AMC Update Wednesday 10/15/08

All My Children Update Wednesday 10/15/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Frankie and Randi talk about his snoring. Frankie and Randi get ready for breakfast with his parents. Jake and Tad talk about Krystal. Amanda comes up and Jake orders coffee and water for her. Taylor comes in and tells Frankie that she is going back to Iraq. Krystal and Tad talk about Aidan. Aidan tells Tad that he wants to be left alone to drink his beer.

Greenlee tells someone to leave her alone.

Kendall and Zach talk about his bag of tricks.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he isn’t leaving until she talks to him.

Annie wakes Pete up when the doorbell keeps going off. Pete lets Colby in and Annie apologizes for freaking out. Annie says that she couldn’t get over feeling like someone was watching her and Opal says that someone was.

Ryan and Greenlee talk through the closed door. Greenlee tells Ryan to go away, but he says that he needs her to listen to him.

Tad and Krystal talk about how Aidan is doing. Frankie and Randi congratulate Taylor. Taylor apologizes for bringing up Iraq in front of Angie. Jake congratulates Taylor. Taylor thanks Amanda for letting her stay on the yacht. Angie and Krystal talk about how Babe and JR are doing in San Diego. Jesse tells Angie that he has to take the call. Jesse talks to Natalia about her mom. Amanda goes off on Taylor. Randi says that she is going to take Amanda to the bathroom. Frankie gets called from the hospital. Jake and Taylor talk. Angie and Tad talk about Jesse. Jesse tells Natalia that he called her mother and she asks him to go see her. Jesse agrees to see Natalia’s mother. Frankie walks up and talks to Natalia.

Kendall and Zach talk about his plan for their 48 hours together. Kendall says that she loves being there with him, but there is something missing. Zach reveals that he brought the boys.

Opal admits that she was the one watching Annie the previous night. Opal says that she had another nightmare and wanted to make sure that Annie was okay. Pete tries to get Opal to stop, but Annie keeps asking questions. Opal tells Annie that she needs to protect her child.

Greenlee tells Ryan to go be with Emma, but Ryan doesn’t leave. Ryan says that he is terrified of living his life without her. Ryan says that Greenlee will be safe with him, but she says that she wouldn’t be. Jack shows up and tells Ryan to get away from Greenlee.

Jake asks how Amanda is doing. Amanda says that she needs to go home and Jake offers to take her home. Taylor says that she will help.

Frankie and Jesse talk about Natalia. Angie, Tad and Krystal talk about Jesse.

Pete convinces Opal to go get something to eat. Annie and Colby talk about Opal’s predictions.

Greenlee says that she didn’t know what else to do and so she called her father. Jackson tells Ryan to let Greenlee go. Greenlee asks Ryan to leave. After Ryan leaves, Greenlee tells Jack that she loves Ryan.

Kendall says that she has brought the beach to them. Zach asks Kendall to have another baby with him.

Frankie and Jesse talk about Natalia’s legal issues. Angie and Randi talk about Frankie.

Emma says that she wants to go to the park, but Corrina says that it is going to storm. Annie says that it isn’t safe in the park. Annie asks Corrina to get Emma a snack so that she can talk to Ryan for a minute. Ryan confronts Annie about following Emma to the park. Annie says that Emma is in danger.

Zach and Kendall talk about having another baby. Kendall says that she needs some time and Zach agrees to wait.

Ryan reminds Annie that she is violating a court order. Emma comes out and Ryan says that Annie left. Ryan agrees to let Emma go to the puppet show and then if the weather is bad then Corrina can take her to the movies.

Jack and Greenlee talk about her marriage to Aidan. Jack tells Greenlee to go find Aidan and make it work.

Jake and Taylor talk about Amanda.

Jesse tells Angie that he has to go on a secret mission overnight. Annie comes in and says that she needs Jesse’s help. Tad asks Krystal what she was doing with the tarot cards and Krystal says that she wants Opal to teach her so that she knows if her family is in danger. Tad assures Krystal that everything is going to be fine.

Ryan gets pulled over for speeding and gives the officer a hard time. Ryan gets arrested.

Opal has another vision and says that she is going to The Comeback before it is too late.

Jesse says that he can’t do anything to help Annie unless there is proof that someone is stalking her. Aidan tells Annie that Ryan and Greenlee drove her crazy, just like him.

Kendall and Zach spend time with the boys. Kendall asks Greenlee what happened and Greenlee says that she can’t make it work with anyone.

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