AMC Update Tuesday 10/14/08

All My Children Update Tuesday 10/14/08


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne and Juanita

Erica says that it is nice to know that Jack still cares about her.

Adam tells Pete to get out and leave Colby alone. Pete reminds Adam that wasn’t their deal, but Adam says that there is a new deal. Colby tells Adam that if he narcs on Pete, then she will narc on him.

Babe and JR admire the spot they first met.

Kendall confronts Annie about killing Richie and confronts Zach about knowing. Kendall says that she is calling the police.

Ryan tells Aidan to put the gun down. Greenlee walks in and Ryan tells her to leave.

Jack and Carmen meet to go to dinner. Carmen asks Jack if he is still in love with Erica and he denies it.

Kendall says that Annie has to pay for killing Richie. Annie says that she did pay by losing her child. Kendall and Annie argue about Ryan. Annie says that if Kendall turns her over to the cops, Zach will go down for murder too.

Ryan says that they can talk about it. Greenlee asks Aidan to put the gun down. Aidan says that he isn’t going to shoot Ryan, and that Ryan is going to shoot him because he is already dead.

Colby sticks up for Pete. Adam tells Barry to depose Babe and subpoena JR.

JR tells Babe that they are getting married the next night on the pier.

Erica and Adam talk about him using the lawsuit to get his family back.

Babe and JR talk about wedding details. Babe reveals that she kept their old wedding rings.

Greenlee says that she wanted their marriage to work and asks Aidan if they can go somewhere and talk. Aidan asks Greenlee to shoot him and then tells her not to touch him or come near him again.

Kendall and Zach talk about why he helped Annie. Kendall realizes that Zach is protecting Annie for Emma’s sake.

Erica tells Adam to live his life and let his children live theirs.

Pete and Colby talk about what she said to Adam. The doorbell keeps going off with no one at the door. Opal tells Pete about a nightmare she had.

Zach assures Kendall that Fusion will be fine. Kendall tells Zach that Aidan and Greenlee broke up.

Emma and Corrina run into Annie. Corrina says that if Annie doesn’t give Emma back, she will have to call Ryan.

Greenlee and Ryan talk about their feelings and the people they have hurt. Ryan assures Greenlee that he will never leave her again and that he will give her the future that she deserves. They share a kiss.

Annie gives Emma back to Corrina.

Babe and JR talk about what they want. Babe says that she wants to give JR something and suggests a new baby.

Adam and Erica talk about Fusion. Adam invites Erica to dinner. Erica and Carmen get into a fight over Jack.

Zach and Kendall kiss and undress in front of the fireplace.

Greenlee and Ryan talk. Emma comes in and says that she saw Annie.

Annie stops by and asks Pete if he talked to Opal about letting her stay there. Annie says that she has no one else to ask and nowhere else to go.

Adam breaks up the fight between Carmen and Erica. Carmen quits her job and tells Erica to go to hell.

JR tells Babe that they have been served.

Ryan and Corrina talk about Annie seeing Emma. Greenlee takes the gun off the mantle and leaves quietly. Ryan asks Corrina to call him the next time it happens and she agrees. Ryan asks Corrina to get Emma ready for bed and he looks for Greenlee.

Kendall and Zach enjoy some quality time together.

Emma asks Ryan to read her a story.

Annie and Pete talk about why she has to stay in town. Opal says that Annie is right to be afraid because something terrible is coming to town. The doorbell keeps ringing with no one at the door.

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