesse takes the call. A storm alert is overhead over the officer’s radio.

Opal, Petey, and Colby arrive at the Comeback. Opal asks Krystal to close down the Comeback because of the cards, which shows that calamity is on its way. Opal tells Crystal that death is at the door of the Comeback.

JR wants Adam to say he is sorry for lying, and being rude to Babe. Adam is happy that JR is back, and he tells JR that he is sorry. Babe does not believe him. Erica suggests that Babe stays out of Adam, and JR’s conversation. JR refuses to stay at the mansion, and head for the Valley Inn. Adam begs JR to stay at the mansion.

Zach comes out, and find Greenlee at the beachouse. She tells him about what Kendall, and Jack want for her. Zach advise her to make her own decision, and do what she think is right. He offers her a drink. She leaves to go someplace to think.

Jesse answers the officer’s call for backup, and wants to know what has Ryan done. Jesse asks if Emma is OK. Ryan is curious about Jesse asking about Emma. Jesse explains that he saw Annie and she is a hot mess. Jesse instructs Ryan to leave Aidan, and Greenlee alone.

Opal starts to have chest pains. Angie, and Frankie determine that Opal is having a heart attack.

After Greenlee leaves Kendall sneak the phone outside, and calls Erica and Ryan. She tells Ryan that Greenlee disappeared and she is worried. Ryan thinks he knows where Greenlee is. Erica thinks that Adam will be venerable, and spill his guts about Fusion since he misses his family. A peek outside shows the dark clouds, loud nose, and high winds, which indicate a storm is coming.

JR knows Adam manipulated him into returning to Pine Valley. Adam finally admits that he did miss his family.

Jesse take precautions and tell his officers to make sure that everyone is locked down and indoors.

Opal stands up, but passes out. Krystal instructs someone to get the defibrillator from behind the bar. Angie shocks Opal back. Frankie instructs Randi to call 911.

Adam excuses Erica, but she sees through him and does not leave. She decides that he needs a distraction from his family, so she suggests that they ride around New York; he suggests that they go to an island. The lights go out, and Adam and Erica see a shadow of someone in the dark. They follow the shadow, and see that someone has been hiding in the tunnels.

JR, and Babe go to the Comeback. Jesse tells everyone at the Comeback that there is a tornado watch.

Jesse shows up at the Comeback, and warns Aidan, and Annie to go home. He tells Annie that he just saw Ryan, but Emma was not with him. Annie tries to enlist Aidan’s help in finding Emma. Annie tries to convince Aidan that she is not lying about the stalker to get attention or to get Ryan back. Aidan is concerned about Greenlee, because Jesse told him that Greenlee is missing. Aidan thinks that Annie’s stalker is imaginary. Aidan wants to go look for Greenlee, but Annie tells him that she doesn’t give a damn about Greenlee. Annie leaves to find Emma; she sees Emma and Carina coming out of the movies, than she hugs Emma. Emma walks away as Annie is yelling at Carina.

Ryan finds Greenlee. Greenlee blames the storm on Ryan and herself, because they have hurt others with their love. She wants to run away from her feelings, but Ryan wants her to take his hand, and be with him. The storm is slowly brewing.

Natalia comes into the Comeback to find Jesse. Angie catches him with her, and wants to know what is going on.

Colby, and Petey look for Adam at the mansion. Colby thinks that Adam has left since she found a note from Adam. Adam, and Erica have been locked in a room.

Zach, and Kendall decide that they want to make smores for their sons and Zach leave to get ingredients. Kendall chases after him after she hears the storm alarm, but she does not catch him.

Greenlee and Ryan look toward the skies, and see the storm approaching.

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